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They’re looking like they’re going places. This they’ve been on BBC Introducing, and played gigs across the UK including Manchester’s famous Night & Day Cafe.

Check them out!

anonymous asked:

I really would love to read more about your journey to England and all the things/cities/sights/shops you saw and visited :-) Maybe even in diary stylewith recommendations what you especially enjoyed. I am going to see Hamlet in September and would love some inspiration from your trip.

I flew into Heathrow and rented a car.  If you can afford the time and money for this (and obviously, if you know how to drive LOL) I highly recommend it!  It gives you the freedom to make quick stops and detours and have little adventures along the way.

I spent four days in Edinburgh, stopping off for a night in Manchester along the way.  Manchester is definitely worth spending time especially if you love music as much as I do.  It is also just a gorgeous city and looks a lot different than the rest of England architecturally.  The buildings are all late 19th century, and there is a thriving gay neighborhood. (If you saw the UK Queer as Folk, that was in Manchester)

Edinburgh is gorgeous.  Scotland has lots of its own history, apart from England, which I still did not have enough time there to learn much about.  The views from Edinburgh Castle are great but if you don’t want to spend the money go climb Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park.  The views are just as good.  There is also a statue of Sherlock Holmes in Picardy Place and an Arthur Conan Doyle pub.  (ACD was born in Edinburgh.)  St. Giles Cathedral really is gorgeous, and really really touristy LOL

Then I drove down to York.  I really only spent an afternoon there but I really wish I’d had a few days.  This is well worth it if you love English history - York was the most important city in the North since Roman times.  There is also the Richard III connection is you want to study up ahead of the Hollow Crown next year.  There’s the huge York Minster Cathedral, or just walk along the streets and the River Ouse.  There is a museum (called the Yorkshire Museum, I think?) with an exhibit on Richard III, and you can walk along the Roman walls that go around the city.  That costs no money and the views are amazing.

Along my drive I went through the Lake District in the North, stopped off at Hadrian’s Wall, took selfies at the England/Scotland border, and had lunch in a cute Scottish village I forget the name of. If Scotland does not appeal you could also check out Wales.

As for London….man I could write a book about this. Don’t bother with the Sherlock Holmes Museum.  It is a cheesy and overpriced tourist trap but the gift shop is amazing.  Definitely the best place to buy Sherlock stuff both BBC and canon.  Plus it is just kind of fun to walk along Baker Street.  Obviously don’t forget to go to North Gower Street, which is maybe a 15 minute walk away.  Madame Tussauds is between the two.  I didn’t bother.

I went on tours of the BBC headquarters off Regent Street, as well as the National Theatre.  I would highly recommend both!  On the NT tour you get to see props from past shows and watch them building sets.  I love the whole South Bank area. (The skate park from The Blind Banker is on the South Bank near the NT.) The Old Vic and Young Vic theatres are also near there, and the NT Archives (where you can see old NT shows, if you make arrangements) are on the same street.

Don’t forget to check out the Museum of London, which is close to the Barbican.  Entrance is free, and I love it for all the historical stuff.  They also have a nice gift shop and since they had a show on Sherlock Holmes a few months ago that is worth checking out. I spent way too much money there. Even the cashier said “You really like Sherlock Holmes, don’t you?” LOL


Hey everyone,

I have some awesome news for you all!

I will be playing the Sparkle stage in Sackville Gardens at this years Manchester Pride on Monday 31st August from 2pm!

See you there!

Also, for those in or around Manchester, UK on August 20th, head to Night & Day Cafe in the Northern Quater to grab yourself a FREE COPY of my EP ‘BAM! BOO!’ that I will be bringing along to the show I am playing there from 8pm! 

You can get Pride tickets here:

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Day 1: First night in England. We hit up Nandos in Manchester and went on a walk through the poor mans canals. After fishing out a few druggies we went to the pub. ‘Twas a fantastic first night.

Pleased to announce that we’re gonna be part of the line up for Blossoms DJ set gig at Manchester’s Night and Day on the 12th of September! It’s gonna be a busy one, plus it’s free entry so if you’re in the Nothern Quarter on that evening get yourselves down for some psychedelic vibez.

Gig Guide: 29 Aug - 5 Sep 2015

Saturday, August 29, The Vryll Society at Night & Day Cafe, Manchester. Alternative/psychedelic rock from Liverpool. Support from Viola Beach.

Sunday, August 30, Night And All Dayer at Night & Day Cafe, Manchester. Featuring Sulk (Britpop, Shoegaze and Psychedelia), Hey Sholay (psychedelic indie pop), Tremors, Stalagmites (Atmospheric Rock & Roll), Lea Porcelain, Gorj, Saturn Grove, Foxtales, and  Creeping Heat.

Monday, August 31, Open Mic night at The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM), Manchester. Music competition for Singers and Singer Songwriters from Manchester and the surrounding area.

Wednesday, September 2, Sweet Billy Pilgrim at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester.

Thursday, September 3, Meat Puppets at The Manchester Academy. Unique sound of cosmic country and punk rock. Support from The Bleedin’ Noses, blending jazz, punk, indie, rock, folk and blues.

Friday, September 4, Vinny Peculiar at Gullivers in Manchester. Oblique, tortured punk poetry with frenetic pop hooks.

Friday, September 4, Jim Adkins at Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM). Frontman from Jimmy Eat World with one of his solo acoustic shows.

Friday, September 4, Martha Reeves at Gorilla, Manchester. Ultimate Motown soul diva.

Saturday, Septmber 5, Dep Leppard The Ruby Lounge, Manchester. Rated in the Top 10 Rock/Metal tributes in Europe. Support from Motley Crew UK, and Subhuman Race, a UK based Skid Row tribute.

Saturday, September 5, U2-2, The Original Achtung Baby, at Manchester Academy.

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