night vale nails

All wheat and wheat by-products have mysteriously vanished from Night Vale, and the City Council promises that they will be gone forever. This scourge, this siege upon us, this salvo of food-based warfare is finally over. Nevermore will be we threatened in our homes by this enemy or its by-products.

We also will never eat bread again, and that’s a pretty big bummer.

But this is the balance that must be made between what we desire and what we fear, between pain and pleasure, between wheat, dear listeners, and its by-products.

—  Is it just me, or did Welcome to Night Vale pretty much nail it when it comes to GMO fears in “Wheat and Wheat Byproducts”?

meveret-deactivated20160918  asked:

Ok now I'm imagining Earl in pajamas and Cecil comes over in furry pants and they play video games and summon lesser spirits of darkness with their blood stones.

Ohh, a slumber party! Just like having a fun night in the tent with a friend, but in the house! We do enjoy those in Night Vale.

Painting each other’s nails, sporting our favourite animals as footwear, swapping secrets…

…the odd ritual murder…