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Today I got the Shining Dream Festa CD. What I got surprised and amazed me. If you didn’t know that it was a CD you could have mistaken it for a Vinyl. In there were the CD which looks like the sun, the song texts for both Day Dream and Night Dream in Japanese. A little signed photo by Otoya and 11 poster cards of the guys from STARISH and Quartet Night. This was really worth the money I spent on it


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Another #Utapri cover with this squid, I mean @nzapdos89​ 
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Hey everyone! In anticipation for season 4, we’re holding Utapri Week, September 18th through the 24th!

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amisbro  asked:

So here is a question for you oh wise Kouhai: IF we assume that the series starts before "Tempest" comes out right? What do we do for the two weeks BEFORE Toki and Eiji's single? I think we discussed this on skype but I wanted to see if you had any better ideas today

Hmm… well, since the units between groups include only STARISH and HEAVENS, my original idea of mixing the 3 of them died. STILL, the unit idea is the only way to still fit QUARTET NIGHT in. So probably, they will have units among themselves (like Rei x Ai, Ran x Cam or something - different than the pairings already used for RISE AGAIN/Tsukiakari no Dearest), and these two CDs will fill in the two weeks. At least it’s what I hope for TuT Man, I hope my SD card handles this season, bc my heart probably won’t.

anonymous asked:

Who do you want to win the SSS- STARISH, QUARTET NIGHT or HEAVENS- and why?

Either STARISH or QUARTET NIGHT. STARISH because I cosplay Ren and I think it would be fun to cosplay a victory, but QUARTET NIGHT because of Ranmaru.

To keep it short, I feel Ranmaru needs it. He’s still deep in debt from what the Hijirikawa and Jinguji did to his family (hence the glaring in Season 2, Episode 1), and that is the only reason he is an idol. Succeeding at this would not only prove himself to his family, who were always very distant from him, but to Ren and Masato, who are his underclassmen, to the other members of QUARTET NIGHT, who knows he doesn’t want to be there, and most importantly to himself.

So to answer your question, if I’m thinking about me, STARISH. If I’m thinking about the characters, QUARTET NIGHT.

rafaelina-casillas  asked:

Hiiii! Sorry for the strange request but could you please write a scenario in whic Ren tries to make Ranmaru and his crush admit their feelings to each other (it's obvious that they like each other but none of them won't make the first step...unless a gun is involved xD). Btw you wrote a scenario in which Ren makes Tokiya and his girl play Twister. I just want to say that it's one of most favourite stories ever and I re-read it when I'm sick and tired from studying (that sounds a bit awkward)

That doesn’t sound awkward! I love seeing you in my box! I’m happy you like that scenario! I was really sick when I wrote it so I’m happy you really like it!

Ren looked at his senpai while he sipped his coffee. He looked over to you while you stuffed your face with a meat filled breakfast. Ranmaru looked across to your plate and took more bacon from it. You raised an eyebrow, but kept quiet. By time number three you were stopping his arm.

“Quit it.”

You released his hand and he picked up his cup.

“You want my meat.”

You looked at him with a snarky grin before you took a bite of your eggs. You shrugged and sipped your juice.

“You know I like my eggs fertilized, but only by you, Ran.”

Ren stayed quiet and raised his eyebrow at the current conversation. They liked each other! He knew he needed to get them together but how was important. He decided to enlist Otoya in his love army. The two of them worked to get Ranmaru to visit the studio while Otoya did the same. With some fancy maneuvering the two of them were trapped in a roomy closet in the closest studio. You looked over to the monochromatic male and sighed.

“Now what? You got us in here.”

“Me!? Who followed the red head like an idiot? Just figure out how to get out of here.”

You decided to let rebellion take center stage and sat on the floor. Ran looked at you with a scowl as he looked for some way to get out. He growled and punched the door.

“I’m sure that door is very afraid now.”

“You could use what little brain power you have and help, but that’s too hard, right?”

Your growl matched his as you stood. He was being a jerk as usual!

“Listen you…!”

Just to completely throw him off you kissed his lips. He was very surprised but he decided to play the game too. In his eyes you were annoying but you do have a cute thing going. He shoved you against a wall and deepened the kiss.

Ren and Otoya were listening on the other side of the door. Hopefully this will do the trick and they get together!

HEAVENS Pillow Fight

Eiichi sighed. He was in the main room, sitting on the largest sofa by himself. He was bored as hell. The only thing occupying his mind now was his smartphone, and that thing was doing a lousy job. Whatever social media he checked, it only talked about STARISH and Quartet Night.

Gripping the android tightly, Eiichi thought, I’ll show them. I’ll show EVERYONE. HEAVENS is the–


A large white pillow came swinging at the man’s face.

“What the–?!” Eiichi gasped as he angrily pushed aside the fluffy weapon, and came face to to face with his little brother, Eiji.

