Day to night, dark to light, fall the sands of time.
Let the years like the gears of a clock unwind
In your mind walk through time back to better days.
Memories, like a dream, wash tears away.
Like a star in the sky, darkness can’t reach you
Light the night, joy is light, ‘till the new dawn.
♢ Song of healing - by ColdFlameZero  ♢

Denna’s Song leads the souls of the dead to the other side, if sung to a living person it heals for a short time depression and sadness.
Mostly she sings to the people on their deathbed so they remember all the good things in their life and can die with a smile in their face.


There are two kind of soul-thiefs.

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“An individual with different personalities can change their body chemistry with their thoughts.”
- ‘Split’ (2017) dir. M Night Shyamalan


I’m starting to get fed up with these people who feel offended by absolutely everything.

M. Night Shyamalan and James Mcavoy have already said multiple (hehe sorry I had to) times, and especially McAvoy states that the result is not offensive. “What’s happening? Can not we make a movie about mental illness?” James says, adding, “It’s as if I can not go back to being Professor X because people who use a wheelchair are offended.”

 Also in the movie we do not show Kevin as a villain, since only a few of his personalities are dangerous. The rest are completely healthy, controlled and friendly. And if it were not so, that Kevin was a totally evil being, could not you make a movie about him? Shyamalan defends D.I.D. He knows perfectly well that it is a disorder that has been much debated within psychiatry, he knows that many professionals do not consider it a real disease. And above all, they present Kevin as a victim of his own mind, D.I.D.

Yesterday I saw Split, it seems to me a wonderfully well made film. The actors are brilliant. I am a defender of the realities of mental disorders, I do not fall into stereotypes, and Split either.

We all know that just after the death star was blown to stardust across the sky luke got very very drunk, balanced on R2 and careened through the Rebel base, whooping with joy. R2 screamed “FUCK YEAH WE WONNN” and Leia joined in, chasing after them, trying to wrangle luke off the droid, her hair coming loose and a smile bright as the galaxy on her face, and the twins laughed and laughed, and han swigged from a hipflask, sighed and said something along the lines of “well if you can’t beat them” and jumped into the fray, scooping both luke and leia into his arms, depositing them on the floor and mounting R2 with great ceremony. “onwards!” and off R2 surges, smuggler on board and two exuberant nineteen year olds chasing him. There’s joy. Celebration. And, in the morning, a collective hangover so potent that had the Empire attacked then and there they would have obliterated the Rebellion entirely

KKC reminder [and a pit of a PSA I suppose]!:

Auri is not a child. She is an adult that attended the University. The University doesn’t let children into their school [Kvothe and Elodin being the only exceptions to this rule due to great knowledge]. She isn’t a little teenage girl or younger; she is a mature adult who went to learn and further her education.

I’m also guilty of viewing her as younger than she is due to her mannerisms, her speech patterns, and the way she presents herself. It is very child like and very much so reminiscent of how a kid would inspect people and the world around them. But, we also need to remember that Auri is also technically mentally ill. Being ‘cracked’ isn’t just a word for shits and giggles; these people have severe trauma from learning in the university and accidentally dabbling in the wrong places their minds couldn’t sustain. 

As we know, canonly, the KKC world doesn’t even have a word for Bisexual [Give word made by the friend group int he book was Ambisexdrious]. While these people can canonly cure blindness [Explained to Kvothe while he is visiting the Medica that they had manged to do so], they don’t fully understand mental illnesses nor how to deal with them [Thus the making of the building away from school grounds that holds all those poor cracks students]. So with the lack of words for such trauma, other than cracked, and having more of an ability to help physical illnesses than mental illnesses, it leaves those students and Auri in a tight place; much like people in today’s society.

What I’m trying to say is that as a fandom, we need to stop viewing Auri as a small girl who is too young to possibly even be there, including myself, and view her as the adult she is. She views the world and presents herself the way she does because she is mentally ill and has harsh trauma from what happened to her; making her regress into a more ‘basic’, child like manner of personality. I, myself, am also guilty of viewing Auri almost as an actual child even though I have mental illnesses and trauma of my own! So I’m not blaming one person or another here, I’m trying to pull us together and understand that Auri isn’t what we keep drawing and imagining her to be.

TL;DR : We all goof up sometimes and view Auri, an adult woman, as a child and we need to not paint her as a literal child. 

