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Alright. Fandomstuck ideas.

So, these ideas have been in my head forever and I think I’m finally gonna write them out. Sit tight because I’ve got a lot of ideas.

Basically, this idea is for a Fandomstuck City that’s partially based on the city of Zootopia. I’m not going to spoil the premise of the movie so don’t worry, but I will get into what the city looks like (I won’t say that it’s spoilers, however). It’s an example on how the city looks like, and not how the dynamics of the city I’ll be describing will work.

The City of Fandomstuck idea I’ve worked on is pretty basic. There’s this massive city that has different districts and areas that are based on fandoms, and the center of the city is where everything and everyone comes together. The Zootopia similarities start here, since I was thinking large walled off parts of the city with borders that seperate the different ecosystems, and then smaller parts of the city within those ecosystems. Such as a Desert like ecosystem that holds both of the towns of Night Vale and Desert Bluffs, which are the towns I’ll use as examples.

The city itself would have supernatural aspects, as everything would have its own general aestetic and weather and stuff.

Take Night Vale and Desert Bluffs as an example. Night Vale would be a town within a desert where the sun isn’t quite “bright”. It still provides light but the town itself seems very, very dark. It’s got the color scheme associated with the podcast and city of Night Vale- which is Dark colors and various shades of purple. The sun is the same and time is generally the same throughout the whole city in general, but it looks different in Night Vale. The citizens there are easy to remember by name and voice, but have no familiar facial features or appearances in general. You’d know who they were if you saw them, but wouldn’t be able to describe them if you weren’t looking at them. They’d have weird features as well, such as tentacles, moving tattoos, multiple eyes or limbs, etc. They’d dress in weird combinations of clothes.

Desert Bluffs would have an obnoxiously bright color scheme to it, with people that weren’t the most normal or sane in general. A majority of the city would be focused on hard work and a lot would be workaholics. Huge rivals with Night Vale. The citizens would be easier to remember than the citizens of Night Vale. They’d dress in relatively normal clothes, but their faces are creepy. They wouldn’t smile normally, or have normal eyes at all. The sun would be brighter than in Night Vale, too. Strexcorp would still be a powerful company there.

The Fandomstuck characters of Welcome to Night Vale and Desert Bluffs would be radio hosts in their respective cities.

The city itself would also have floating parts, underwater parts, and parts of the city would be far underground. Other examples I can use for various ecosystems would be Gravity Falls, and Artemis Fowl.

Gravity Falls would be its own town in the middle of a forest-type part to the city. There would be other towns in said forest as well, and there would be a direct border between the forest and the desert. It would have citizens that would be oblivious to supernatural happenings, but aware of anyone that came from places outside of their own town. They’d be relatively normal people, too- but with odd customs (Summerween, how they pick mayors, stuff like that). The environment would be normal, but the weather would stay summer-like all year ‘round.

Artemis Fowl would have an Underground portion of the city, populated by various types of fairies. Centaurs, elves, pixies, etc. with accommodations made for fairies of smaller or larger statures. The underground city would be high-tech, with a very good police-force. They’d be strict with who goes underground and who goes above ground. They’d have places to get underground, but the way they’d get above ground wouldn’t be conventional elevators (for some people). Some citizens would have access to Shuttles, which would run through tunnels and would be blasted up into the surface and air by magma flares. It would have a huge dependence on technology. Though the police would be good, there would also be a high-crime rate. It would only take up a small portion of the Underground as well, as some portion would have to be shared with fandoms such as Undertale.

The Fandomstuck characters themselves wouldn’t have any particular professions, although they’d both live in places similar to the characters in their source materials. Artemis Fowl would live in a mansion, although it would be underground, and Gravity Falls would live in a tourist-trap.

On to the main/center part of the city.

Essentially, it would be the busiest part of the city. It would be like a mix of cultures and ideas and it would be visually stunning in some places and terrifying in others. Fandoms that wouldn’t have their own districts would be there. You would be able to tell who came from what part of the city. There could be some discrimination between different kinds of humanoid-people.

Having odd powers or visual appearances would be normal, though, and there would be different opportunities based on this. People who could fly with or without wings would have special positions in professions. Different powers would be depended on- like Healers working at hospitals. Magic would also be a very important thing.

There would also be illegal activities, as there are in every city. There would be illegal bot-fighting, like in BH6, or just the usual crime.

There would be sports based around certain powers, like how there was pro-bending in the Legend of Korra, or turf-wars like in Splatoon.

As for Smaller fandoms that don’t live in the city, depending on what it is, it’d either be part of the countryside just outside of the city, OR it would be a part of the center of the city.

If you wanna add to this idea or say what your fandoms would do or be like, please! Do it. I’m so excited that I finally got this idea out! And if anyone wants an AU chat based on this, also mention it! I’m sure I could set one up in no time at all.