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I finished Legion Mate. I started this show because I thought the Aichi Nendoroid was cute and his seiyuu was Tsubasa Yonaga, but I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. I’m gonna miss all of these characters, especially Ren.

Also I’m not surprised that Danger Loving Tsun Toshiki Kai went with Yanhomo Olivier Gaillard, he can only change so much, so fuck it  those two are my OTP, they’re gay for Aichi and look cute injured!  But really I like Kai, he just needs a punch every once in awhile so he doesn’t end up doing something really stupid and die before he’s 20.

Anyway I’m gonna catch up with the new season and enjoy hearing Mamoru Miyano.

1)geez. all the comfort stuff i have whether it be comedy shows, or movie marathons, or gigantic yogurt cups, or karaoke nights, or vanguard nights, or cafe hangouts, or spending hours with my my sissies doing pointless stuff, or what heck ever i do to be okay is srsly not working on this one. once i get my mind off you, you come crashing like a tidal wave in that vulnerable moment when im thinking about nothing. nothing’s comforting and it is srsly fucking me over. you were the top on my list, and now that it has changed im just so lost i do everything i can to distract myself. im afraid im relapsing. or maybe im just stressed from school and you were the only thing i was looking forward to see on the weekends that took my mind off of things. but of course ive got to shift my routine. i have to be wiser. i have to be stronger. i have to cry less

2) back in my rap shit mood, lovin anything with rap in it except opm with rap in it if there is any, never was a fan of that. mah inner kendrick lamar is out

3) please, release new movies often, ive watched everything in the movie list that i ended up watching something i would have just waited to be released on tv, and thats a filipino movie, sorry never was fond of those

4) tattoos are becoming more interesting to me that i googled the least painful places to get it because yeah im a weanie but i want one and if i will get one, ill get a word tattoed in braille on my forearm

5) i now know what katy perry was singing about with her the one that got away song. in another dimension, im hoping things did turn out differently and im not sulking as much

6) my mood swings are the worse. perhaps in the next days ill be all yeah im strong, then imma be like fuck it i miss you i wantchu here yada yada shit and thats cos im still in the process of strengthening my self okay no judgin just lovin


Nathariel :  Captain

Join the army at 16, as a rookie, deny the pegasus training for a earth pony one. Makes a 2 years mandatory formation in the air force, minimum required to be a pegasus captain, as a night flyer.
Multi-role in the team depending of the mission, extrem close combat and blade master ( armor&blade freak… )

Alessio Ingano (Fudge) : 2nd in Command
Special talent : Illusion.

Join the army at 16. Master in mesmerism and sharp shooting. Follow a classic unicorn training then specialise in magic and classic marksmanship and infiltration.
Sniper, infiltration, intelligence and assassination. He uses a prototype weapon called “Hydra” allowing the manipulation of 6 rope&blade connections with the minimum magic flux required.

Full Hammer (Goliath) : Shield
Special talent : Overwhelming strength.

Join the army at 19. Follow a regular earth pony training and then specialise in heavy melee weapons and shields.
Shieldwall when defending a ViP or heavy bruiser in other situations. One hit on a foe is generaly extremly punishing.

Morning Run (Lilly) : Scientist
Special talent : Area control

Join the Vanguard with the commandations of the High Canterlot Magical Institut ( Some months before S1 Ep1 ~ ) to investigate on the “Overseer”. Fudge ensures her combat formation.
Scientist, engineer, medic and against all odds, heavy artillery. Posseses heavy magical abilities and is declared as an Arcane breaker.

[No linearts and speedpainting test, it was fun and interesting ! :D]

When a fic, James Spader, The Village Vanguard and Red & Lizzy collided

That one time @travelingsongfics the author of the wonderful If You Are In Need mentioned to me in an upcoming chapter Red & Lizzy would be dropping by the jazz club frequented by one James Spader and then this happened. Forgive me I know not what I do.

Liz: Hey isn’t that James Spader?
Red: Who?
Liz: James Spader
Red: Never heard of him
Liz: Wha…how is that possible? Boston Legal? Secretary?
Red: Not ringing a bell sorry
Liz: Raymond Reddington do you mean to tell me you’ve never watched Alan and Denny? The Flamingos?
Red: Lizzy may I remind you I’ve been running for my life for two plus decades
Liz: That’s really no excuse-
Red: Besides there are no flamingos in Boston
Liz: They dress up as flamingos on occasion–
Red: Lawyers dressed as flamingos? Honestly what passes for entertainment–
Liz: Hey it’s perfect and wonderful and then they get married and–
Red: So it’s a love story
Liz: Yes actually and a beautiful one
Red: My Lizzy is a romantic at heart. I’ll have to keep that in mind
Liz: Well ok. Just don’t throw shade on the Spade
Red: Wouldn’t dream of it. By the way what’s Secretary about? Would I like it?
Liz: Oh uh…well maybe I should have mentioned The Watcher or Stargate have you seen Stargate it’s great-

Equestrian mount sketches -

You guys have noticed that things are going more anthro on this blog. Except for air carts, I don’t really see the point of carreches being pulled by “ponies”. I have to think about a creature that would serve as a mount.

