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bts jungkook as your boyfriend

• frequently playing overwatch/video games together

• stolen kisses to distract you omg

• “y/nnnn! i let you win!”

• movie nights watching anime or studio ghibli films

• would be the type to cry during ‘your name’ but keeps it inside, of which you would relentlessly tease him about

• ice creams dates where the weather is sunny with a cool breeze

• “you’ve got a little something on your mouth. want me to kiss it away?”

“you’re so cheesy stop.”

• ok but road trips

• he would take you somewhere far away where the stars would flicker above you

• “they’re beautiful.” you would say, and he would smile that cute little bunny grin in agreement whilst secretly glancing at you

• he would write so many songs about you

• but this idiot would insist that they were about something stupid because he knows you’ll call him names again

• you’d know anyway

• he would show you off to the members allllll the time

• “i miss y/n.”

• “jungkook shes literally just gone to the bathroom calm your balls.”

• cuddles at night

• the kind where he would wrap his arms around you, his breath tickling your ear as he traced circular patterns on your tingling skin

• you could feel his heartbeat, thumping against his chest, fast and loud

• “promise you’ll stay with me? always?”

• spooning until twelve because he just can’t get enough of the warmth you radiate

海がきこえる -  ファースト インプレッション 

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