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“Master Sergeant James Barnes in the European Theater of Operations, 1944-1945.” National Archives and Records Administration.

[1] Taken from the private collection of Howling Commando Gabe Jones in 1973, this is the only photograph of 1st Sgt. Barnes writing what would later become The Night War. (Jan. 1945)

[2] An exhausted Staff Sgt. Barnes after the famous Battle of Saint-Georges-Eglise. (Jun. 24, 1944)

[3] Staff Sgt. Barnes in Normandy, working with members of the French Resistance. (Jul. 1944)

[4] Staff Sgt. Barnes holding a French child in Normandy. (Jul. 1944)

[5] 1st. Sgt. Barnes sleeping in his foxhole during what would become popularly known as the “Schädeljäger Offensive,” his legendary counter-sniper campaign in the Ardennes. (Dec. 1944)

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This is a scene that I think about often. It is so vivid in my mind that it usually gives me pause as I sit or stand there and let it play out. My heart fractures a little that the sound of children living happily and LAUGHING is something he might not have heard in ages. I read something on here some time ago that said something like The Court of Dreams/ The Night Court ( Inner Circle/ Velaris) is what Lucien had hoped the Spring Court could’ve been. What it should’ve been and even though Spring is a gorgeous Court it’s empty.
There was never the sound that carried with it the hope of a future.
This is probably one of my favorite parts of the story as a whole. When Lucien gets the The Court of Dreams and Rhys sees what kind of mind Lucien is capable of bringing to his table to help their Court. That eventually he could find what Feyre did- a home and a family of friends there, that see him as an equal. No rank above another. I’m so very hopeful for his story to continue and see what happens for him in the future books. He deserves more.

I love him so much for this💖😢

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