night vale costume

Gooooooood morning Desert Bluffs! The sun is shining, the falcons are singing, and it’s Job Swap Day! It’s the one day a year we all get to try out someone else’s job because, as you know, we each have a work assignment from birth and sometimes you need a reminder that the smiling god does not make mistakes. Today I join you from the local organic food and poisonous pet store, Earth Fare, and they tell me I’m doing something called “graphic design”. This sounds much less dangerous than last year’s air traffic controller assignment, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and an eye towards the sky for a safe and exciting Job Swap Day!


“All hail the Glow Cloud. ALL HAIL.

Cecil and the Glow Cloud at Katsucon 2015

Cosplayer: Spitting-up-fake-blood
Photographer: Ctgraphy

(This one was super hard to make, but the end product was totally worth it. I got great reception with this costume and can’t wait to bring out an improved version sometime soon! Thanks so much to Colleen for the lovely photos and also helping me, Sydney, and Ash finish this abomination. I love all of you! <3)

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Thanks, dolls!!! ;)


The first pictures of my newest cosplay that I just finished! It’s my interpretation of the hooded figures of the dog park of Night Vale. I’m really happy with the design but I’m not sure if I’m happy with how it looks hmmmrggg pst theres tattoo sleeves on my legs aswel but u can’t rlly tell 

Apologies for my hilariously bad editing and offensively bad face in these pictures ^^’



I’m actually really glad with how the embroidered nameplate/insignia patches came out and I will do better next time now that I have some experience under my belt.

It also occurred to me that I didn’t explain the meanings of the non-labeled merit badges so here goes
Cassette tape: Dark Owl Records Dance Off Participant
Tyrell Corp Logo: Passing the Turing Test
All-Seeing-Eye: Summoning an Ancient God
Tomorrowland Insignia: Time Travel - Future (now that the City Council has lifted the ban on time travel, of course.)


Fanime was a blast! I really loved talking to people and seeing cosplays, I wish I got more pictures, but first conventions are always hectic and I honestly didn’t recognize too many people. Anyways, here are some of the best that I could take a picture of!! Please let me know who these people are so I can tag them!! Arthur/kuranosuke/ middle Cecil: me


and my Night Vale Girl Scout sash is aaaalmost finished, I’m still working my fingers to nubs trying to stitch up the rank and city and troop insignia patches (puff paint on felt, stitched over real quick with three strands of embroidery floss.  It’s easy, but time-consuming)

Which is to say: costume is good enough for work, and I’ll have the complete ensemble in time for the live show on Monday

So on Halloween, my friends and I made care packages and handed them out to homeless folks in midtown Manhattan. I think reverse trick-or-treating will become a new tradition. 

That’s Ryan on the left as The Gish, who superpower is inducing laughter and being absurd. 

I’m in the middle as Paige the Notepad from Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. 

And @ikilledtenpeople is on the right as Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale. 

and then we cried because @randomactsorg posted about us on ig/twitter/tumblr <3