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Dogs are the literal best and let me tell you why.

When my parents are out of town, my pup Remmy sleeps downstairs with me. I don’t mind because the basement is chilly sometimes and he’s a fuzzy little space heater. But he always does this weird thing and I didn’t figure out why until last night.

I’m a stomach-sleeper, while the rest of my family are back-sleepers. So Remmy has taken up this very different behavior with me (my family says he doesn’t do it with them). It always takes me a while to settle down, but when I do, Remmy takes his head off of his paws and rests it square in the center of my back.

So I’m thinking, “What’s the point of that? It can’t be comfortable. It cranes his neck in a funny way, and besides, every time I breathe his head goes up and down. That’s a weird thing.” So I formulate a hypothesis, and test it.

Last night, I got comfortable, Remmy put his head on my back, I waited a while, then I held my breath. It took him a while to react, but when he did, he fuckin lost it. He started whining and yipping, and repeatedly licking my face and hands. And I was like oh my god.

Conclusion: my dog noticed that I slept in a way that was different from the rest of my family, thought “that kid is gonna die” and made sure that I never stopped breathing in the middle of the night.

Dogs are fuckin smart as hell. What a wonderful animal.

Percy Jackson may drool in his sleep, but he likes to point out that Annabeth snores

I have had so much time to get used to hearing my roommate sleep talk and finding her in weird spots because she sleep walks but it freaks me out every time man I’ll just be chilling in complete silence for hours like right now in bed at 2:20 in the morning minding my own business doing some writing junk and enjoying some tea and I’ll hear “IT’S A FRIGATE OF THE QUEEN’S ROYAL NAVY” from my doorway and I get to flip everything off of my bed in a panic because she’s been silently standing in my fucking room staring at the wall but I can’t be mad at her because she did think I was important enough to warn  about the frigate but there is tea all over my pillow and my computer has a new dent from hitting the floor again this is an endless cycle of torment 

Bitty’s filled his head with romantic ideas about sharing a bed with Jack. When he laid in bed back home, squinting against the light of his phone in his dark room - so much darker here than in Samwell - he imagined saying his goodnights to Jack with a kiss on the cheek instead of fuzzy words on a screen. He would rest his head on Jack’s shoulder and fall asleep to the steady up and down of his chest.

It does not go like that.

His first night in Providence is spent navigating loose limbs, careful shuffling that sets the whole bed to shaking, Jack’s breath too loud in Bitty’s ear and his chest too hot along Bitty’s back. It’s finally falling into a fitful sleep with only their feet touching, and waking when Bitty rolls over, his knee landing on Jack’s groin. It’s Bitty watching the sky go from black to orange to blue through the sliver of Jack’s window with heavy eyes that can’t stay closed.

“We just need more practice,” Jack says before wrapping his arm around Bitty’s waist and pulling him tight.

Night Owls - Bucky Barnes p.1

Hello internet! I’m sorry if this sucks, it’s the first time I publish something mine so please, be gentle :) If there are some errors, tell me because english isn’t my mothertongue. Sorry if it’s too long but it’s worth it, trust me.

                                    BUCKY BARNES X READER

Summary: lately you’ve been having trouble sleeping, but you’re not the only one. Maybe someone can help you with your problem.

Warnings: nothing really, just the start of something extremely fluffy

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I was neither a light nor heavy sleeper. My nights would always be the same: a long straight sleep and maybe if I were lucky, I’d dream something. Obviously the dreams would change with time and I’d never dream the same in months. In the morning was always difficult to get out of bed but I felt awake in a good way. No more bags under my eyes and a bright smile every day to make everyone happier.
Lately all this changed. I would go to bed late, as usual, but the straight sleep was long gone. It happened gradually. The first time I woke just once, stirred and then fell back to sleep. Unfortunately that wasn’t my only experience. The awakenings would happen more than once, separated by one or two hours each, so I felt like I had slept for a couple of minutes and then had fallen back asleep. The mornings were getting rough, getting out of bed was even more tiring and the dark circles under my eyes had appeared again. My back started to hurt and my head to ache; I was getting stressed more and more every day and everyone around me too, but there was an exception: Bucky Barnes.
Usually the halls in the tower would be silently empty unless he was around. Bucky didn’t sleep (I had asked more than once the reason but he would shrug his shoulders and tell me ironically that ‘he had enough sleep in cryo’; after a while I stopped asking, not wanting to annoy), he’d stay wide awake all night pacing around, in the kitchen drinking tea or in his room, where I had never set foot in all my life.

