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Recap of how this all connects*

Huntokar (“The Destroyer”) is the god worshipped by the secret underground city beneath the Desert Flower Bowling Alley

A Vague, Yet Menacing Government Agency has been stealing buildings from this city for over a century

The plot to remove Huntokar’s buildings has had a number of casualties, at least three of whom saw the Dark Planet as they died

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things that wtnv NEEDS to address before it ends
  • the dark planet lit by no sun
  • who are “they”? why are they stealing buildings from the underground night vale? who do they work for?
  • where does carlos fit in to this narrative and what actually is the university of what it is
  • kareem’s family in michigan
  • what happened to michael sandero? if he’s not in michigan then where has been this whole time?
  • more backstory for the faceless old woman
  • how is megan doing because i really miss her, like where is she? is she okay? does she need a hug? a blanket? some freshly-baked cookies?

Kevin gets thrown out that old oak door and into the bright, bright light because he fundamentally cannot perceive worth of any human being who does not contribute to ~productivity~. Kevin gets thrown out because he represents a town where accommodating disabled people is seen as a chore, and “fixing” them as presented as a solution. All those annoying wheelchair ramps. All those annoying elevators. Kevin represents capitalism, and capitalism demands that people be restructured and shaped and moulded and changed until they can fit the system, regardless of how much harm it causes them.

Capitalism sorts us into “high functioning” and “low functioning” categories: it is a doctor telling me that I should be proud at how well I have learned to disguise my autism and calling me “high functioning” for learning to keep my hands still and my smile demure and my being confined. It is being upheld as a “good” disabled person for not needing accommodations at my workplace, where there never are any other disabled people because god forbid that someone might actually have to take a few minutes out of their day to make work possible. It is the capacity to work being considered fundamental to value as a person; fundamental to the right to exist at all. Kevin does not recognize Janice’s right to exist while inhabiting her body.

Treating disability as something to correct instead of accommodate means that, in one way or another, disabled people have to be eradicated. Kevin knows this underlying truth to ableism, and condones it. He blames bad markets on people being “sad and lazy” and tells depressed people to cheer up. It is hatred, and it is a threat: get better or get out; be fixed or disappear; assimilate or die. 

Disability isn’t the problem–ableism is. And capitalism is inherently ableist. Anything that reduces people to their capacity to work, and categorizes them by the degree to which they can be productive, and permits their existence only so long as they are convenient is inherently ableist, and inherently evil. Strexcorp is inherently evil, and as long as Kevin represents them, so is he. 

Kevin gets thrown out of that old oak door because he is the voice of violence; of assimilation and imperialism and capitalism and ableism. He gets thrown out because he sees all imperfection as disgusting and damnable and in need of correction or eradication. He gets thrown out because he sees Janice as a problem instead of a person.

yes but can we talk about Hiram’s violet head because it’s really important to me

he tells the gold head that he prefers to be called violet, not purple


but that’s not all


reason #87 why I’d rather live in Night Vale than here


Welcome to Night Vale’s Megan - Ink and watercolors by Georgia Dunn

Ever since I listened to the latest podcast of “Welcome to Night Vale”, ‘The Deft Bowman’, I’ve been dying to paint Megan. I love “Welcome to Night Vale”, and she’s always been one of my favorite characters. :) 

So I tried making a thing. My first GIFanart ever… and it’s fooor WTNV! ‘cuz I fell in love with EP 34 and I had been wanting to do this for a long time.

I wanteed to make the letters appear one by one as “typed” buuuut I did this on my iPad and golly gosh, it’s so hard to paint there… Even with a stylus it’s hard as hell. Maybe someday I update it… or not. Hah.

“I love you, computer.”

- Megan (and me every night, hah)

On mobile, so no cuts, but WTNV spoilers below!

There is so much I love about this new episode, but the thing my brain can’t let go of is that we got CANON ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of Cecil’s character development!

