There’s something to say about actors who lose an extreme amount of weight to play a role in a film. To become so thin that they look emaciated and close to dying, to be weak and irritable from the lack of food, and loosing whatever previous muscle tone they once had indicates an unflaggible dedication to their craft. To put their bodies on the line for the sake of realism so that we filmgoers can watch their deteroration happen before our eyes on the big screen and know that it’s quite possibly the only non artificial thing in the entire film shows a true passion for their art.


“You keep staring at her like that you’re going to scare her off,” Peter told Kurt, as he continued to stare at you while you talked to your friends. Ever since the first day Kurt had arrived at the mansion, he had been preposterously attracted to you. It could have been how accepting you were of his mutation, or maybe how smart you were, or how beautiful you were. To him, you were completely and utterly perfect.

“She’s flawless, she’s my angel Peter,” Kurt sighed, continuing to stare at you, more specifically your angel wings. It probably didn’t help that his crush looked like an angel straight out of the bible. You glanced over and saw him staring, a small blush adorning your cheeks as you grinned at him, waving to him. He smiled dreamily back, smiling slowly. Peter just shook his head, smiling at his friend.

“Good luck winning her over then, you can do it!” Peter grinned, putting his hand on Kurt’s shoulder in a reassuring manner. He walked off, leaving Kurt to continue staring at you. You suddenly waved goodbye to your friends as you walked over to Kurt and sat down next to him.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit here with you? It’s such a nice day and you have the loveliest reading voice. I’ve been feeling down lately, I was wondering if you could read something to me please?” You asked sweetly, showing him a genuine smile. Kurt looked taken aback before ‘bamfing’ away quickly, only to return with your favourite book. He opened it quickly and started reading to you.


So, if Mystique transformed herself into a man, could she get another woman pregnant? If yes, would the child have her DNA, or the DNA of the man that she emulates? Please take this seriously, I really want to know. 

Canadian First Lady Margaret Trudeau with son (and current Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau, circa 1972.

“There was a time when she was one of the most famous women alive. Not just national fame, but consuming, global, Angelina Jolie fame. […] She was guileless, and we were predatory. Our stories were full of snide references to the ‘flower girl’ our Jesuitical prime minister had brought home. We behaved like Hollywood paparazzi. When she ran off to party with the Rolling Stones (who of us wouldn’t have if we’d had the chance?) we became night crawlers.“ 


Fresno Nightcrawlers

There have been multiple sightings of these strange creatures called the nightcrawlers or the Fresno Aliens. The creatures are extremely thin, white humanoids with no discernable arms.

Videos of these strange creatures were featured on the second episode of Syfy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files in which they failed to debunk them.

To add to the mystery of all of this, the following pictures surfaced on the internet.

It is believed that they were taken near a DMV located somewhere in California but that is not confirmed. People have stated that the statues are a part of Native American legend but the Fresno Nightcrawlers remain a strange mystery.

Peter x Kurt friendship headcanons

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Constantly racing to see who’s really faster (It’s Kurt)

Peter constantly pranking Kurt

Peter telling lies to Kurt about America to confuse him further “Hey Kurt, you know in America, whenever someone sneezes you’re supposed to start shouting patriotic songs about America:


Kurt rubbing it in Peter’s face that he is in fact faster

Peter giving Kurt a hard time but if anyone else does, he’ll go off on them “You don’t get to rip on Kurt! He’s MY friend, only I can rip on Kurt!

Going on spontaneous trips together since Kurt doesn’t feel nausea when Peter runs

Kurt teaching Peter German in hopes that he can impress his dad when he finally tells Erik the truth

Peter teaching Kurt new music

Going jacket shopping together

Peter trying to be a wingman for Kurt

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“Kurt, You can’t just Bamf into my room randomly! What if i was changing!” You cross your arms in frustration. Lately, Your boyfriend had been coming into your dorm at random times. Of course you loved him and liked him visiting you, But at least he could have warned you of some sort.

“I just vant to see you.” Kurt looked confused.

“Then just knock! Please..”

“Okay… I’m sorry for bamvfing.” He pouted, Hugging you tightly. You couldn’t hold a grudge about Kurt. He was just to damn adorable. 

“No need to be, My blue cinnamon roll.”

Dating Kurt would include...

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Taking you on spontaneous trips around the world

Taking you to gothic churches all around Europe

Awkward first date and kiss

Him being snuggly

Having to assure him that you don’t care what he looks like

Sometimes speaking to you in German without realizing it

Being there for him when he figures out who his mom is

Going to bookstores with him

Going with him to church

You teaching him about American culture

Trying to keep Peter from pranking him

Going to bookstores together

Making love

Your favorite color becoming blue

Him losing his virginity to you

You being each others first love

Him being self-conscious about not looking ‘normal’

Everyone joking that you guys are an old couple

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“Here, i got this for you!” You smile, handing kurt a small box. Kurt looked shocked that you would actually buy him something. Even though you get him small presents every week.

“Thank you, Y/n. I can’t believe you vould give this to me.” He beams up at you. Kurt’s priceless look every time you would give him something would always melt your heart. Reminding you why you always think of him when seeing a small knick-nack in the store. You couldn’t go into a store now without leaving with a gift for him. And even though it might’ve been a lot added up, It was always worth it in the end.

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“(Y/N), wait, wait, don’t let me go,” Kurt nervously clung to your arm, his skates continuously slipping out from underneath him.

“I promise you’ll be find Kurt, ice skating is a blast,” you shot him a reassuring grin.

“I-I don’t think so,” he stuttered, holding your arm in a death grip as if he might wipe out at any moment, and judging by his skating ability, well it was a possibility. 

“Come on, let go and just try for a few seconds on your own, okay?” Kurt shook his head furiously at your suggestion. You raised your eyebrows at him in response.

“Okay, okay fine, if I can help take down a god who planned on ruining the world, I can do this,” he smiled weakly.

“That’s the spirit,” you encouraged him, slowly prying his hands off your arm. Kurt’s arms immediately shot out, steading himself. Then he shuffled, moving forward at a snails pace, but moving nevertheless.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), I’m doing it, look I’m-” Kurt turned to look over his shoulder, and at the same moment, tripped over his own skate, tumbling forward onto the ice.

“Oh God, oh God, Kurt are you okay?” You were at his side in a second, I mean he hadn’t gotten very far. He gave you a thumbs up, laughing from his spot sitting on the ice, causing you to laugh as well.

“I’m good, cold, but good.”