One of these tremendous nights, I decided that maybe a hot drink would help me get back on track. So, I got out of bed and went straight into the kitchen. As I turned the light on, I nearly jumped as a figure appeared from the dark sitting quietly by the table. I sighed and dropped the hand that was covering my mouth to muffle the bloody scream that would have eventually escaped if I didn’t recognize the person.
“Damn, you scared the shit out of me” I told him off, his eyes looking at me vaguely before a small smile formed on his lips. I put some water to boil and asked if he wanted some but he declined, still staring at his coffee cup. I frowned, but let the worry go away easily, he was probably just as tired as me. I sat at the table scoffing and covered my face with my hands. “Ugh. I’m sooo tired”
Me and Bucky had kind of a really good friendship going on and we often talked. I was one of the few people that tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible when he first started living with us and I had definitely succeeded. Well, he was still a very quite person but I had helped him break the ice. Knowing this, I was a little concerned that he didn’t talk to me or at least answered me with just 'yes’ or 'no’.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, after looking between my fingers and noticing that he didn’t even smile or gaze in my direction after my comment. Bucky shrugged his shoulders and still stared at his coffee cup.
“Can’t sleep.”
“Other than that.” I reached for his hand across the table and covered it with mine, squeezing gently  when his eyes met mine “You know you can tell me” Bucky sighed.
“I tried to sleep, didn’t work.” his gaze returned to its previous position. I was going to take both of his hands in mine when I remembered my tea and had to get up to pour it in my cup. As I sat back down and took a sip of my hot drink, I spoke again.
“And why is that?” he stayed silent for a while, judging if it was a good idea to tell me the truth or just change the subject of the conversation when he still had the chance.
“I had a nightmare” he explained quickly, not wanting to deepen the argument.
“Don’t you wanna try to sleep again? You might not dream anything.” I really wanted to help him but his answers were so short that I had to annoy him for a while longer to give him an advice. At the same time, I didn’t want to end the conversation there by being annoying so, I tried to soften my tone the best way possible and continue my 'interrogation’.

Bucky straighten in his seat before looking at me and whispering “Whenever I.. when I close my eyes I keep seeing them.” he explained after leaning on the table with his elbows. By the confused look on my face he spoke again. “The victims. The people I killed..I remember all of them and the memories.. they are haunting me.”
My mouth fell open slightly. I was so shocked by how broken he was and how I couldn’t help him in any way. I decided not to speak and just take his hands in mine, maybe he needed a little love. He smiled softly, squeezing my hand in a gentle manner. My eyes darted to the clock on the wall.

2:39 am.

I got up from my seat and Bucky’s head moved to keep looking at me. I sighed before speaking “I’m gonna go try and sleep.” he nodded and dropped his head before giving me one last look.
“Well, good luck.” I smiled nodding my head and got out of the kitchen, hoping he would call me to  convince me to stay a while longer “The light.” I heard his deep voice but was a little disappointed by the context. I did as I was told, leaving Bucky in the dark, but half way through my walk back to my room I realised I have had enough. I had problem sleeping, he did too. Why shouldn’t I benefit from it?
I immediately turned around and went straight into the kitchen, blinding Bucky in the process for the sudden light in the room. “Look, I know this may sound weird but, do you perhaps want to try falling asleep with me? It may work.”
My awkward smile at the end probably convinced him as he nodded his head with a lopsided smile. “I would be honoured.” I chuckled. Courage was definitely one of my perks.

BTS reaction to you staying up several nights in a row watching youtube


Jin did not like it when you went to sleep late. He knew you would be tired and grumpy the next day, and he didn’t like the idea of you not getting enough sleep. When he saw you had been staying up several nights he schooled you, and maybe even went as far as to taking your phone away when you went to bed.

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“Jagi, put the phone away, you need to sleep.”



