night with the baby cousins

Thoughts on Draco and Kids.

Draco “eternal stick up my ass i hate everyone including you” Malfoy is not the person parents want to babysit their kids. He’s rude, blunt, sarcastic and foul. He’s the man who would save a baby from a fire solely because he knows what the parents would say if he didn’t. Draco Malfoy is the man who sets infants in cribs and leaves them to cry themselves to sleep. He never had a happy childhood, so why should they?

Except he’s not.

Draco Malfoy is the man who sings lullabies to a newborn Rose Weasley and rocks her to sleep. He’s the man who gave Teddy Lupin his first broomstick and taught him to fly, but not before teaching him to read and write. He’s the man who stargazes with Hugo and brings him chocolate when he’s feeling down. He’s the man who holds life in his arms and sees it for what it is: an innocent, precious gift. He never had a happy childhood growing up, and he’s going to give them something that he, as the boy who had everything, never had: childhood memories worth remembering.

Draco Malfoy is not the man people think he is, but the reasons behind his reluctance in sharing are unknown.

Harry saw him hold Teddy Lupin in his arms after his trial. They sat in a room waiting for his mother and Andromeda outside. He was awkward at first and the tears came before the smiles. Had Harry Potter not done what he’d done… a chubby hand with fingers the size of his nails non-too-gently patted his cheek after a few tears had fallen, and knowing how annoying children could be when upset, Draco smiled softly and wiped his eyes. One silly face turned into two, and that dark brown tuft of hair turned the exact shade of his white-blonde locks. He screamed, Harry laughed, Teddy cried, the hair was back to brown.

“He does that,” Harry remarked and gently bounced the child back to sleep.

Draco Malfoy went out for coffee with Harry Potter two weeks later. One cup turned into two, one meeting turned into five, one shop turned into a house. Three months later one quick babysitting date turned into one late night stay for his baby cousin. Draco Malfoy kissed Harry Potter that night with one soft infant snore in the background.

He met Victoire Weasley a few months later at the burrow for Christmas Eve Dinner. Molly Weasley’s pumpkin pudding did nothing to ease his nerves and the hard stares of George from across the table. Ginny smiled at the door, and Molly smothered him with hugs and food.

“As thin as Harry, young man… As thin as- Here, have some more potatoes!”

One plate turned into two, and by the end of the night he must’ve gained half his weight from treacle tarts alone.

Bill was strumming a guitar and not wanting to stand in the doorway besides George, Draco left for the kitchen. Three minutes later and a halfhearted argument won, his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and his hands were scrubbing plates.

“Always do it the muggle way,” she’d said. He couldn’t remember the rest. Near the end Victoire unsteadly crawled into the room. Her hair stuck up on one side of her head and it was clear the child had been sleeping. Sleep lines on her face didnt cover the dried spit all over her chin, and Draco smiled gently as he bent to down to pick her up.

“Miss Victoire,” he’d called her that first time. Laying her horizontal in his left arm, he wiped her chin and rocked her back to sleep. He continued to help clean the room with one hand, and didn’t miss Molly Weasley’s smile.

When Rose came along, Harry was already the favorite babysitter. He and Harry had been living together for quite some time, although it was clear the resident Weasley parents saw Harry as the sole caretaker on work days. They flooed in, asking if ‘Harry could babysit?’/p>

Draco didn’t mind, he never talked much about children. He liked them, but when Harry was blowing raspberries at Teddy on the dining room table, he didn’t take Teddy for himself.

Very few people know him as who he is, Draco and not Draco Lucius Malfoy. He takes pride in his name, but takes more pride in making Dominique smile when she’s pouting and teaching Rose the wand movements for 1st year charms at just 8 years old. He takes pride in his intellect and control, but takes more pride in perfecting his Princess Victoire and Teddy the Dragon voice when reading aloud Teddy’s favorite book.

Nine years later, at Christmas Eve dinner, while Arthur opened the wine bottles, Draco dismissed himself silently and walked upstairs. In the children’s room, Harry was laughing with the kids when he saw Draco standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. He looked back to the kids and stood up. When he told them Draco would read a special story, all protests at Harry’s departure ceased.

When Fluer walked up to kiss her three children goodnight, she had to stop herself from entering the room. Two minutes later, and the rest of her family was beside and behind her, staring into the room. With a high pitched voice, Princess Victoire shouted out from Draco’s lips.

