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Week Ending May 22nd, 2017

  1. The Adventure Zone +5
  2. AmazingPhil +1
  3. Markiplier +1
  4. Daniel Howell −2
  5. Car Boys
  6. Jacksepticeye −1
  7. RWBY
  8. Homestuck +1
  9. Critical Role −1
  10. Thomas Sanders +1
  11. Bill Wurtz −10
  12. Eddsworld −2
  13. Achievement Hunter +1
  14. Check, Please!
  15. Game Grumps −2
  16. Welcome to Night Vale
  17. Red vs. Blue −2
  18. Filthy Frank
  19. CrankGameplays −1
  20. Pentatonix

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name or title moved up or down from the previous week. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last week.

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Bright sides of podcasts: explicitly canon LGBT+ characters who don’t end up dead or as background characters, often portrayed by talented actors who love the characters they’re playing and written in universes where the characters don’t have to deal with severe LGBT+phobia

Down sides of podcasts: unless it’s Welcome to Night Vale -2 people and a tumbleweed have heard of it and there is absolutely no fan content anywhere

everyone is comparing this fyre festival mess to dashcon but like

1. dashcon cost like, eighty bucks, less if you didn’t get night vale passes

2. dashcon was at a hotel, no one was sleeping on the ground

3. everyone i talked to at dashcon (yes, I was there, I lived it) was super nice instead of a spoiled fuck so instead of mugging each other when management fell apart we made the best of it

4. the people who got scammed this time are rich kylie je/nner wannabes instead of teenagers who like doctor who lmao


Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency + Night Vale tweets (Part 2)

(Part 1, Dirk Version, Todd Version)



Here is 2/? of my podcast recommendations for anyone looking for something good to listen to. I’ve put The Bright Sessions here as well because it is my favourite at the moment and I want to share it with as many people as possible. These can all be found on iTunes.

If there’s a podcast that hasn’t featured on either of my posts that you think deserves a shout out, let me know what it is and I’ll give it a listen. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to, preferably fiction.

do you ever just sit back and think about how cecil started out with just a silly little crush on carlos and how he would gush about how perfect he thought his hair was on live radio and how would get all flustered even just talking to him on the phone and then it’s obvious that he didn’t expect to get anything much out of his crush and that he would probably just move on when carlos ultimately didn’t return his feelings but then suddenly flash forward a few years later and they’ve seen each other through the best and worst of times, they went through about a year of physical separation together, they had their ups and downs in their relationship, they discovered things about each other that shattered their pre-concieved illusions, they made a home together, they fell in head-over-heels madly in love with each other, and then literally got married??? because i think about that every goddamn day.

Before everything, before even humans, there were stories. A creature at a fire conjuring a world with nothing but its voice and a listener’s imagination. And now, me, and thousands like me, in little booths and rooms and mics and screens all over the world, doing the same for a family of listeners, connected as all families are, primarily by the stories we tell each other.
And after, after fire, and death, or whatever happens next, after the wiping clean or the gradual decay, after the after…when there are only a few creatures left, there will be one at a fire, telling a story to what family it has left. It was the first thing, and it will be the last.

Favorite Welcome to Night Vale Episodes (2/?): #71, The Registry of Middle School Crushes