The first few nights he didn’t notice, he was in deep sleep. But after one of his nights working late at the studio, and he came home expecting you to already be asleep. He walked into your bedroom and saw the light from the phone screen illuminating you face, he simply took you phone, put it on the nightstand and pulled you closer.

“It’s late, Jagi. Let’s go to sleep.”


J-hope didn’t say anything the first few nights, he didn’t think much of it and thought you would stop by yourself. But when you didn’t stop staying up he became annoyed, you were grumpy the next day, you didn’t cuddle him nor did you give him enough attention. He was almost starting to think you liked those youtubers more than him.

“You care more about your phone, than you do about me. Please pay attention to me.”


Rap Monster:

He was already annoyed from the first night. He’s a light sleeper and knew you were staying up on your phone watching youtube. He didn’t like it and told you several times to put the phone away, but you never listened. When he came home late from work and saw you still watching your phone, he schooled you.

“You can’t stay up all night on your phone. You’ll mess up your sleeping patterns. Give me your phone.”


Jimin told you to come to bed and put the phone away, and you did. You cuddled and weren’t on your phone, but only until he had fallen asleep. When Jimin was sleeping you grabbed your phone and started watching youtube again. You repeated this pattern for several nights before Jimin noticed, but when he did he wouldn’t have any of it.

“How long have you been staying up after I fall asleep?” 


Tbh V sat up watching with you the first two nights. He didn’t have much time to spend with you because of his busy schedule, and he thought watching youtube videos with you were a fun thing to do together. But the next day he was so tired and he noticed you being grumpy too. After that he always made sure you didn’t stay up to late and got enough sleep.

“Watching youtube is fun, but don’t stay up to late. Okay?”


Jungkook saw you staying way to long up on your phone, but he didn’t feel like he had the right to tell you what to do. Therefor he tried other ways to make you put down the phone. He tried hiding it, turning of the internet and to make you more tired, but none of it worked. In the end he found out that cuddles were the best way to make you stop watching and going to sleep instead.

“Put down the phone, Jagi. Come cuddle instead.”

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Skeleton sleep headcanons

Well this kind of got out of hand??? Just got a sudden urge to write down how the UT US UF and SF skele bro’s sleep for some fricking reason :D and it pretty much ran away from me so…

Enjoy I guess!

UT Sans:

Belly sleeper, prefers to sleep on his stomach, can sleep anywhere, can easily make himself fall asleep anytime and anywhere, like he can just close his eyes and he’s asleep, except after waking up from a nightmare, habit of falling asleep in the strangest of places, like inside cupboards, sinks, the laundry basket to name a few, whether he does it on purpose or not is anyone’s guess, pretty deep sleeper, usually doesn’t move around much while sleeping, except if he has nightmares, some nights he is unable to sleep at all, when he wakes up after a nightmare it is pretty much impossible for him to fall asleep again, when unable to sleep he usually take a walk through Snowdin/Waterfall, it calms him down, always checks up on Papyrus before he leaves though, or he goes to his hidden lab to try to do science stuff even though he is exhausted, at times after a really bad one he often crawls into his brothers bed, have had night terrors since he was a baby bones, always pretends to still be asleep if trying to wake him just to mess with the person who tries to wake him, especially his brother, is a little spoon, though also a big one it varies, prefers to be the little spoon though as he likes having his sleeping partners chin on his head and his face buried in their chest with his arms fully around them, snores slightly when fully asleep, sleeps for about 7-9 hours a night if he doesn’t have nightmares and depending when he goes to bed, not a morning person like he is still half asleep for at least an hour or two until he finally wakes up fully, coffee usually helps to speed it up, nothing wakes him up quicker than completely black coffee, which he dislikes but needs to wake up.  

