I hope your stomach drops when you remember me. I hope whenever someone calls you by your full name, that only I ever called you, you shut your eyes trying to get my face out of your head. I hope when you drive past our favorite spot at night you can’t help but hear my laugh. I hope you wish it was me when you find yourself sleeping with some random girl. I hope you think of me often, and it stings every time.
—  The sting of missing me.
You broke my heart
but it doesn’t feel like heart break.
I drive a little faster, I cross the street without looking, I smoke an extra cigarette for each time I usually smoke one. I take my walks late at night instead of the safer afternoon. I go outside while my hair is still wet. I take two extra sleeping pills than I should.
I’ve become reckless.
Maybe you didn’t break my heart.
Maybe you just broke my way of living.
—  S.A
… and all of the sudden, it’ll hit you out of nowhere that your heart doesn’t feel heavy anymore. you’re not waiting for the next thing to go wrong. sometimes you’re tired and sometimes you cry, but living doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.
Being Jughead’s Girlfriend Would Include:

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  • being bestfriends before you start dating
  • your friends getting too excited after finding out that you are together because they lowkey shipped you the whole time
  • sometimes being jealous of each other but you two are too stubborn to admit it
  • him comforting you when you get scared because of Jason Blossom’s dissappearance and telling you that you’re safe with him
  • being very protective over you 
  • you being really supportive when he tells you about the idea of writing a novel
  • helping him with his writing
  • dates at Pop’s
  • stealing each other’s food
  • movie nights at the drive-in
  • him walking you home after school
  • always hoding hands
  • him letting you try his beanie on
  • often doing your homework together and helping each other
  • you getting really mad when people are being rude to him
  • always knowing when he feels sad and always making him feel better
  • you finding his sarcastic jokes extremely funny
  • him not telling you that he left his house because he doesn’t want you to be worried
  • you getting really upset after finding out about that and trying to help
  • him giving you the best hugs in the whole world
  • you both finding comfort in each other
- Lina 🌻

self care is sneaking out in the middle of the night even though you have your own apartment and driving to the coast. any coast, so long as you cant see the other shore. one of the oceans, one of the great lakes, whatever. you watch the waves for a while before you find yourself in a denny’s eating pancakes at 4am. you leave and find yourself a run down motel with windows overlooking the highway. you’ve come this far, you think, why not see how much farther you can go. you clear out your bank account through the atm across the street over the course of a few days, you assume a new name, a pen name you always dreamed of using if you were an author. your eye for detail and steady hands help you make a fake ID. you cut and dye your hair. you don a pair of glasses the old you wasn’t brave enough to wear. you dress in goodwill flannels and torn jeans, an old green parka from when you were a teenager is the only thing you keep. you travel the country, stay in motels wherever you go, you collect their matchbooks. you find yourself in the arizona desert when your car breaks down. you wander the road, but no one passes by. you see a person on the horizon and you wonder if it’s a mirage. the person is a teenage boy dressed in 80′s clothes. he doesn’t look real, you wonder if it’s a fabled sand spirit. he directs you to the way of the nearest town. you never see the boy again. you find yourself a nice motel in arizona, and help out the owner, an elderly mexican woman, in return for free occupancy. when she grows old and weak, she hands over the motel to you. you remain the owner until your own death 60 years later. you meet the sand spirit again and you haunt the desert together, helping lost motorists who dare wander into this most inhospitable place 

The desert at sunrise seems so peaceful and still, but if you look closer, the sights and sounds of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Arizona reveal a remarkable community of plants and animals. Human stories echo throughout this desert preserve, chronicling thousands of years of desert living. A scenic drive, wilderness hike or a night of camping will expose you to a living desert that beautiful and thriving. Photo by National Park Service.