“I may be short, and I may be a princess, but I’m strong! I’ll save my baby sister from that dragon!”

“The baby princess!” Dominique interuppted, and Draco smiled and nodded before turning the page.

When the voice of Teddy the Dragon came out of his mouth, Teddy the Human let out a pitched growl. “I’m gunna eat you!” He shouted and Hugo giggled.

“Hurry Uncle Draco! Ted’s gon eat 'Toire!” Rose added.

It started to make sense, and some adults found themselves laughing along with their kids. Things began to connect, and suddenly it was clear to the Weasley’s. Why their children, and grandchildren, called him “Uncle Draco.“ Why they screamed happily and ran up to hug Harry and Draco during babysitting days. Why Teddy spent half his childhood with white-blonde hair.

Two weeks later after the Hols had ended, Draco got a fire call from Hermione Granger. Almost immediately, he stood up and brushed off his pants.

“Hermione. Hello. Harry’s, uh, upstairs; I can go get him, if you’d-”

“Oh no, it’s fine.” She cut him off, and before Draco could feel the awkwardness creep up his veins, she had already continued on. “Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to babysit…?”

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Hi Carrie. I don't know if you're doing prompts or anything but I needed to ask anyway. You're always able to help me when I need it (when my mum was diagnosed with cancer and when I broke my elbow). I had to have my 12 year old German Shepherd put to sleep last night (April 28th) and I feel so empty and lost now. I don't know what to do and I was hoping you could write something to cheer me up/help/distract me?

i’m so sorry to hear about your dog. this is a little late, but i’ve been travelling and stuff and i’ve only seen this message just now. sending you lots of love, and i hope this ficlet cheers you up a bit

Derek loves his family, he really does. But sometimes he wishes they weren’t so… weird. And it’s not that he doesn’t have fun at the annual Hale-Extravaganza, the ridiculous family reunion that they hold every summer at Lake Bellasue. When he was a kid, he looked forward to it every year, how all the Hales from all over the country would gather and he’d get to see his favorite cousin from Texas and see Aunt Jo and Uncle Monty argue over jam and his grandma would make all the best food. It’s two weeks of potato-sack races, scavenger hunts, s’mores, swimming, and more, and the only time Derek sees his cousins and stuff. 

Even if they weren’t werewolves, they’d still be weird. For instance: Derek is wearing a bright pink t-shirt (Cora’s design, this year) that proudly declares HALE PACK WEST COAST BEST COAST because in about an hour he and the other kids (Derek is twenty-two years old, and he can’t believe he still has to play all these games) on his team are gonna face off against the cousins from New York. 

The matching t-shirts, Derek could probably explain. There are a lot of families who do that. There’s at least two other reunions (none quite as large as the Hales) at this lake, which is a popular vacation destination. Derek’s never took much notice of the other people there; just usually kids on spring break from the local college partying and swimming and racing around on jetskis and stuff. 

But this year is different.

“Hey, Derek!” 

Oh, fuck, he’s shirtless again. Derek can see every one of his moles playfully scattered across his chest. There’s a mole right on his hip, and Derek freezes. 

“Hi,” he manages, his throat closing up. Derek is painfully aware that there is glitter on his cheeks, and probably mashed potatoes still in his hair, and he’s wearing mismatched flipflops. 

Theoretically, Derek should be annoyed by Stiles– everything from the backwards hat, the board shorts, the litany of “dudes” that flow from his mouth, the fact that he is one of the obnoxious spring breakers. But the first time they ran into each other, Stiles immediately got into an argument about him about Star Wars (Derek absolutely does not count the extended universe as canon, and Stiles does), and then proceeded to help Derek’s two year old niece tie her shoe and well… Derek is, for the lack of better word, very, very distracted this family reunion.

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BTS Reaction to picking you up for a date but ending up helping you babysit instead-

(for anon)


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Being the gentlemen he is, Jin went to your door to pick you up for your date. You answered with your little sister in your arms, rocking her gently and apologizing to Jin profusely. “I’m SO sorry I didn’t call, my mom had an emergency and i’ve literally been trying to put her to sleep for an hour and a half and I forgot to tell you and I totally understand if you never wanna see me agai-” He interrupted your rant. “Let me warm up some milk for her, while you keep trying to put her to bed huh? Don’t worry. “ Jin said with a beautiful smile before pressing his lips to your forehead and stepping inside. 