UT Paps:

Sleeps on his back most of the time, does not move from the position he falls asleep in at all, his legs and arms moves and flail around like crazy while he sleeps though, like if you sleep next to him he will accidently slap and kick you, he usually wakes up immediately if he do and  apologize, though if he holds something or someone then he doesn’t move an inch, often kick his blanket onto the floor, pretty light sleeper, awakes instantly if trying to wake him, has this inner clock which allows him to wake up at any time he decides, so no need for alarm clocks, needs to have a bedtime story told to him before he falls asleep, can still fall asleep but then he doesn’t get that good of a rest, like he wakes up every once in a while if not read to most of the time, ultimate big spoon, is ok with been a little spoon but prefers to be the big one, as he likes to hold the person he spoons with, he snores sometimes and when he do so do he do it pretty damn loud, his snores sounds like nyeehs, sleeps for 3 rarely 5 hours a night, ultimate morning person, he always wakes up at the most ungodly hour of the morning, no coffee for him he drinks some milk to start of his day.

US Sans/Berry:

Usually sleeps in a fetal position, literally makes a cocoon around himself with his blanket, often end up getting completely tangled up in his blanket, he has to fight his own blanket to get free when he wakes up, rolls around a couple of times but then stays still for the rest of the night, sleeps the best when holding something, super clingy when sleeping with someone, he will latch onto you and never let you go throughout the night, pretty light sleeper, easily wakes up when hearing a weird noise etc, always wakes up with a start when his alarm clock rings, like he literally jumps out of bed startled every time, prefers to be a big spoon but is ok with been a little spoon, does not snore at all, sleeps for 6-8 hours a night depends when he goes to bed, forces himself to be a morning person even though he is truly not, is easily irritated by the slightest things in the morning, do actually drink coffee though not that much of an amount, like a really tiny teacup, lots of milk in it and some sugar though as he just can’t drink it black, sometimes he drinks juice though it at times gives him a bad after taste, though only if he drinks it in the morning weirdly enough.

US Paps/Papy:

He constantly moves while sleeping, is like a cat when he sleeps so he ends up in a bunch of weird ass positions while sleeping which cannot be comfortable or good for his spine, never stays long in one position, if sleeping in the same bed then he will eventually end up on top of you, accidently kick and slap you, even head-butt you, he’s the worst sleeping partner ever, though if someone is holding him or he is holding someone then he can end up sleeping pretty calmly, though if he holds you then you might end up been dragged around all over the bed too, though if cuddling and sleeping on the couch with someone then he usually stays still, alone on the couch though then he will move all over it eventually ending up with his lower body still on the couch and the rest of him on the floor, is a very, very deep sleeper, nothing can wake him unless you jump on top of him, shake him or scream in his ear, even then he might not wake up, suggest a bucket of water, barely sleeps most nights, because of nightmares which is pretty much the only thing which can instantly wake him up, often gasping for air when he do, but he usually fall back asleep after one after staying awake for a couple of hours, usually stays in his room when unable to sleep, sometimes read a book, smoke a cigarette or two looking out his window, usually he just sit leaned against a wall with a blanket draped over him and a cigarette in hand with his thoughts running amok, at times the nightmares does not wake him up, so if someone wakes him up while he has a nightmare he just might lash out though it’s not that common that he do, Berry has some sort of ability to wake up himself when his brother is stuck in a nightmare so he usually go to Papy’s room and crawl under the blanket with him to sooth him, probably have night terrors, Papy also have the ability to sleep anywhere, he often ends up nodding off and doze awhile standing up, though if he does it for too long he usually falls down onto the ground, still asleep, might have a slight case of narcolepsy, big spoon as he is so damn tall though he really likes to be the little spoon, snores very silently, sleeps for 7-10 hours depends when he goes to bed at night or if he stays up due for nightmares, not a morning person at all, often nods off while eating breakfast, happens that he face plants into his breakfast if Berry isn’t fast enough, drinks tea with lots and lots of honey, or a glass of milk mixed with chocolate powder, needs his sugar to wake up.

