night time chills


So many questions…

So when I first moved into my apartment there was an old armoire left her by the previous owner. As a joke I used to say that it was probably haunted.
Out of habit I started saying “Hello armoire ghost” whenever I walked by it in our basement and would tell friends about the haunted armoire.
Apparently we are finally getting rid of it (we have just never bothered to up until this point) because my Nana is interested in taking it. So I was talking to my mum about it and she was asking if I’d be sad that the ghost was leaving cause she thought I liked the ghost.
I proceeded in telling the ghost that it should just stay here cause my Nana’s home is a disaster and that it wouldn’t like it there. I said that it wasn’t allowed to haunt any electronics though in the house.
I suggested instead that it perhaps haunt my old white dresser cause it is nice. Right at that moment something fell off my dresser. So either that was a weird coincidence or my dresser has now taken on a spirit.

Self shipping x Stan Pines #16
Coffee and old boring movie channel

A lil update

Sorry for the lack of art updates lately, my life is really busy currently! It also doesn’t help that I’ve become completely 100% obsessed with Resident Evil 7, which is now taking up all of my free time. So those hours I usually use for doing doodles/quick art is now taken up with me shooting molded in the face.

I’ll get it out of my system pretty soon, and I wholeheartedly apologize for my time consuming grotesque horror obsession.

Rainbow 6 headcanons

So, Im too lazy to edit so have some headcanons bc yeah…

-Probably listens to screamo
-Likes tropical flavoured things
-Possible Vegetarian
-Doodles gore

-Happy little sunflower
-Probably plays animal crossing
-Smol bean
-Likes breadsticks

-Owns plants
-Has a really organised journal
-Likes animals
-Watches healthy lunch videos on youtube

-Wears really cute shit
-Writes a lot
-Probably likes noodles
-Lowkey gay for Kokona

-Owns really cute stationary
-Likes cute things (including saki)
-Likes AKB48
-Highkey gay for Saki

-Likes night time
-Chill af
-The Mom friend
-Likes hair bows

Musume: (bc why not)
-Likes strawberry flavoured things
-Probably watches girly anime
-Dislikes sex
-Internet famous

jinyoung has such a cute habit of covering his mouth when he laughs 😊😊😊 he’s trying to keep his amusement contained but it’s adorable when he finds something so hilarious he can’t keep it from escaping from him


Hera relaxing! Hera relaxing! Downtime for Hera Syndulla!
The only way this could have been more perfect is if Hera has been wearing fluffy slippers.
Hera book is far more important than Kanan’s indignation at learning something.