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Yoongi texted you half an hour before he was supposed to pick you up for your date and was getting annoyed with you not responding. “Fuck it,” he said before deciding to head over a little early and see if anything was up or if you were just getting ready. When he got to our door, (cause you still weren’t answering the phone) your little niece opened the door up. “Uhh…where is Y/N?” Yoongi asked, looking down at the little cutie pie. “Inside.” She simply said before grabbing onto Yoongi’s hand and pulling him in the door. Your niece led him to the kitchen, where you were trying to prepare dinner for your little niece. “Yoongi! What are yo- OH FUCK WE HAD A DATE TONIGHT.” You covered your mouth in shame/embarrassment as yoongi only laughed and shook his head, motioning for you to give him the spoon you were using to stir. “Go wash her and yourself up for dinner and I got this.” He said before placing a quick kiss on your blushing cheek.


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Hoseok showed up at your door with a bouquet of roses and dressed spiffy af. When you answered the door in tears due to the frustration of your parents going on their own date night out of nowhere and leaving you responsible for your little brother, Hoseok set the bouquet down and wrapped his arms tightly around you. “Baby what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” You explained the situation and let him know how sorry you were for having to break the date. Hoseok only laughed, causing you to look up with curious face. “What?” You asked. “Let me help you tonight! It’ll be like a cute little baby sitting date. And I love kids so,” he shrugged happily before picking up your bouquet and handing them to you. “Put these in water and let me entertain your brother.”

Rap Mon-

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Namjoon came to your door for your date at about 7:00 PM. He was in a bit of a shock when your little nephew answered the door. “Oh…hello! Is Y/N here?” Namjoon asked, crouching down a little to get to your nephews level. “Yeah, inside. Do you want me to go get her?” Namjoon nodded and smiled at him. “Yes please, could you?” Your nephew hurried inside and let you know who was at the door for you. “Ahh joonie, i’m so sorry…”You said in shame causing Joon to shake his head and wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you in. “Let me help you baby, he seems like a nice kid.”


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You sadly called Jimin to let him know that your date had to be cancelled due to your aunt needing a babysitter for the evening. He of course told you it was okay and that you could always go on a different night. But he missed you greatly and loved babies so he decided to surprise you. He came to your door and once you answered with your baby cousin in your arms, he became so excited. “Ahh so cute!” He cooed, reaching his arms out for the baby. They both became close during the evening and you did not stop taking pictures of them sleeping together on the couch. 


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Taehyung had a wonderful dinner and movie date planned for the both of you throughout the whole week and he was even more excited when he was on his way to pick you up. He became riddled with disappointment when he saw you were not dressed and had your baby sister in your arms. “Babe, i’m so sorry…my parents had things to do and I forgot to let you know.” When Taehyung was about to respond and let you know that everything’s all good, your little sister reached her arms out towards him. His heart became full as he held her close and she rested her head on his shoulder to sleep. He stayed the whole night to help you baby sit.


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Jungkook came to your door, more than excited for your date night. Only to have you answer with your baby cousin in your arms. You put up one finger on your lips, indicating to stay quiet. He obliged and pursed his lips while you whispered that you got stuck baby sitting for the night. He smiled and stepped inside, offering to help you for the evening.


A Sam Holland imagine loosely based on the song Evermore from the new Beauty and the Beast. I recommend listening to the song before reading. Enjoy!

You and Sam were the perfect couple. You’d been together since you were 14 and you never had any problems. Of course, that all changed when you turned 18. Suddenly, being adults brought on hell and high water for your relationship. You had to start making real adult life choices and everything seemed to just slip through your fingertips, including Sam.

It all happened on that fateful night at Tom’s new movie premiere. You’d been arguing about what you guys were going to do after high school. You wanted to go to university while Sam didn’t. You fought about whether to move in together, whether you’d have any money, etc. You had been fighting every night for weeks. It being a special night for his older brother didn’t change that. You stood outside the theater while the movie played, screaming at one another for the fifth time that week. It burned your throat to yell at the person you loved so much. It felt like you were choking on your words and your lungs were filling with molten lava.

You didn’t know what you were doing when the words came out of your mouth, you were just too angry to think about spending another minute together.

“I’m done, Sam.” You whispered. It was a shocking change from the loud dialogue you two were having before.

“What?” His tone matched yours. You could see the fear in his eyes.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry,” you went to turn away, but he grabbed your arm.

“Please don’t do this,” he begged.

