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WTNV - Ep 95 - Zookeeper


3. Since the dragons have come to Night Vale Teddy Williams had to cancel bowling league nights at the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex because he had to buff these kind of marks out of the lanes.

5. Cecil usually wears capri pants and this item to work.

10. Creatures not visible to humans include amoebas, microbes and these. (2 words)

11. During traffic, Cecil reports that all the roads have become what?

12. What relation is Alondra to Old Woman Josie?

13. What are the best part of a steer? (plural)

14. Night Vale Zoo staff members shout this phrase to patrons to educate them on the existence of things they can’t see.

16. Cecil told listeners that he has learned a lot of “neat things” while wearing what item?

17. Marjorie Valejo is the manager of what Night Vale movie house? (2 words)

18. Today’s sponsor.

21. Intern Kareem said that all the tarantulas went to which department at the radio station to apply for jobs? (2 words)


1. One of the evolutionary defense mechanisms of the chicken is to look like what other animal?

2. How many words is a picture worth?

4. Cecil gave one of the piglets this name.

6. The StrexCorp Foundation supports a ___ destruction fund.

7. Zoo Keeper Joanna Rey is what kind of creature?

8. What term did Joanna say zoologists use to describe animals that eventually die?

9. During the word from the sponsor, Cecil said that this is infectious.

15. Cecil said that it was Plastic ___ Wednesday.

19. What did item did Cecil’s mother drop on a raccoon resulting in its death?

20. Bob Stern, Vice President of Finance for the Night Vale Auto Insurance company, broke his own arm with this item.

22. Joanna said both chickens and raccoons have two eyes and this feature.

Welcome to Night Vale ep. 20 - Poetry Week

This weekend the Night Vale zoo finally reopens after last month’s renovations. Among the new features are fences and plexiglas to separate the animals from each other and from zoo patrons. Zoo officials promise that they focused especially on the tiger, bear, spider, and snake areas in this regard. Another new feature is the “sensory extraction room” where a randomly selected zoo goer will be dropped into a pitch black, sound proof booth for two straight days, while zoo keepers harvest their scent and teach it to genetically improved predators. They’ve also unveiled a new logo featuring a swan being eaten by a giraffe and a new slogan: “You go to the zoo so the animals can watch you.” So come join in on the fun this weekend! Slow moving children with more than 15% body fat get in free.

Imagine Carlos taking Cecil to a surprise trip to a zoo in his hometown and having a hard time convincing Cecil to step inside because “Seahorses aren't real Carlos, and neither are giraffes! They are lies fed to us by the government to cover up-” and then within five minutes is wearing a hat shaped like a zebra face and is dragging a relieved Carlos forward to help feed the penguins, squealing as he has just seen a sign for tigers (“Maybe they float like Khoshekh!”)

“Zookeeper” was a lot of fun. 

Felicia Day has some range. I haven’t really seen anything she’s in, but that was a great guest spot! Cecil’s voice takes on funnier tones when he’s talking with a guest star, too. I guess it’s the difference between talking alone to the mic and having an actual (albeit fictional) conversation. 

Cecil naming the pigs and then yelling: “Oh no, Wobbles! The Professor!!” 

The growlings really freaked my cat out, so you know it was a credible animal noise.

Just one question: wasn’t the zookeeper’s name Emily Munton? [googles] A-ha! Yes it was, in episode 10. But that episode came out three years ago, so I guess they could have changed directors. 

Night Vale Zoo Director Emily Munton told us that all animals prefer tiny cages and scheduled food pellet consumption, and that it didn’t make sense that any animals would want to wander freely about town. She added a high-pitched roar, followed by a watery gurgling sound, and then our conversation was ended by repeated, cloudless thunderclaps.