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bts jungkook as your boyfriend

• frequently playing overwatch/video games together

• stolen kisses to distract you omg

• “y/nnnn! i let you win!”

• movie nights watching anime or studio ghibli films

• would be the type to cry during ‘your name’ but keeps it inside, of which you would relentlessly tease him about

• ice creams dates where the weather is sunny with a cool breeze

• “you’ve got a little something on your mouth. want me to kiss it away?”

“you’re so cheesy stop.”

• ok but road trips

• he would take you somewhere far away where the stars would flicker above you

• “they’re beautiful.” you would say, and he would smile that cute little bunny grin in agreement whilst secretly glancing at you

• he would write so many songs about you

• but this idiot would insist that they were about something stupid because he knows you’ll call him names again

• you’d know anyway

• he would show you off to the members allllll the time

• “i miss y/n.”

• “jungkook shes literally just gone to the bathroom calm your balls.”

• cuddles at night

• the kind where he would wrap his arms around you, his breath tickling your ear as he traced circular patterns on your tingling skin

• you could feel his heartbeat, thumping against his chest, fast and loud

• “promise you’ll stay with me? always?”

• spooning until twelve because he just can’t get enough of the warmth you radiate
Relationship Milenstones For Workaholics (Gray x Reader)

Requested by anon. Inspired by the song “ride”. Enjoy!

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Your relationship with Seonghwa did not start right away, it was like a slow burning. You were a bit different that what he was looking for in a partner, well that’s what he thought.

You were a beautiful woman no doubt, but your attitude towards life and others caught him off guard. You were established at what you did, a full time job, a house, car, luxury brands at your closet, life was good, being a photographer had you living the best life. Jay managed to get you to do a photo shoot for the members, that’s when he realized you meant business, being used to people treating them very kindly and like V.I.P, your strictly business approach made him be a bit of intimidated, since you had no problem shutting down a girl at the shoot that giggled at a small mistake caused by your different accent.
Jay on the other hand knew you were one of the coolest and kindest people so he made you hang around the others more often.
There was an attraction towards Seonghwa from your side but you didn’t want to act on it, thinking that he already had a relationship or he was just not interested. 

And you were stood corrected. It took a few months to realize that this feeling of happiness and  intimacy was not just friendly.

“Do you want to go for dinner after me and Jay finish?”

He asked you turning his chair from the keyboard to you. You smiled reached over for his hair

“Sure, what do you want to eat tonight?”

you carefully run your fingers through his hair pushing it away from his face, to you it was a normal act now, to others they could 100% tell they were feelings there. 

Seonghwa just enjoyed the feeling of your soft fingers on his scalp, he closed his eyes for a few seconds and a smirk appeared on his lips.

“Are you serious? Right in front of me? Stop flirting. Don’t say you don’t look at you guys, just get a room and go at it”

You were stressed, 100% stressed and you could barely function at this point. You have been spending day and night at the studio, watching every detail, perfecting every flaw, judging every angle, it was a big project and it had to be exactly like you wanted it to be and that means perfect. You were getting less sleep and more caffeine every day, you didn’t even like coffee, now it was mandatory.

Seonghwa could see that your body was at edge of exhaustion. Your face was sickly pale, except the bags under your eyes which were just getting darker, your hands were getting shaky, your stomach has gotten so sucked in that he was scared of being able to see all your organs. 

“I have to do something”

He whispered more to himself as he read your last message 

-i’m working, can’t make it today-

It was never like you to cancel plans, you were the exact opposite you would go to extremes to keep a date or a meeting on time and if someone canceled they would be backlash. 

“Overworking? (y/n) is a workaholic and a perfectionist you know how that feels, how many times we had to drag you out of the studio?”

Kiseok reminded him. He smiled at the thought…. wait, drag him out…. what if he did that? Yes, yes that could work.

“You are a genius”

Seonghwa jumped out of his seat and reached for his stuff faster than the speed of life, before Kiseok could process what was going on his friend and colleague was out the door.

He walked in your studio and as usual found you hovering over the computer with all the lights open, probably to keep you awake.


His voice snapped you out of concentration, making you jump out of your seat and your breath to hitch at your throat out of fright. You turned your chair towards him, your eyes fully open and  your hand over your heart.

“Seonghwa! you scared me”

“I’m sorry, let me take a look at you”

He placed your hand on your cheek and took a deep scanning look at your features. Your cheeks were sunk in, your eye bags dark and big, your lips chapped and dehydrated, your skin as pale as a peace of paper.

“Just like I thought, come here”

You didn’t have a moment to protest, in a blink of an eye Seonghwa swiped  you off your feet and had securely in his arms.


“No talking. Save your work, grab your bag and let’s go”

You groaned but did what you had to do, a part of you was happy that someone pretty much forced you to get out of the studio, your pride might not let you admit it but this needs to happen now, before you go further in this Rabbi thole called work.

“Good, now off to Neverland”

He screamed and started running outside, making you laugh hysterically. You knew where this phrase came from, when Seonghwa had mentioned he had never watched the disney movies you took it upon yourself and made him watch them with you in one night, with no sleep breaks what so ever. At the end of course he fell in love with them and thanked you.

He sat you in his car and got in the car himself, driving on to the big roads of Seoul. 

“Where are we going?”

“Nowhere and everywhere. You have to take some air kid”

He always teased you for being younger, although he liked it, it might not be a decade but he saw that your youth showed sometimes and was always adorable.

You ended up at a random hill, eating chips and other unhealthy stuff he bought at the 24 hour shop. You could barely hear anything, but the view was breathtaking.

“Thank you for this, I really needed it”

“Don’t mention it, I know how stress works, you had to drag me out and force me to take a shower on the first month, I had to force you to eat and get out on the first year.”

“Relationship milestone for workaholics”

You whispered with a sweet smile on your face. You loved Seonghwa and you knew he loved you but you have never said it to each other. Was today the day?

“Kiss me while I have Cheetos dust all over”

He demanded. You cackled but did give him a kiss on those dusty oily lips.

Maybe it was not today, but the ride showed the way to your love.


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