You could see the tears in his eyes and it hurt worse than anything to see him like that. Although, you knew you couldn’t back down. So you simply pulled your arm out of his grasp. You turned around and lifted the bottom of your dress so you wouldn’t trip before running off in the opposite direction.

Everyday you didn’t wake up to a text from him or see his smile felt foreign and wrong. You weren’t that same without him by your side. Hell, you could barely remember a time that he wasn’t. It wasn’t until three months later that you saw him again.

Harry called you to invite you to his first art show. He had rented out a hall so he could put his photography up for everyone to see. You were thrilled to hear the happiness in his voice when he told you about it. You told him you’d be there and that you couldn’t wait to see him. You wanted to ask how Sam was, but you knew that would be a bad idea. You were honestly scared of what the answer was.

That night you dressed in the nicest clothes you’d worn since the premiere night. You grabbed your keys, waving goodbye to your parents, and headed out the door. It was a short cab ride to the place where the show was. When you walked in there were so many people and you couldn’t help but be proud of Harry. You saw him in the corner, explaining a picture to someone. You waved and he came running over to you.

“Darling!” He shouted as he hugged you and spun you around in the air. “You came.”

“Of course I came,” you moved a stray piece of hair away from his face and he rolled his eyes at you.

“Always acting like my mother, aren’t you?”

“Always,” you winked at him.

He pointed towards the beginning of the show and you gave him a quick squeeze on his arm before making your way over to the massive photographs on the wall.

It took you about half an hour to make it all the way through. At the back of the room was a hallway with other photos in it. You looked around for someone to explain what they were, but then you overheard Harry explaining it to someone.

“These are photos that my, well I call them my students, took. This side is my friend Harrison’s and the other side are my brother Sam’s photos.”

As soon as you heard his name leave Harry’s lips you felt your body tense. You took a deep breath before stepping into the small hallway. You didn’t know Sam even liked photography. You looked at Harrison’s photos first, not knowing if you could handle the other side of the wall.

You waited a moment before steadying yourself and turning around. Your eyes grew wide as you saw the five photos before you. They were all of you. There was one of you laughing, another of you blowing a kiss at the camera, one of you sleeping. There was one taken of your back the night of the premiere and one of you with your baby cousin. You didn’t even know he’d taken those photos at the time.

Your hand clasped over your mouth in shock. Tears welled up in your eyes when you looked up at the title over the five photos.

To my inspiration in everything I do.

A soft sob left your lips as your brain twirled around the information it was taking in. The photos were absolutely gorgeous. You had never seen yourself like that before. It was the way he saw you, and you’d left him alone three months ago.

“Um,” you turned around to see Harry behind you, his hands in his pockets and head low. “He told me to invite you. He needed you to see them. He needed you to see that no matter what you would never leave him. You would always be there in his heart.” You wiped your eyes of tears and faked a smile in Harry’s direction.

“Thank you,” your voice came out horse. “Where is he?”

“Home,” Harry stepped closer to you. “He barely leaves the house anymore. He’s basically wasting away.”

Your heart ached as you listened to Harry. You turned back around to look at the photos again. You’d done that to him. You’d ruined Sam Holland because you couldn’t handle a few fights.

“Would he want to see me?”

Harry nodded vigorously. He knew that the only thing in the world his brother wanted to see was you.

You took one last look at the photos and a smile spread across your face. You quickly hugged Harry before running out into the London street. You called a cab and gave him the address of the home you’d practically grown up in. You got there within a few moments. You gave the driver some cash before hopping out of the cab and running up the steps to the front door.

You knocked on it and it opened to show the familiar smile of Nikki Holland. She looked shocked to see you standing there. It had been a long time since she’d seen the site.

“Is something wrong dear?” Nikki asked you when she noticed how flustered you looked. You shook your head with a smile on your lips.

“Is Sam here?” It felt good to say his name. It was the first time in a long time since it floated off of your lips. Nikki nodded her head towards his bedroom and you thanked her before running down the hallway.

You lifted your hand to knock on the door. Your adrenaline was pumping through you like never before. After you knocked you heard a low and raspy voice ask who it was. It wasn’t the voice of the man you loved. It was different. He used to sound so happy. It broke your heart to know that you two being apart had changed him so much. Then the door swung open suddenly.

You looked up at Sam, but he didn’t look the same. His hair was much longer and his usual bright hazel eyes looked dark and dull. The smile you were used to seeing was nowhere in sight.