That sounds so obvious, I know! But Cecil functions as not only our main character, but also our storyteller. So, it’s sometimes difficult to point to specific events and say with confidence they are meant as character development, and not just the narrative of the show.

Like, we’ve all commented on how DIFFERENT Cecil sounds in the early episodes when compared to the newer ones. Bit I think a lot of us sorta wrote it off as just the show itself finding its footing, and hesitated to attribute it to character progression. (Or maybe that was just me?)

But no! Cecil HAS changed. *Softened* Found things to do outside of the studio, apparently! I’m just… ahh! So DELIGHTED. It isn’t just in our heads!

I mean, maybe it did come from the natural development of the podcast finding it’s voice (of Joseph and Jeffrey and Cecil finding, well, The Voice of Night Vale), but it is also now the development of Cecil’s *character* and that makes me so happy!

Say what you want about Night Vale, but I think it’s pretty damn poignant that a place where ritual murder and constant government supervision is normal is sometimes more accepting than the world we live in today.


Chris surprised me with a new scanner out of nowhere and IT IS AWESOME!!!

So I tested it out on two sketchbook pages from last night. (I draw really messy, oh well *shrug*) For everything that I post, I usually draft at least 3-6 rough sketches for each pose while working out the composition itself, sometimes more.

Often, I get caught up and start drawing moments before and after the thing I originally set out to draw, creating these odd non-comics like the ones here.

There are 2 beats missing from this - one where Carlos leans over to drop his phone on the night stand, and one where Cecil throws his arm across Carlos. You can see the tiny stick-figure thumbnails I made as notes to myself, in case I ever go back to this and rework it for real.

Whenever someone says that Welcome to Night Vale is creepy and asks me why I even like it, my reply is always, “It’s funny,” because I know that if I start listing all the reasons I’ll like it, they’ll tune me out after the second sentence.

I love Night Vale because the main character’s entire story isn’t about the fact that he’s gay and no one flips a shit when he gets together with his boyfriend.

I love Night Vale because, before they get together, Cecil never fucking complains about Carlos not returning his affections. He just enjoys being able to be near him.

I love Night Vale because hidden amongst all the craziness and silly things are actual life lessons (No pet/family member is perfect. It only becomes perfect once you learn to love it for what it is.)

I love Night Vale because it shows that you should not tolerate racism under any circumstances (Cecil’s numerous jabs at the Apache tracker).

I love Night Vale because of Megan (who is only an adult man’s detached hand) and how she shows that you shouldn’t hate someone just because they are different and how she could kind of be considered a trans character.

I love Night Vale because in a world that hates on and demeans young women, they made a thirteen-year-old girl a leader of her own militia and, quite possibly (as seen in recent episodes) the hero who saves her town from an evil corporation.

And I love Night Vale because it can make me laugh, and Cecil’s smooth, sonorous voice never fails to calm me down and make me feel better when I’m in a bad mood.

Post-surgery Megan Wallaby getting used to having an entire body.

Megan Wallaby being overjoyed at how tall her new body is, after having been so small for so long.

Megan Wallaby using a mirror to see all the pretty flower tattoos and typing out her excitement on a keyboard to her parents that SHE GOT A DECORATED ONE!

Megan Wallaby spending hours in the bathroom at the radio station with Khoshekh and the kittens, who she can finally reach up to pet.

Megan Wallaby finally getting to wear pretty dresses like other kids at school. 

Megan Wallaby retaining some of her body’s former occupant’s Russian, and striking up basic conversation with Michael Sandero, who hasn’t had anyone to talk to in a very long time.

Megan Wallaby joining Tamika Flynn’s resistance, and being put in charge of tasks that she can handle, which become more and more complicated and physical as she gets more able to use her new body to move and as her motor skills improve. 

The faceless old woman being very careful to leave large, clear pathways for Megan when she comes home from the hospital, so that nothing obstructs her way while she’s still learning to walk.

Megan Wallaby growing a beard and braiding it and putting ribbons and flowers and little hair clips in it.

Megan Wallaby.