I’m sure it doesn’t sound to you like I’m crying, because you can’t comprehend my crying. You can’t see me or hear me crying because you don’t know me. You don’t truly know me. This Joy Division album truly knows me in a way no other human ever has.

Michelle Nguyen

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 53 - The September Monologues

The 3rd issue of Mammal Magazine has finally arrived!
It took us three years, countless sleepless nights, and four knife fights. 

This issue’s theme was FEAR! and is packed with terrifying work by 
Les Kanturek, Devin Clark, Jim Cooke, Jenny Herbert, Tom Raski, 
Jim Bauer, Dan Meth, Benjamin Marra, Tom Forget, Matt Dorfman, 
Claire Donner, and Joe Spix.

So, come join our celebration of publication completion!
It’s the Mammal Magazine Issue 03 Release Party!
Wednesday, February 9th
Night of Joy (667 Lorimer St . - Corner of Lorimer and Meeker Ave.)
8 pm

See you there!

- Mammals