His jaw dropped slightly at the site of you. You were so beautiful. It was like seeing an angel after being in hell for years. He went to say something but you cut him off by throwing your arms around his neck. His hands instinctively wrapped around your waist. His grip on you was extremely tight, due to the fact that he wasn’t entirely sure you were even  real. You could hear him let out a huge sigh of relief at the feeling of you being in his arms again. His hand came up to hold your head, his fingers entangling in your hair.

“Finally,” you heard him murmur as he nuzzled his head into your neck.

Your fingers massaged the back of his head, trying to comfort him as well as let him know that you felt the same as he did. That being back in his arms again felt like heaven on earth.

Sam took a few steps back so that you were in his room. He didn’t dare let go of you. He thought that if he lost his grip on you for one moment he’d lose you forever. His hand came around from the back of your head to the side of your face, cupping your cheek. You pulled your face away from his neck and smiled at him.

“You’re so much more beautiful than I remembered.” He whispered to you. You could feel tears of happiness rolling down you cheeks. You hadn’t realized how much had been missing from your life until this moment.

You leaned forward to connect your lips to his. They were more chapped than you remembered, but it didn’t matter to you. The kiss was full of all the love and passion that you’d been missing in the time that you were apart.

“I love you, Sam Holland. I love you so much and I am so so sorry.” You say to him while your foreheads are pressed together. He shakes his head against yours.

“Don’t apologize,” his thumb moves up and down your cheek bone.

“I should never have left you. I-”

He cut you off by shushing you and pressing his lips to yours again. His lips moved from yours to your cheek, then your nose, and finally your forehead. They lingered there for a moment as he took in the scent of his favorite perfume. His eyes flickered back down to yours and you smiled at him. You hadn’t looked into this beautiful eyes in so long. It felt like a lifetime since you’d been this happy.

There was a knock on the door behind you two. You untangled yourselves from each other’s arms to see Harry with a massive smile on his face.

“I take it my favorite couple is back together then?” He crossed his arms over his chest with a smirk.

“Back and better than ever,” you laced your fingers with Sam’s and squeezed his hand. He looked down at you like you were magic. He still couldn’t believe you were standing next to him again.

“I love you,” he blurted out.

You smiled and went up on your tiptoes to kiss him again. Harry made a gagging sound and you laughed against your boyfriend’s lips.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, you crazy kids,” Harry said as he shut the door and walked off to his room.

Only seconds later you heard excited cheering coming from Tom’s room next door, you giggled at the thought of his excitement over you two getting back together.

“So,” you swung Sam and yours hands in the air. “I’m your inspiration?” Sam rolled his eyes before smiling down at you.

“You’re so much more than that. You’re my whole world.” It was something he’d said to you a million times, but this time felt so much more special. You started walking backwards towards his bed, pulling him with you.

“Show me.” You sat on the edge of the bed and he stood over you.

“Gladly, my love,” he leaned down to kiss you as the two of you laid back into his pillows.

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drunk prompt: absolutely shitfaced bucky needing skinny!steve to take care of him on the night steve also had to take care of his baby cousin and then bucky wakes up the next morning, still shitfaced, thinking he somehow knocked up steve (lolomg idek i'm so sorry)

omfg I love this prompt. warning: I am drunk so this’ll probably be terrible.

Steve pushes Bucky up the stairs. “Bucky, Buck, c’mon,” Steve says as Bucky keeps trying to kiss him and not, y’know, walk up the stairs.

“Stevie, baby,” Bucky says. “Stevie kiss me.”

“When we get upstairs,” Steve promises.

Bucky hums. “How’d I know it isn’t an act? How’d I know that you’re not gonna–”

“Get up the stairs Barnes, or I’m never gonna kiss you again.”

Bucky turns back, affronted. “You would never.”

“Try me,” Steve says, deadpan.

Bucky rushes up the stairs, almost tripping twice.

They make it to the apartment and Bucky is all over him. He’s sloppily kissing his neck and cheeks, lifting Steve up and trying to reenact Dirty Dancing or something, which Steve ends quickly because while he loves Bucky and typically has faith in his strength, he’s not so sure it’s a good idea when Bucky’s drunk as a skunk.

Also, there’s the baby.

“Bucky,” Steve says. “Bucky please.”

And Bucky is a gentleman, so he stops. But he’s also pouting, so Steve adds. “You’ll wake the baby.”