It as no name yet, but it’s a crossing between felines and mustelidaes. However, no way to have meat eaters as mount in Equestria, they mainly eat fruits and occasionaly rich in nutriments leaves. They have a maw similar to fruit bats (google it, you’ll see that it’s still impressive).

Their agility allows users to pass difficult terrains and climb cliffs … maybe not as fine as Skyrim horses tho (ridiculous >.>)

Feel free to leave a comment to express how you feel about it or give some ideas ~ 


Never fear, Miss Emerald (draw blog), GB (draw blog), and Stalky (reblog blog), we are quite capable of tracking down the suspects. Thank you, Commander (draw blog) and you will find the relevant report is enclosed (Night Vanguard, draw blog). You can rest, Questioner (NSFW reblog blog), the dangerous Wild Card (PG-13 voice blog of awesome) was captured non-lethally.

(( Cameos of FireBug (draw blog) and Dream Baker (draw blog). Also: what ScreeeChooom sounds like ))

Feminism in Vanguard

I felt like this should be addressed sooner or later.

Hi I’m a female Vanguard player from Asia(rather not say which cuz i dun wanna ruin my country’s good name) and after 1 and a half years of playing Vanguard, I was forced to quit, not because I hate this luck game, was told to or anything like that. I had to quit because the male players’ attitude could not be tolerated, certain card shops arent as respectful as they seem, as well as facebook Vanguard group admins doing a terrible job in protecting the female community.

  1. Male Players, not all but some do not repect the female players as just another group of card gamers. On facebook and in real life, I was constantly being stalked by many male players. Players who you have not met before, just by reading your name and assuming your gender, would ask you for cards that obviously no one needs, then proceeds to asking whether you have a boyfriend or not. Even though I have said no and blocked them, they would continue trying to find the card shops you frequent and some posting your name on larger Facebook groups for God knows why. Besides the perverse stalking issue, others would laugh at your small missplays just because of your gender, even though obviously they aren’t as skilled themselves. Occasionally, I was forced to fight against full meta decks(like G4 or Link Joker) groups for the entire day just so they can laugh at your faults, even though you  won against nearly all of them.
  2. Card shop managers are usually nice and would respect you, as both a customer and as strong player, regardless of gender. However, there would be this rare occasion where you are banned from a cardshop because of your gender, plain and simple. Like say a certain manager’s wife just gets uncomfortable because of your presence there, and you get chased out because of that sole reason. Then there is the hey-she’s-a-girl-lets-blame-all-the-bad-stuff-we-did-on-her scenario that gets you banned from card shops within that district.
  3. Online Vanguard Community. Most of the time, players online would be assumed as male, since most female players either disclose their gender or just only appear in the marketplace for trade. And then there would be a Vanguard group admin who decides to share your gender and decklist plus frequent card shops all over the forum, just to wreck havoc and cause over 20 players to stalk you per month. Just as the online mayhem quiets down, some other weird issue arises from within the admins because that same group admin from before decides to be a troll king and makes one of his other accounts available and whatnot so then people pinpoint the blame on you by using that same account to post WTS posts online using your number and cause you to be banned from even more real-life card shops and facebook groups. Vanguard admins only remove unnecessary posts from forum groups only at fixed times during the day, so if the stalker decides to post a wierd confession post in the afternoon, it would be left for all to see till 8pm at night. Vanguard admins cannot protect you, you are warned.
  4. Cardfight Area is another place Vanguard players go to play. Rmb you have to input a name and character before connecting? My name is fixed so that my friends overseas could always find me. And then because some wierd stalker of yours that you rejected told the other band of stalkers your CFA name, you would always be challenged by wierdos who keeps messaging you in your battles like its some Nagisa-Kamui fight. So remember girls, always change your CFA name, especially if you’re the type that rouses attention in real life.

Moral of Story: Guys please respect the female players, the numbers are getting smaller and this may be why. Girls, please be very careful, even if you did nothing wrong over the internet or dress/act like a saint in real life, avoid these sort of bad company at all costs.