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((OOC: Okay, hear me out. Headcannon time. 

Squibs. Squibs, right? Squibs. 

They’re born into magical families, but they have no magical ability themselves. They never get to go to Hogwarts, they never get a wand from Ollivander’s… But they are always surrounded by magic. Mothers and fathers all casting spells all the time, while they trudge along behind, unable to join in. And it must be the worst, to know about this world and know that you’re the disappointing child who can’t be like the rest of the family. 

But what if they just develop their own brand of magic?

Dream with me. We know that Harry & CO learn all about the witch hunts. It’s brushed over in the books and stuff. We only hear about the witches and wizards who get caught, enjoy the process of burning with all their protective spells, and then go on their merry way. We assume that it was a bunch of muggles who were really killed. Weird old women who lived alone in the woods. Young women who made poultices and grew herbs. Men who had great affinity with the earth and the seasons.

They were targeting squibs.

Squibs, who had grown up with magic, but always seen it as unattainable. So they turned outward, toward the magic of the energies of the world. They learned to divine the future with cards and drops of ink. They found a way to gently push at the flow of life around them, doing a smaller, slower sort of magic. And they formed covens, to talk about their way of life and to share their methods.

And as time passes, as history moves past burnings and trials, they still practice. They charge crystals in the moonlight. They have incredible gardens. And, incredibly, they have access to the magical paraphernalia in their homes. Their brothers and sisters come home from Diagon Alley with bags full of mandrake root, because wouldn’t you know it, it’s the perfect thing to mix with mugwort to produce deep, dreamless sleep! They pour over the old family copy of The Standard Book Of Spells for tips on how to give a real kick to their sigils. When a friend is stressing over exams, they may not be able to help blocking hexes, but you can bet they’ll be there with supportive words and a fresh spell jar to help soothe anxiety!

And sure, witches and wizards mutter about the incredibly simple magic. It’s a big joke that’s giggled over in Witch Weekly articles. But simple as it is, the magic works. And better, it provides these beautiful, kind people with a community of their own that they can turn to. And sometimes the families will get involved, celebrating Samhain with conjured bats and floating candles, and enchanting maypoles to twirl through the air for Beltane, and always offering tips where they can, for the bits of magic that you don’t need to be born magical to do.

It’s not the right, “normal” sort of magic. It’s magic with a big bold “k” tacked onto the end of it, bold as brass. But somehow, this world blooms in the heart of the wizarding world. Somehow, everyone gets along. 

The magic(k) works. It finds a way.))


Dance Gavin Dance’s final 10 year anniversary show with Jonny Craig and Kurt Travis at Dynamo Eindhoven, The Netherlands (26-11-2016). 

be warned… these boyfriends will stand outside the school gate and gossip about you……

day 1: holding hands

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

Human Zircons headcanons part 3.

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  • They have the same surname. And if Yellow is amusing about it, Blue is angry. Very. Fucking. Much. “No, we are not sisters. AND WE ARE NOT MARRIED.” (Yellow always adds “yet” and Blue really wants to punch her).
  • Sometimes in the university they are put in pairs to hold a “staged” trial. They always have a deal “if I win, you …”. Blue has “If I win, you’ll leave me for the rest of the day.” Yellow has “If I win, you can’t tell me "no” until the end of the day.“ Well, most often Blue wins and enjoys a quiet day. Exactly until midnight. And, if Yellow wins… You understand everything yourself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Despite everything, Blue can’t say that she doesn’t like it. All embraces, kisses, whispering in the ear, touching. Of course, studying is more important, but sometimes she can take a break. On the other hand, she would rather die than admit it out loud.
  • Surprisingly, drunk Yellow Zircon is sentimental as heck. She just wants hugs and to talk nice things. Blue Zircon doesn’t drink alcohol in public places like clubs or bars. Only at home. Only with Yellow. Their evenings with wine or beer aren’t like “let’s get drunk and have sex”, but a calm sweet evenings with blankets and movies.
  • Blue Zircon in a tie is incredibly hot. With and without her shirt on. *nose bleeding*
  • The reason why the Blue Zircon doesn’t kick Yellow off, doesn’t move to another dormitory and generally agrees to (almost) everything Yellow does, is in that she has never had someone who would protect her and who would rush to her with hugs. She had a difficult life and family situation, and she decided to go to law department in university to study everything and not fuck up in the future, as it happened in her family (and really good lawyers really get a lot of money). 
  • For Yellow, it’s all a family business. She’s not from the rebels who "I’ll go to study for a doctor, and I don’t care that everyone in the family was lawyers.” No, she just went to the university, she even likes it, and because she hears about “law and stuff” for all her life, it is easier for her to study. And, well, “prosecutor’s daughter” sounds cool. She even can live at home, not in a dormitory, but she decided that this way she will learn independence. She strongly likes Blue’s desire to study law, her memory, her ability to set the point of view and prove the facts. They generally have a healthy rivalry.
  • Perhaps after the university, Yellow will recommend Blue to the family office with the words “She’s as good at it as I am.”
  • Or maybe they will open their own office. “Zircon’s law office”. (“Gay Zircons law office” Yellow will say xD)

And I almost forgot:

Simon Curtis – I Hate U

Simon Curtis – Super Psycho Love

Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment

Definitely OSTs to their relationships… omg save my soul

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