Fresno Nightcrawlers

There have been multiple sightings of these strange creatures called the nightcrawlers or the Fresno Aliens. The creatures are extremely thin, white humanoids with no discernable arms.

Videos of these strange creatures were featured on the second episode of Syfy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files in which they failed to debunk them.

To add to the mystery of all of this, the following pictures surfaced on the internet.

It is believed that they were taken near a DMV located somewhere in California but that is not confirmed. People have stated that the statues are a part of Native American legend but the Fresno Nightcrawlers remain a strange mystery.


“You keep staring at her like that you’re going to scare her off,” Peter told Kurt, as he continued to stare at you while you talked to your friends. Ever since the first day Kurt had arrived at the mansion, he had been preposterously attracted to you. It could have been how accepting you were of his mutation, or maybe how smart you were, or how beautiful you were. To him, you were completely and utterly perfect.

“She’s flawless, she’s my angel Peter,” Kurt sighed, continuing to stare at you, more specifically your angel wings. It probably didn’t help that his crush looked like an angel straight out of the bible. You glanced over and saw him staring, a small blush adorning your cheeks as you grinned at him, waving to him. He smiled dreamily back, smiling slowly. Peter just shook his head, smiling at his friend.

“Good luck winning her over then, you can do it!” Peter grinned, putting his hand on Kurt’s shoulder in a reassuring manner. He walked off, leaving Kurt to continue staring at you. You suddenly waved goodbye to your friends as you walked over to Kurt and sat down next to him.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit here with you? It’s such a nice day and you have the loveliest reading voice. I’ve been feeling down lately, I was wondering if you could read something to me please?” You asked sweetly, showing him a genuine smile. Kurt looked taken aback before ‘bamfing’ away quickly, only to return with your favourite book. He opened it quickly and started reading to you.

I think you're cute| Kurt Wagner

Request by anon:
“I’ve nv really requested before amd idk if you write this kind of stuff but can you do a nightcrawler imagine where the reader is outgoing when she’s with her friends but when she meets Kurt she gets shy bc she thinks he’s cute and like a lot of fluff and stuff?”
I hope you like it anon, even if it’s crap, bare with me pls.
Sorry it took so long.
Also the English is probably shit, sorry y'all.


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Talking has never been a problem to you.

In your group of friends you’ve always been the extroverted, the one that had no problems with making new friends.

A little ray of sun peeks out of your curtains and falls on your face, making you whine in disapproval.
You turn around and open on eye, trying to reach out for your phone.
You sigh and look at the ceiling.
‘Just two months left’ you think.
The alarm of your phone goes off and take it to turn it off.
“Let’s do this” you say as you grab some clothes on the chair next to you.

You hop out of the bus, waiting for your friend.
“…and then he said that I was being over dramatic, like, me over dramatic” says your friend shaking her head.
“Maybe you were” you say, grinning at her.
“Whatever” she whispers and starts to walk faster towards the gate.
When you arrive there, you see all of your friends waiting for you.
“You finally made it”
“Guess who didn’t want to wake up tho morning” you look at your friend, grinning once again.
She crosses her arms and rolls her eyes.
A little laugh escapes from your lips and you grab her arm.
“C’mon, we need to go”

You walk in the hallways towards your locker laughing and making faces at your friends.
You are making an impression of your maths teacher when you hear someone clear their throat.
You turn around and wide your eyes open.
‘Oh fuck’
“I want to inform you, that our school is doing a project with the Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, and that you’ve been chosen to show our school to the students that are coming here to visit it”.
Your head teacher glares at you and you look at the ground, trying to suffocate a laugh.
“You have to meet him at lunch, don’t be late”
He looks at you one last time and walks towards his office.
When you hear the door slam, you burst in a laugh and your friends follow you.
“He almost got me this time” you say wiping away the tears.
“Okay, we had fun but now we have to go”
Your friend grabs your arm and drags you to the first class of the day.
“You’re so boring”
“Shut up”

“Don’t be late he said, and now he is late” you complain.
You feel someone tap on your shoulder and turn around. Behind you there was the cutest boy you’ve ever seen.
You stare at him, your mouth slightly open.
“My name is Kurt Wagner, I’m here for the tour”
You open your mouth and close it a few times but nothing comes out.
Your friends look at you, confused.
“Let’s go” says one of them.
He follows your friends but your best friends stays with you.
“What the fuck was that?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know what was that, I don’t know what happened. He probably thinks that I am a freak now, shit”
You hide your face in your hands and sigh.
“Are those…feelings for someone that isn’t shown on Tv, Y/N?”
You hit your friend’s arm and shake your head.
“C’mon we gotta go”

“Thank you for the tour, I had fun” says Kurt.
“It’s fine, don’t worry, it was a pleasure” says your friends.
You smile a little and look everywhere but at him.
Your friends start to chat between them and you get lost in your thoughts until Kurt snaps you out of them.
“Why didn’t you talk at all?” he asks you.
You look at the ground, your cheeks a little red.
“Is it because I look like a monster?”
You furrow your eyebrows.
“No, absolutely not, it’s because I-I think that you’re cute”
Kurt smiles, his eyes sparkling with joy.
“Thank you”
“Maybe we could, you know hang out sometimes?” you close your eyes at your stupidity.
“I would like to”


Dating Kurt Wagner Would Include


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- Him asking you questions about everything and always attentively listening to your explanations

- You learning German phrases from him overtime

- Him being shy about kissing you, or holding you in front of the other students

- But him also grabbing your hand instantly at any sign of danger, on missions or otherwise, because he’s terrified to lose you

- Him always trying to plan cute and romantic dates

- Kurt randomly teleporting to where you are

- Reassuring him about the little things like how he looks, and how you love him

- You patiently listening to Kurt’s long rambles whenever he is nervous about something, which is usually often

- Him trying out all of his jokes on you first, and his face lighting up whenever he makes you laugh

- Him being able to teleport the two of you anywhere, which means not having to walk all the way to the kitchen for snacks, or being able to get away from everyone when the two of you want to be alone

- Cuddling, lots of it, all the time

- Kurt always surprising you with sweet gestures, like getting you your favorite flowers