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Thank you, to all my shorter short friends, who make me feel not as short as I actually am
  • Me: Wow a day off school! I'm going to make the most of it and do something really fun and productive!
  • Me: *raids fridge of mini marshmallows*
  • Me: *scrolls through tumblr for hours*
  • Me: *has Netflix marathon*
  • Me: Where the fuck did the day go

my favorite thing about Welcome to Night Vale is that Cecil canonically doesn’t dress anywhere close to the Tim Gunn in purple button-ups and ties that the fandom has made cecil to be. If anyone cosplayed as canon Cecil wearing his honeycomb hat, hawaiian shirt, and leather pants or wearing his sponge clogs with tights, they would be so unrecognizable that even some of the most hardcore fans would think that the cosplayer is just some out-of-place weirdo. It’s so wild that the casually out-of-place absurdity is so embedded into Welcome to Night Vale’s existence that it’s even out of place within its own fandom and that’s just so beautiful

Hey, WTNV fandom

I need a bit of a hand.

I found this cool Kevin fanart a while ago

but it’s only available in tiny size and looks super blurry when resized, so I can’t read the artist’s signature. I also tried reverse Google Image search but nothing of use came up.

Does any of you know who drew this? Because the art style seems vaguely familiar, but I can’t pinpoint it.