More Split stuff- Patrica’s downfall & Dennis’ rise?

Alright guys, so here we go again! It kind of threw up a whole essay about Dennis and people seemed to respond to it (and i love love discussing Split with people) and I had some thoughts about Patrica and Dennis. 

Now that we know that M. Night was always planning another movie, I have been thinking about how the characters are going to progress. The conclusion I’ve come to is that Dennis and Patrica will be put at odds with each other- that Dennis will continue to develop as a sympathetic anti-hero and that Patrica will be revealed to be far more manipulative than we assumed. 

First, let’s talk about what each character wants to accomplish from releasing the beast. As mentioned in a previous post, Dennis wants to be accepted and validated. Rejected by the alters due to his OCD he has lost that validation- this is important because his OCD is what kept Kevin from being abused. His OCD is a core part of personality because that was his singular purpose- to keep Kevin from harm. Now his OCD is no longer needed by the alters so his purpose in life is gone, in his mind he probably exists for no reason. This is why When Dr. Fletcher tells him, “you aren’t dangerous, you were necessary.” it almost makes him emotional and relieved.  That’s all he wants, to be seen as a valid living person with a purpose. As of right now, the only way he thinks he can accomplish this would be through the beast. For people to recognize the Beast’s immense power they would also have to recognize the power of the horde and Dennis wouldn't seem so defected and unstable anymore. I do not think Dennis craves power just to have it, he craves understanding and acceptance. As of right now, acceptance of his existence is the most he can get. He was been told (by Patrica) that the Beast is the way to get it. 

But then there is Patrica. I want to you guys to recall the scene where Patrica tells the girls that Dennis will tell them who the beast is. He comes in, sits down, and gives this really wordy monologue about the Beast and all his glory. Didn’t it seem rehearsed? Didn’t he seem really underwhelmed by the whole thing? Didn’t it seem like something Patrica has told him over and over? Reading interviews with James Mcavoy we know that Patrica represents unfaltering faith- this is because Kevin had probably lost faith in everything and that is how Patrica came to be, to make up for it. Patrica and Dennis differ in a big way- Patrica is never bothered by the fact that she is an outsider or that the other alters don’t understand her. In fact, she is upbeat (and almost EXCITED) throughout the whole thing.She wants the beast to be released so other “regular” humans can behold all of his power. She wants people to see the Best, Dennis wants people to see HIM. That is the major difference. She talks about the Beast like it is her religion whereas Dennis sees it all from a very realistic standpoint. I think these views will clash eventually and will send them in very different directions. 

Clearly, Patrica’s dominance over Dennis is established very early on . “Don’t worry, he listens to me.” That line alone shows us that this has been Patrica’s ballgame up to this point. We know that she is also manipulating Hedwig for his ability to take and give the light. “I think she is still mad at me.” She is manipulating a kid by being upset with him so he can try and make it up to her- like most kids respond to a parent who is mad at them. She holds a knife up to one of the girl’s stomach threatening her- almost playing with her. Dennis yes gets physical by carrying them around but we never seen him actually threaten to hurt them and cause them harm. He kind of just wants them to stay put-and stay clean. What I’m saying is that when you really look at Patrica she is a lot more malicious and manipulative than Dennis. 

How Dennis and Patrica will eventually clash and how that will pan out, well, i have no idea BUT I feel like I do know what will be the spark that ignites it-Hedwig. Dennis says to the girls at one point, “You shouldn’t fool children, that shows who you really are.” This line I feel is going to be so important. He seems very genuinely bothered that they are hurting Hedwig. I assume this is because he was protective of Kevin and Hedwig is Kevin’s childhood innocence. I think that Dennis will eventually see Patrica manipulating Hedwig in some way and that this would be the moment that Dennis is ‘going to see who she really is’. 

Dennis is a broken, complicated, and desperate man. 

Patrica is malicious, manipulative, and unnerved by criticism.

Hedwig is young, gullible, and wants affection. 

I think from those three descriptions alone we can tell who the real ‘villan’ is going to be. Dennis is the strongest alter, the protector, and despite being pushed away from the rest of the alters he is going to have to stand up and protect them from another abusive mother figure once again- he just has to see it first. 

does this make any sense??? lol. I hope it does. I have a lot of Dennis feelings and I don’t want Hedwig to get hurt. But I do think the story is set up to redeem them both. Tell me what you guys think!