night swim

the signs as vibes

aries: the warmth and smell of campfires in the summer, drinking coca-cola from a cold, glass bottle; walking downtown on a saturday evening, wearing blush, red and orange sunsets, cigarette smoke, the feeling of laughing so hard your stomach hurts.

taurus: mementos you want to throw away but have too much sentiment, the smell of linen, pearl earrings, blurry photos, silver jewelry, drawing a smiley face next to your signature; ballet shoes, coconuts, the taste of homemade cookies, faint smiles.

gemini: fountain pens and bullet-point journals, the cold breeze in early spring, the spaciousness of a big, quiet library; marble pillars and greek architecture, graceful movement, long, glossy nails, mint gum, the smell of green tea, loud laughter and sparkling eyes.

cancer: soft, fluffy pillows and silk bedsheets, seeing the flowery trees in spring, peach iced tea, the salty smell of the ocean and collecting seashells, soft eyes, dewy skin; chandeliers, taking a peaceful snooze to wind down, warm hugs and care for the ones you love, summertime air, the taste of sweet fruit.

leo: fields of tall sunflowers, summer tans and freckles, old black and white movies, singing as loud as you can in an open room, the smell of guava juice and sunscreen, tap dancing and smiles worn only for the camera; brightly colored hair and walls, leather jackets and sneakers.

virgo: the smell of clean laundry, singing softly to yourself; calligraphy pens and wool sweaters, gold necklaces, calmness in solitude, vanilla milkshakes, the hum of moving bikes, writing poetry about the changing of seasons, sitting in a meadow in the early morning to clear your head.

libra: talking so much your throat gets raspy, giggling about your crush, drinking fruity iced tea, wearing oversized clothes, getting your nails done, palm trees and tropical flowers; the smell of makeup, wearing bikinis and pushing your friends into the pool, face masks, red or pink lip gloss.

scorpio: listening to synthy music late at night, streetlights, dark colored clothes and staying up until sunrise, doc martens; plaid skirts, dancing like nobody’s watching, the smell of chlorine, disco lights, the clicking of high heels, quiet downtown streets late at night.

sagittarius: big coats, polaroids, taking random roadtrips to the southwest; 70’s music, red lipstick, arizona tea, comfortable silences, cracking your knuckles when you get nervous, getting up early enough to watch the sun rise, hiking through the mountains, glittering smiles, golden retrievers.

capricorn: earth tones, grassy meadows and rushing lakes, cocker spaniels, picnics under an old tree; planting your own vegetables and fruit, owning a sunhat, painting with watercolors; drinking black coffee early in the mornings, loving and thriving off of your routine.

aquarius: looking at saturn’s rings through a telescope, going to art museums; the smell of lilac, riding your bike through an unfamiliar part of town, old maps, vintage telephones, listening to music with the windows down, buying your clothes at thrift stores, bubblegum, cool tones.

pisces: the feeling of calm after a good cry; rain during springtime, greek sculptures, pink rose bushes, talking about your feelings late at night, swimming in the ocean, listening to old love songs on a record player, looking at constellations, the smell of honeysuckle.

Signs As More Small Feelings
  • Aries: snapping a candy bar into half
  • Taurus: hot showers after swimming
  • Gemini: when you have the aux cord and someone asks "what song is this" and that means they like your music taste
  • Cancer: using the same brand of shampoo and conditioner and your hair smells and feels heavenly
  • Leo: drinking cold water and feeling it go throughout your body
  • Virgo: using skin/hair care products that actually work
  • Libra: the cold side of the pillow during a hot night
  • Scorpio: matching your underwear and bra and thinking you look bad asf
  • Sagittarius: making a whole group of people laugh
  • Capricorn: opening a new jar of food and it's swirled perfectly
  • Aquarius: swimming at night and it's pitch black but the pool lights are on
  • Pisces: when the person you've been waiting to talk to's name pops up on your phone

So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of the mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

(might tweak with it a bit more later… but I have work in the morning and should have been in bed an hour ago RIP)

Quagsire Sprites Review

Gold- A wonderful retro Quag, he’s still getting used to his new arms from evolving. Tail seems a bit thin but he’ll grow into it. A lovely shiny boy. 5/5

Silver- A lovable chubby QuagHe’s bending down to talk to smaller pokemon but he may be a bit overexcited and yelling. Still working on his manners. A very friendly boy. Adorable stripes and back ridges. 5/5

Crystal- Such a happy Quag! Now with movement! Look at him, he’s so excited to use his new arms! He’s practicing because he dreams of one day playing piano. He’s singing for you too! A wonderful quag with a bright future ahead of him. 5/5

Gen 3/FR/LG- A friendly dancing Quag! Such a cute and fun pose! Such good balance! But he’s also the most mysterious Quag. If you blink you’ll miss him change his pose and cry out. How does a Quag move so fast? A perplexing quag 5/5

Diamond/Pearl- This a very friendly Quag, he’s a bit more shy than the others but he’ll still wave to you. He’s got one enlarged nostril, but he’s still beautiful. Lovely big back ridges. lovely shade of blue. Be gentle with this Quag and give him all the hugs. 5/5

Platinum- A Quag with a lovely darker pallete! He’s a bit of a nightowl and goes for a lot of night swims. He’d love to hold your hand. Has a bit of a wonky foot and probably trips a lot, but he’ll still do his best for you. 5/5

HG/SS- The most loving Quag!! He wants a hug!! HUG THE QUAG!!! HUG HIM!!! So wonderfully chubby and such a sweet smile! Perfectly friend-shaped! I love him so much. The ideal Quag A+++ 1000000/5

B/W-  Just like the last but even MORE EXCITED! YOU JUST HAVE TO HUG HIM! He’s even dancing and reaching for you! A precious angel baby who deserves all the love in the world! HUG THE QUAG!! 10000000/5 spare my heart. 

XY/SM- The newest member of the Quag family. Beautifully rendered, the most lovely chubbiest belly, the friendliest face, even a precious neck roll. Probably 90% squish. He’s a little self-conscious but still a lil bouncy. Give him all the pats and beans in refresh. 5/5


Pokemon Conquest- The sleepiest, laziest Quag. I love how big and detailed this quag is. Look at those cute toes and fingers. Look at that chub. Look at that shading. Please though, let this poor boy rest. 5/5

Pokemon Trozei- The tiniest quag, just a happy ball. They still captured all his best features. This quag may lack limbs but he’ll still dance and smile for you, a good egg. 5/5

PMD Sky/Time/Darkness- A nicely shaded and pleasant Quag. Lovely bg gradient and colors. Looks like he’s spacing out though. Exploration team life can be hard on a simple quag. Buy this boy a drink at Spinda’s cafe pronto. 5/5

PMD Gates to Infinity: AN ANGEL SENT BY ARCEUS HIMSELF 999999999/5

In short, all Quags are good and deserving of love. <3 


“He’s a horrible influence on our son!”

I like that theory that Morty is actually young Rick, but I think it’s actually more likely that Morty is going to get more and more jaded until he grows up to be just like Rick.