UF Sans/Red:

Usually on his stomach, extremely light sleeper unless completely exhausted or drunk, wakes up to any noise he hears, positions himself on his stomach with his head towards the door, just in case some monster decide to come and try to dust him, even though it isn’t very likely but still, usually have his blanket over his head with just his face showing, moves around a couple of times during the night, wakes up instantly by his brothers voice, can also sleep anywhere but is always half awake, can sleep with one eye open, when plagued by nightmares he usually stays still in the position he woke up in, his thoughts running amok until he either falls asleep or he stays awake in his bed until his brother comes to wake him, time to time he experiences sleep paralysis which freaks him out, when he feels completely safe and secure he becomes a pretty deep sleeper, prefers to be the big spoon as he does not like to feel trapped, though if he feels completely safe with the person he spoons with then he can go along with it, actually loves been the little spoon even though it still makes him slightly anxious, snores loudly, sleeps for about 4-6 hours a night it varies, so not a morning person, do not talk to him unless he have gotten his coffee or all hell will break out, drinks two cups of coffee to wake him up fully, sometimes 3 if truly exhausted, might mix his coffee with some kind of energy drink if he needs that extra kick, or alcohol.    

UF Paps/Edge:

Sleeps on his back, no matter what, has trained himself to sleep on his back and completely still and stiff by pure willpower, sleeps like a frikking vampire or something, because he did not like how messy his bed became when morning came and that he have a need to be in control even asleep etc, though when completely exhausted his discipline might slip a bit and he ends up kicking and tossing, also a light sleeper, not as light as his brother as he has trained himself to filter out the random sounds that occurs at night, while he instantly awakes at any noise that are different than the usual, wakes up every 2 hours to walk around the house, checking for intruders etc, also have an inner clock though he trained himself to have it, if sleeping with someone he automatically clings to them while sleeping, extreme cuddler, which he will deny to his dying breath that he is, big spoon and that’s final no way he will let himself be the little spoon, though he might try it out sometime if persuaded, which he then finds out he actually like it though there is no way he will admit it, used to snore quiet loudly but have somehow trained himself to not snore at all, don’t question how he is just that disciplined, sleeps for about 5 hours in total with him waking up every two hours to check the house though it varies, morning person, though he is slightly sluggish and a bit easier to irritate until he have had his coffee, usually drinks it before waking his brother up, also wakes up at a ungodly hour of the morning, he also make one of those vegetable mixed drinks because he is healthy.       

SF Sans/Scratch:

Usually sleeps on his side, constantly rolls around while asleep, kicks allot, extremely clingy if sleeping with someone, clings so hard that he might give you bruises, when he have latched onto something or someone he never lets  go, pretty much impossible to pry yourself or anything from him when he have gotten a hold, ultimate blanket stealer, he will take all the blankets and pillows, usually becomes some sort of blanket burrito when he do, will most certainly kick you if not completely covered in blankets and pillows, is a pretty deep sleeper, easily wakes up when he hears something unusual though, if someone tries to wake him up that person will be meet with a punch to the face and even some bone attacks sometimes, have a habit of shooting bone attacks at his alarm clock, it needs to get fixed or replaced at least once every second day, insists to be the big spoon even though he is so damn short, will fight you if you try to insist that it would be better if he was the little spoon, don’t push him, ultimate snorer, his snores are so loud it will be a miracle if anyone who sleeps in the same room as him succeeds in sleeping, I suggest earplugs, sleeps for about 6-9 hours a night it varies,  not a morning person at all, he tries to be but he just can’t wake up properly in the mornings, usually falls asleep again when he have turned off his alarm, unless his brother comes and wakes him up, which he hates because he wants to be able to wake himself up without anyone’s help god damnit, usually have to be carried down for breakfast as he just refuses to get up, because he is a spoiled brat and we all know it, is pretty sluggish and barely awake until he have eaten something, insists on drinking completely black coffee even though he in reality hates coffee, because that is what grownups and “cool” people drink and he is a grownup and super cool, got a complex just because he looks like a damn 12 year old.    

SF Paps/Rus:

Sleeps sitting up, this guy is so damn paranoid that he usually settles himself in the corner of his bed, his back against the wall with his arms around himself and knees up, looking around his room warily until he falls asleep in pure exhaustion, a very restless sleep that barely lasts for more than an hour or two before he wakes up with a start, extreme light sleeper, any sounds can wake him up, constantly plagued by nightmares, have night terrors, he might be kind of an ass but at night when there’s not really anything to distract him from his own mind he becomes pretty vulnerable if he is alone, usually keep the clothes he wore during the day on when going to bed, can’t be bothered to change, after sleeping for barely an hour he usually gets up and starts to walk around his room, then the rest of the house, just walking, thinking, smoking by one of the windows, also checking for intruders, he does not leave the house, after all someone might try to get in and dust his brother, checks up on his brother time to time, often ends up on the couch trying to watch some sort of show while eating some canned ravioli with bbq sauce or any other kind of food he can find to pass the time, he might sit down and tinker with something if he isn’t too restless, have taken apart most of the machines in the kitchen hundreds of times, due for him not sleeping much at all it happens that he ends up fainting due for pure exhaustion, can suddenly nod of at times due for been so damn tired even though he fights it with every fibre of his being, usually wakes up instantly after about 5-10 minutes when it happens, if truly exhausted while sleeping sitting up in his bed he usually starts to slide, which he usually instantly wakes up when his chin hits his chest or shoulder or until he hits the mattress, which he then instantly wakes up, his brother have a habit of drugging him time to time just so that Rus can finally sleep for more than two hours, needs quiet a high dose for it to work on him, when drugged with the right dosage he usually falls asleep in a matter of minutes, he hates taking them and especially dislikes it when his brother sneaks them into his meals, hates to be knocked out for too long, when drugged he usually ends up sleeping for about 10 hours, he srs need to sleep, big spoon, feels way too trapped with been a little spoon, not that big of a cuddler until he feels completely safe and secure and when he do then boy does he love to cuddle, if sleeping with someone he usually ends up watching them throughout the whole night, creepy, likes to hold the persons hand while they sleep, does not snore at all, is actually a morning person, always wakes up his brother and makes breakfast for him, does not eat breakfast himself, instead he gulps down an energy drink or two maybe even five unless he is stopped, literally lives on them, often adds some alcohol.  

And that’s it! this will probably not happen that often, though it was fun to do <: will not make a imagines blog if anyone is wondering, already have too much to do

Here’s some sketches of UT Sans sleeping in weird places

The Charleston Daily News, South Carolina, June 22, 1867

An individual, to fortune and to fame unknown, endeavored to make a noise in the world, but finding his efforts unavailing he took an opposite tack and soaked himself with whiskey until his feelings overcame him, and he sank to sleep on the sidewalk. His lullaby was the pattering of the rain, but his slumbers were uneasy, and were soon disturbed by the rude clubs of the perlice. The guardians of the night took the sleeper in from out of the wet, and the Mayor charged him $5 for housing him.


Alright so this came to me because god forbid I can actually sleep without a million thoughts invading my mind. My 4am imagine, if you will.

** this is just a.. preview I guess. I want to add more soon, I just have to figure out what and where.

“You and Connor are both stomach sleepers. Every night you both fall asleep, heads turned facing one another. His arm is gently draped over your back, and your leg is gently entwined in his. He’s warm, comfortable, familiar. You’re both completely at ease with each other. As the sun rises, he’s always the first to wake up. He lays there, sleepy eyes appreciating your figure. His rough hands gently trace every detail in your skin, freckles like constellations on your back. His fingers are light enough to not wake you up; The glow of the new day embracing you both.”

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Can I order some late night stephew cuddles with extra fluff and no angst? You're gonna add angst anyway somehow. Just don't let anyone die.

Over the years, Stephanie has become accustomed to the habits her husband kept. The little quirks that made Matthew Patrick the man she loved were oddly adorable. Things she’d hate on other people just… worked with Matt. His habit of walking around without both socks, the loudness, the theatricality, all the details that came with him were almost entirely lovable and just made Stephanie’s days that much more exciting and interesting.

That being said, there were some habits that were harder to love than others.

Beside her, Steph heard Matt let out a low groan and roll over again. Ever the ruminating type, Matthews brain had a nasty tendency towards working hard even when work was done. Insomnia has plagued the man for as long as Stephanie had known him, his brain stuck in a nearly unbreakable loop of thoughts until he finally managed to exhaust himself and pass out for the night. The Diet Coke addiction hadn’t been started on just the taste, but rather the caffeine needed to cover up sleepless nights. As a light sleeper herself, Stephanie had resigned herself to a lot of equally sleepless nights the day they’d moved in together. The sleeplessness had calmed down since they came began sharing a bed, but even then there were still bad nights where sleep evaded them for hours and no amount of tossing or turning helped. Like now, for example.