“Eiji?! What’re you doing?!”

Eiji chuckled. “I’m lightening the mood!” he said in a matter-of-fact tone. “It was Van’s idea.”

The younger male pointed his thumb behind him, where the man in question stood with an armful of pillows.

Van explained, “Your murderous aura is damn infectious.” He shook his head at Yamato, who sat at one corner muttering on and on about defeating his brother Ryuuya, and Nagi, who was munching down a packet of marshmallows grumpily. “So, Eiji and I brought some… ‘medicine’.”

Eiichi snorted derisively. “Pillows? That’s your medicine?”

“You’d be surprised by how effective it is!” Van said. “Observe.”

He held up one pillow, and chucked it at Nagi, knocking the marshmallow bag out if his hands.

“Hey!” the boy snapped.

But Van just replied, “It’s a pillow fight!”

Nagi seemed to contemplate this for a second before picking up the pillow, shouting back with a mischievous smile, “You’re on!”

As the youngest HEAVENS charged at Van, his pillow swinging in the air, Yamato was also brought back to reality.

“Did someone say ‘fight’?” the blond asked. He received a pillow in his face for an answer. “Pillow fight? Alright!”

Seeing Yamato running towards Van and Eiji with a huge pillow was enough to convince Eiichi to join in.

Soon, feathers were flying everywhere. Five minutes passed before Kira and Shion entered the scene.

“I do not want to get involved,” Shion told Kira. The latter simply nodded and was about the direct the albino out if the main room, when Eiji tossed two pillows at them.

“Come on!” Eiji said, laughing breathlessly. “It’s a pillow fight!”

Shion seemed unconvinced until Nagi threw also threw a pillow in his face. The former squinted his eyes and picked up one pillow. He jumped right into the feathery fray. Watching them all fight so childishly, Kira could only shrug, and join in.

Everything ended ten minutes later, when Raging came in and saw everything.

“What on earth are you idiots doing?!” he asked angrily.

At the sound of his voice, everyone froze in fear.

“Are you having a pillow fight?! That’s just what STARISH would do!”

“No, we’re not!” Eiji said. “We’re not pillow-fighting at all!”

“Then, what is this?!” Raging demanded.


“It’s an idea for our performance when we hijack the Triple S!” Eiichi said.

“What do pillows have to do with your performance?!”


“There’s gonna be feathers!” Van quickly said. “Cuz’ we’re HEAVENS! We’re supposed to be heavenly and angelic and all that so…”

“We’re gonna make it rain feathers onstage, so we’re practicing now!” Nagi spoke at high speed.

“Pillows have feathers, you know?” Yamato fumbled, plastering on a obviously fake smile.

“Perfect for practising!” Van added, winking.

Kira and Shion simply nodded.

After glaring at them for a good long while, Raging told the boys, “Okay. Just clean up the feathers later, and practice in the training room instead.” Then, he left.

Everybody exhaled simultaneously.

“Are we really going to drop feathers all around the place?” Shion asked Kira.

“There’s no way we can’t now,” Kira answered.

Hey everyone! In anticipation for season 4, we’re holding Utapri Week, September 18th through the 24th!

We’re all celebrating our love for Uta no Prince sama and sharing our excitement for the new season! Everybody is invited to participate! We’re accepting all creations such as, but not limited to: gifsets, fanfictions, fanarts, graphics, photosets, amvs, playlists, etc. Anything you can think of. Creativity is key!

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What’s Up Tonight, 8/18/16

Sacramento Cocktail Week Wild West Extravaganza: All-aboard the Sacramento River Train for this Wild West themed party complete with food, music, and of course, cocktails. 21+ 6PM. $30. 

Movie Night @ Verge - Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict: Peggy was an heiress to the Guggenheim family who would become a central figure in the modern art movement. As she moved through the cultural upheaval of the 20th century, she collected not only art, but artists. Her colorful personal history included trysts, affairs and marriages with such figures as Samuel Beckett, Max Ernst, Jackson Pollock, Marcel Duchamp as well as countless others. 7-9PM. $5.     

Anton Schwartz & Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet:  Jazz Night at the Crocker heads to a new level with the Anton SchwartzQuintet on the main stage and the Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet (STRQ) on the cafe stage. 530-9PM. $7+ 

10x10 Filmmaker Challenge Launch Party: Support Sacramento’s oldest filmmaking competition, in which filmmakers make a 10-minute film within 10 days on a to-ba-announced theme for cinematic glory and bragging rights. At the State Capitol. 7-8PM. Free.  


REAL LIFE: nominated to sing /candidate for the opening of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020  QUARTET NIGHT & STARISH VOTE RIGHT NOW!

ANIME:Super Star Sports or commonly known as Triple S is an international sports event. It is held once a year, and is considered the greatest sports event in the world. Only one artist from the hosting nation is allowed to perform as the event’s opening artist.