im not all too surprised cecil doesnt like the idea of being controlled, or having his body out of his control (especially after the bullcrap he went through with strexcorp). but i think its interesting how he constantly states he doesnt want to be a hero. at all. back in MISSING cecil has questioned whether we really do need heroes even though he’s surrounded by them even now(Tamika, Dana, Steve, Carlos, hell you can even argue Earl is growing to be a hero). 

i think one of the reasons cecil doesnt want to be a hero is because he doesnt want to question the norm of night vale. its understandable that a reporter wouldnt want to get involved in the action but sometimes the danger becomes too real and having the power to do something right can be done by a reporter. that might be the hard thing for cecil. doing what’s right. when/if he begins this, he’ll start to understand how night vale is WRONG, just as the heroes previously listed understand (or are beginning to understand) this.

also im pretty sure the person/sentient creature who bought lot 37 is the man in the tan jacket


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Public Service Announcement:

As part of the new renovations to the Library, a new service is being added;

If you are sure you have borrowed a book from the Library but you cannot for the life of you remember what it is, all you need to do is fill out the new Book Awareness form and feed it to a Librarian. 

After succeeding with this task, you will remember what book was borrowed in the next 48hrs. If you survive.

Death is slotted for us all, and maybe, it is years from now, in a soft bed, surrounded by the soft eyes of the people that we love.

Or maybe… it is not so many years from now at all… And we have every reason to be afraid.

But, we also need to learn to put that fear aside, like, a library book. Sometimes we need to, check out our fear, and, and, and read it, and, and, study it, and peruse it closely but at a certain point return it to its proper shelf and experience something else! Contentment… worry… calm. Hunger… and, a great deal of love! Of every kind!

So put that fear in a place where you can find it when you need it, but don’t carry it with you! Don’t… carry it with you.

Goodnight. To all of you listeners. And goodnight, Night Vale. Goodnight.

—  Cecil, Welcome to Night Vale, “The Librarian

Dana didn’t buy lot 37 just so she could protect herself.

She’s not that kind of person, I don’t think.

You know who I think bought lot 37?

The Man in the Tan Jacket.

This entire time, he’s seemed super invested in Night Vale’s well-being.

Maybe he’s having Cecil protect Dana because he knows she’s the mayor Night Vale needs most right now.