night with hope

Teacher cold: it’s like a man cold, in that you bitch to anyone who’ll listen about how shit you feel, but you insist on going to work anyway, because THE KIDS. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE KIDS IF I TAKE THE DAY OFF???


Nia Amur Eiden:

Founder of the Rags to Riches, Billionaire Eiden Rainbowcy

Hi everyone, long time no post! I’ve been busy the past few days with work AND a presentation, but at least the presentation is off my hands so I think I can get back to catching up on art and sleep during my off days~ (Sleep is first though, I’ve had a headache for the last month which is probably because of my messed-up sleep schedule;; )

Also, I’ve turned anonymous asks back on for anyone who was too shy to send messages off-anon! Requests are still closed, unfortunately - I was considering doing some for Inktober but my shift schedule for October is a MESS so I’m most definitely not going to have time to participate this year :’(

I hope everyone is having a good start-of-autumn! Many cheers <3


TBH if someone was making me live in some strange isolated place for an indefinite period of time…gotta take the essentials.


after a stupid long time, i’m finally able to post my rmit grad film, for fear of little men! this thing represents 8 months of delirious work surviving off pizza shapes and academic fear alongside my friends, please enjoy


HERE’S AN UPDATE ON MY LIFE - award shows, celebrity run-ins, billboards, speaking events, conventions, vacations… SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.