night vale spoilers


“You can do it. You don’t need ol’ Cecil telling you what’s happening in town. No. I just report the news. I just arrange it. You figure it out. You learn from it. You take action. You create the meaning. It is all up to you.”

i might be reading a little TOO into this but at the end of the new episode i could not stop crying after cecil said all that. the writing in night vale does an amazing job at talking to “the town” but also regarding real life problems to us “listeners”. i love the life lessons preached at the end but this one really got to me. i have come across so many people ranging from having stressful lives to living day by day thinking suicidal thoughts. its not often that you get a voice you’ve grown to love and listen to everyday telling you that you aren’t helpless. that you are worth it. and although story wise, cecil palmer may be speaking about rising up to the rebellion, it feels like joseph fink (or cranor) is telling us not to quit when things get bad or worse. to keep pushing forward even when we feel helpless or things are out of control because we’ll discover things, we’ll learn, and we’ll pursue on when we decide

but thats just my interpretation