it’s been a long enough time since kira has replaced kosaku, and hayato doesn’t have any hard evidence yet, but he’s absolutely certain that the man sitting at the dining room table is not his father

it’s been bothering him for a while. something subtly off. it’s not like the mushrooms, or the shoe thing. when he’s sitting down and trying to eat he keeps getting distracted by something so minuscule that he’s sure he’s just making it up at first.

on a particularly lazy night, where his guard has only somewhat dropped against the man eating at the table, he finally notices it. a scent. a peculiar one, one that may have made sense if there had been any meat on the table that night. but there was none.

and yet, the thin, faint stench of rot and blood is unmistakably coming from that man’s hands.

so,,, day 9.
sister location. What the actual f?
Those animatronics have a really twisted logic. Like, I get it, you don’t want to hurt kids, you don’t want to constantly get zapped and yadda-yadda… But wear human skin to skedaddle to freedom???
Not only it’s “evil” in terms of killing adults, but like… how about the fact that the skin will rot and fall off and shit? Huh??? You thought ‘bout that, you weird broken AI??? NO. just. no.
Will makes a comeback. (I told ya…) And no, no way I bring those monstrosities in Fazbear’s Fright AU place. There’s like, already too many of them…

Honestly I’m sure some theory exists somewhere but I love how Jeremy Fitzgerald is never really someone we bring in when we try to figure out who characters are in new games. Some people think Phone Guy is Purple Guy, some people think Mike Schmidt is the Sister Location guard, some people think Purple Guy was the nightguard previous to Jeremy in FNAF 2, some people think Purple Guy is the Sister Location guard. But Jeremy Fitzgerald is just never a part of any of this. We are all in silent mutual agreement that dude got the fuck out of there. Went to greener sky’s.


We are Fazbear Fright

Because i love FNaF 3


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