Bucky’s eyes grow wide. “Baby?” he asks.

Steve nods, because yeah. They’re babysitting Bucky’s sister’s kid. Duh.

“Oh my God,” Bucky says, solemn. “Where?”

“Uh, the crib’s over there,” Steve says, pointing to the side of the room where the crib is. 

Bucky moves over there as quietly as he can. He hovers over the crib for a few moments before reaching down and patting the baby’s head once, carefully. He then turns back and walks over towards Steve again, hangdog. 

“Steve,” he says. “I can’t be a father.”

“Well–” Steve starts, but Bucky interrupts.

“I don’t… I hadn’t remembered. Steve,” Bucky says. He drops to his knees and rests his head against Steve’s stomach. “Steve, I didn’t mean to.” He starts stroking Steve’s stomach, which okay. That’s so weird. “Steve, I can’t be a father,” Bucky repeats, and Steve realizes that he’s crying.

“Bucky, no, you’re not–”

“I can’t remember you being pregnant,” Bucky says. He looks up, face tear-streaked. “I don’t remember marrying you. You must have been so beautiful with a huge stomach, our baby inside.”

“First,” Steve says. “Why would I be the pregnant one?”

“You’re my beautiful husband,” Bucky says, openly weeping against Steve’s stomach. “And our baby is so beautiful.”

Steve realizes that maybe he could milk this. Just not from his breasts. Which he doesn’t have because he wasn’t actually pregnant. “Bucky, baby, please stand up.”

“No,” Bucky says. He wraps his arms around Steve’s waist. “You’re just so beautiful.”

Steve laughs. “I’m so tired Bucky. Can’t you come to bed? I don’t wanna sleep unless you’re in bed with me.” That makes Bucky look up, so Steve adds, “It’s been so hard, taking care of our baby tonight.”

Bucky weeps a little harder, and for a hot sec Steve is worried that he really will wake the baby. But little Millie seems to be alright, so Steve puts a hand in Bucky’s hair and says, “C’mon baby, let’s go to bed.” 

Bucky nods against Steve’s stomach. “Alright,” he says. “Alright.”

It’s a little weird having Bucky pet his stomach the rest of the night, but it’s worth it when Bucky curls up close, wraps himself around Steve and promises that he’s never ever gonna let go.

In the morning Bucky looks at Steve confused.

“We don’t have a baby, do we?” he asks.

“Congratulations daddy,” Steve says. Bucky’s eyes go wide and Steve can’t help but laugh and laugh.

“You’d make a good daddy,” Bucky says, later, after they’ve returned Millie back to Bucky’s sister. 

Steve shrugs. “Wouldn’t wanna get knocked-up outta wedlock,” he says, mostly sarcastic.

“In wedlock?” Bucky asks.

Steve shrugs. “Maybe then.”

Bucky hums and gets down on one knee. Steve’s eyes go wide as Bucky reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring. “Babies or not, I still think getting married would rock,” Bucky says.

“Worst proposal ever,” Steve responds.

“But your answer?” Bucky prompts, looking wide-eyed and nervous and beautiful as always.

“Of course,” Steve says. Grinning, Bucky jumps up and wraps his arms around Steve. “Of course.”


Today I am 9 weeks!

I had tried to post something earlier but this shit wouldn’t let me post it. So I lost my whole fucken post. Pretty upset about it 😒

I’m pretty excited, the baby shower was a success last night. I saw my cousin who I haven’t seen/heard from in a about 4-5 years. (We had some family problems when we were younger) we’ve been texting all morning 💕

We talked got her number and it was just good ❤️

It brought me so much joy. I met her son who is going to be 6 next month. Such an adorable kid ❤️😘 I’ve seen him before but he wouldn’t really talk to me or anything. My aunt kind of kept him distant away from us. 🙄

However, today and yesterday I’ve had better appetite. Which I’m really excited about. I’ve been pushing food away to a while now and I hated it because it made me feel like crap.

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Someone mentioned sanvers baby and i raise you danvers cousins nights. Little blonde haired green eyed half kryptonians (cus between krypton science and lenas brain they had a biological child lets be real) and little kids with maggies dimples and alex's smirk spending nights on rooftops. Eatting to many potstickers and talking about the stars

What even is this mayhem.

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i was tagged by my lovely @ctm-pupcake, thank you gorgeous xxx





star sign? 