“What’s on repeat tonight?” She asked softly and rolled over to face Matt. The room was dark enough that she could only barely make out the shadowy arch of his nose, the way his dark eyes stared back at her in exhaustion. “Keep running over my notes for tomorrow’s meeting.” Stephanie let out a quiet noise of sympathy at the tiredness in her husbands voice and reached over to gently pat his arm. “Anything I can do to help?” Matthew went silent for a moment and Steph waited, used to his reluctant when it came to help. ‘Even if I know my proper Matthew Matienence better than he does.’

“….hold me?” The quiet request wasn’t an unusual one, Stephanie knew that Matthew was most at peace when he had something or someone to help keep him grounded when his brain moved too fast. She’d held her husband through many nightmares and panic attacks and nights just like these. Wordlessly, she rolled onto her back and shuffled closer, letting Matt rest his head just over her heart and wrap his arms around her waist. “Comfy?” Stephanie asked and draped one arm around his shoulders, letting her free hand come to rest on his head. “Always.” He replied, his voice already sounding more tired.

Matt’s eyelashes tickled her collarbone as his eyes drifted shut, his arms squeezing Stephanie in a gentle hug. “Thank you.” Steph just smiled, running her fingers through his perpetually messy hair (she wouldn’t admit it, but she did love Matt with his rage hair when it was all fluffy and out of place, his bed head was no different). “You don’t have to thank me, I like holding you.” She whispered.

Her hand drifted down from Matthew’s head, her fingertips lightly tracing the curve of his cheek and brushing over stubble. Her hand rested against his jaw and Stephanie’s thumb stroked against his skin. “You’re the best.” She heard him breath sleepily. “You deserve the best.” She replied just as softly, letting her own eyes drift closed and feeling sleep sink into her warm and comforting like the feeling of her husband breathing gently against her skin.

Every time I think of Evelyn in her own room in her big girl cot as a good idea… the idea quickly goes when I get into bed and see her little beautiful face next to mine in her basinet.

Maybe a few more weeks then we’ll start trying.

Fairy Tail HeadCanon #3

Dragon Slayer:Night/Morning person (or just a sleep head Canon)

Sting~I see Sting as a morning person. But not like one that gets up and is immediately energized. Sting most likely gets up slowly, like stays in bed awake until someone forces him out of bed of course he would complain the whole time.

Rogue~ Is a night person he stays up pretty late so he sleeps in. Rogue hates to be woken up early, and if you do you have one grouchy shadow dragon slayer. It’s gotten to the point where if anyone needs rogue and he’s asleep they send frosch in to wake him up, it’s the safest route.

Natsu~Natsu is a ball of energy but he sleeps really well throughout the night. He’s a heavy sleeper. especially if he’s need a certain blonde bed;) Natsu likes to get up early it’s just super hard to wake him up since he is a heavy sleeper.

Gajeel~Is neither he falls asleep wherever, His home? sure! At someones house? Why not!? The guild? great! The park? Who cares! He’s also a heavy sleeper, when he doesn’t want to be bothered he just pretends to sleep until he gets left alone.

Laxus~Is morning person. Laxus likes to stick to a schedule wakes up at a certain time every morning, then goes through his routines. He doesn’t like when he has to break from his routens.

Cobra~Is a night person because that’s when things are more quiet. Cobra sleeps with super noise canceling headphones, and he hates being woken up since it’s super hard for him sleep. So if you need him for something it better be an emergency are he will not be happy.



You are what you eat
And I dine on sunsets and sleeping pills.
They rarely work but I take them in the hope
That I won’t be awake when the stars abandon me,
Though, I will admit that they are more beautiful
When you know they’ll leave you.

I snack on the sunrise
As light drifts through my window,
And the darkness of night makes its excuses and elopes
With its lovers, the balls of gas
That I have become so fond of.

I gorge myself on coffee and energy drinks,
And I become caffeinated and artificial   

Because I am the only nocturnal creature

In a town full of successful night-sleepers.

- @bedside-aspirations April ‘17