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This is Munin. He don’t speak, but he spook. He appears every year around October to haunt the Skullship. He’s mostly harmless, but tends to leave whoever he encounters sleepless for weeks.

Peepers is a foolish non-believer. He hates the paranormal with a passion, and shuts down any testimonies of the spirit’s shenanigans.

Some say that you can offer a token of friendship to Munin. If it’s accepted, he’ll protect you, and tell you all about his mysterious past…


Side: Despair #01 // Side: Future #10
“When did… we go wrong?”


The legends about the Long Night in Yi Ti explain that a descendant of God-on-Earth known as the Amethyst Empress was usurped and murdered by her own brother, an event known as the Blood Betrayal. This caused the Maiden-Made-of-Light to turn away from humanity in shame, and the Lion of Night came forth in all his wrath to punish mankind’s wickedness, inflicting the cold and darkness of the Long Night. - Yi Ti, The World of Ice and Fire

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re: your post about the team dynamics, I've thought about this before and the impact it has on how other fans view Tony in the context of their faves or the other povs because so many comments seem to be based more on those or how the movies drag him and his negative actions while ignoring the good ones. Which is why some of the other characters don't get called out as often, if ever? They've been given softer moments while Tony is used as a joke or dragged more often imo. idk just... thinking..

the writing frustrates me because people act like he’s obligated to help because of his money when he does it because he wants to, he likes it, and he cares. like, some of it is his fault and he does put up a facade, but relationships are not built on one person. I also hate the idea that “oh we need to put in a shot because EGO!” especially if it has nothing to do with it. it’s a cheap shot and there’s nothing cool about doing it all the time. it makes you a dick and a borderline bully.

also jeez I’m sorry, this bothers me a lot because I’ve been used for things before and it can really drag you down. but I have thought about how his character deals a lot with masks and putting one on but lmao. so many people just constantly take his surface image over anything else, which, is what he originally wanted I guess, but it’s still frustrating. I thought about this a lot after the raft because if that’s all you take away after years, that’s on you too.

kldj anyway I’m really sorry for ranting to you that whole thing bugs me a lot and it bugged me even more after cw when people act like he owed them all something. I really hope they do something better but I think mcu pretty much completely failed in doing their relationships and it’s a little too late to fix them.

I’m going to assume these are all from the same person haha. 

Yeah, I’m with you on this, the writing is exhausting and it’s all hinged on this fundamentally incorrect assumption that tony stark is an Egomaniacal Asshole and everyone needs to be awful to him to Knock Him Down A Peg and it’s. tiring. like it’s been years. they’ve been on a team with him and living with him and letting him support him for years and the second anything goes wrong it’s “wow it’s clearly 100% tony’s fault but i guess we shouldn’t be surprised since he’s always been an Egocentric Piece Of Shit” like oh my god tony owes this team absolutely nothing he has given them everything and gotten absolutely nothing in return!! like!! 

whatever you do don’t think about how hopeful and optimistic he was at the end of Avengers vs where he is now. i just. i’m going to need him to be really openly bitter à la Cap 3 Goodness x5 in infinity war because if they pull a “None Of Us Are Sorry because we were Obviously Objectively Right and we’re a Team, Tony, we need money/a place to stay/gear/a ton of your limited time and energy and you are Obligated™ to Help Us” in infinity war without anyone bringing up how awful this team has been to and for tony i will actually never know peace

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I am so interested in that game you have just posted. May I ask for one? Using words: shirt, book and night. (Totally random.) With Bucky? (or if there are many suggestions for Bucky, how about Tony?) Thank you very much. :) Love your writing (no, jealous of your writing.) <3

Thank you so much!!!

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“There’s my baby.” Bucky smiled as he walked into the apartment. He planted a wet kiss on your cheek. “That my shirt?” He murmured against your temple. 

You hummed teasingly, “No, it’s my other boyfriend’s shirt.” 

“That so?” 

“Yep, he come over last night. We made love for hours.” You antagonized. He wrapped his arms around you, jokingly scraping his teeth against your cheeks and making you giggle.

“I’m hotter.” His voice was low, vibrating against your shoulder. 

You just laughed because, honestly, Bucky was the hottest guy you’ve ever laid eyes on. 

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He kept the phone to listen to laurels voice cuz he's a dumbo like that

lmao so i know this wasn’t a prompt but i ended up writing this at like 1am last night bc this ask made me so emo. so here yall go im finally back w more flaurel for the first time in 3844 years (and if its shit i apologize i only edited it a few times).

It’s the night he leaves that he gets the first message from her.

“Where are you? I’m at your place, and… everything’s gone, Frank, what the hell’s going on? Where-” Her voice catches. She clears her throat to steady it, speaking with renewed determination. “Call me when you get this.” And the line goes dead with a hasty click.

He should ditch his phone. He’s already ditched the hair and beard and three piece suits and pretty much every scrap of his identity he had left. Phones can be traced. Phones can be found, get him found. He’s gotta commit. All or nothing. Life or death. He killed Frank Delfino and buried him six feet under, and he should ditch his phone too.

He doesn’t. He can’t.

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Had SO MUCH FUN at the Foam-Glow 5K run last night! I made my friend and I shirts that said “Racing to hatch the 5KM Pokémon GO! Egg” and people kept commenting how awesome they were.

My loose skin actually didn’t bother me too much either, which was awesome! I think it was cause I was “in the zone” and having so much fun I barely noticed it. And we finished in about 45 minutes. Would have gone faster too but there were pile-ups at each Foam station that slowed everyone down haha.

okay but still thinking about that horrible AU where hopper dies (satan won’t leave my side):

- joyce would totally keep his hat;
- she would keep his favorite shirt too, and every night put it around her shoulders before going to sleep;
- she wouldn’t wear it, it still smells so much like him
- she would be cleaning up his papers and find a little note that said “joyce byers is the most extraordinary woman in the world” and remember the night they made a bet, and he lost, and she made him write that down
- but then she would find that he added “(and i love her more than anything)”
- and her heart would clench sharply in her chest, she would choke and she would feel like crying but then she would shake her head and smile instead
- a sad smile, a weak smile, but she would decide now and then that that was who he was, that what they had was real, that their love would never fade away
- and that week would be the first time she’d visit his grave ever since his funeral
- “i love you more than anything, too.”
- and the wind would softly caress her face
- and she would put his favorite shirt around her shoulders before walking back to her car and drive off to work.

I found myself rereading a swath of Lodestone last night and it made me so happy. AU Wynston realizing that, though he could do it alone, he doesn’t want to. Quinn having the utmost compassion for Ruth’s duty, the only one who does, and Ruth hating that she’s burdened with it. Colrand meeting his father for the first time in his life, and wanting it so much he wishes his mother’s career would let it go on forever. Quinn looking down where Wynston fell and saying it: “Agent, I don’t care how you die.”

I started a rewrite to fix the (major) problems my beloved readers pointed out during the original run. I don’t know whether I’ll ever repost it, though. Fun, but flawed.


It turns out Night Blogger Steven is more powerful than any of us realized