5'7" or 5'8"

middle name(s)? 

jasmine amity

put your itunes on shuffle. what are the first six songs that popped up?

what am i to you? by norah jones

new americana by halsey

remedy by adele

i write sins not tragedies by panic! at the disco

requiem by the dear evan hansen cast 

treatment by labrinth

grab the book nearest to you and turn to page 23. what’s line 17?

“there are hurtful, vengeful, spirits layin’ hands on these children” The Crucible by Arthur Miller

ever had a poem or song written about you?

yes… possibly written by my amazing girl anna :)

when was the last time you played air guitar?

last night, when i was dancing with my baby cousin

who is your celebrity crush?

oh god… there’s a lot, but to name a few: anna kendrick, ally hills & katie mcgrath

what’s a sound you hate?

the sound of cotton balls when you pull them apart/squish them together

do you believe in ghosts? 

yes - but not in the trashy horror movie way

how about aliens?

i feel like it would be stupid no to

do you drive?

no, but i had lessons from my dad when i was like 11? 12?

if so have you ever crashed?

yeah… i reversed my dad’s pick up into a tree

what was the last book you read?

the crucible by arthur miller

do you like the smell of gasoline?

no, it gives me headaches

what was the last movie you saw?

a bad mom’s christmas

what’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

when i was five i slipped and split my fore head open on my teacher’s desk. i had seven stitches with no anesthetics - my mum and four nurses had to pin me down so i didn’t kick the doctor

do you have any obsessions right now?

dear evan hansen (it’s a musical)

do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?

not really, unless you’ve really fucked me over or you’ve fucked over someone i love. my general policy is forgive, but don’t forget. i may let you back in but you can bet your ass, i won’t let you pull anything again.

in a relationship?

yeah… she’s pretty fucking amazing :)

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Last night, my cousins friend asked me how do I have a baby if I’m deaf. I’m like, “what do you mean? She’s my flesh and blood.”

“I thought deaf people couldn’t have sex?”

“I didn’t realize my vagina and how I ride the dick has something to do with my ears not being able to hear.”

*crickets chirping*

“I don’t know why I thought that.”

Cue face palm here.

bash and mary 1x10

coming to checkup where her future husband is

talks to him about his duty

feels bad she put a target on him

he tells her , he will be okay - they walk off

bash doing his duty for the region

mary giving him a face for not paying attention

after the attempt on his life , she pulls out her arm how nice

he shares with her and trusts her about the pregnant lady

wonders if she’s pregnant with bash’s child

finds out she’s bash family

mary will help with the escape

the darling couple to the rescue


about to start talking about them interrupted

hiding in the blood woods during the babies birth 

furious when she finds out bash’s family secret, he stays calm

babies birth 

looks at bash

she apologises for last night

his cousin passes away

bash talks to the baby about her mother

they give the nurse instructions on the baby

dealing with the court

bash tells him off

mary’s proud

the final goodbye

he tells her flowers arnt the way in his cousins faith

but this is

mary surprises him

she cuts herself

takes the knife and fixes her up

bash tells mary he’s not francis

they will be married and his duty is to her not his crown

her face.

tells mary, she will be his family

they continue to kiss

i like the fact that mary said he is noble and his family will come first 

but he ended it saying she will be his family

anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where stiles and malia are dating but lydia has to deal with her 6-years-old/mini-banshee cousin and stiles helps her, so everyone realize that they belong to each other (bc the 3 of them (mini-banshee, Lyds and Stiles) look like a family) before they do and malia has to deal with the fact that no matter what, Stiles won't love her like he loves Lydia. It's a strange idea, I know, but I can't stop thinking about that and you're a great writer!

I sure can anon! :) 

This idea is so adorable. FYI, all the extra Martin family members included in this story are completely made up from my head. I’m not even sure if Lydia has aunts/uncles/cousins. But I obviously needed to add them in for the sake of the story.

(There is some anti-Stalia so steer clear if you want to avoid that!) 

Here it is…

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Prayer Request Please

Okay darlings. So last night, my baby cousin received noticed that there was a heart available for him and he was to go immediately into surgery for the transplant. The surgery finished last night at around 3 am. They say he’s doing fine and he hasn’t fully woken up yet. I’d still like to ask for prayers for him that everything will be okay. And that recovery will go relatively smoothly without any big complications. He means the world to me and it would mean so much to me if you guys could pray for him please and thank you ❤️