The Northern Lights dance over Silver Salmon Creek at Lake Clark National Park. There really is nothing like witnessing Alaska’s greatest live show. Video courtesy of Cody Hesse. 


What fortune lies beyond the stars?
Those dazzling heights too vast to climb
I climbed so high to fall so far,
but I found Heaven has love swept low.

My heart beating, my soul breathing,
I found my life, when I laid it down
Upward falling, spirit soaring,
I touch the sky - when my knees hit the ground

-“Touch the Sky” - Hillsong United

Few things can absolutely awe me like a night sky can. I got a window seat on the flight to Vegas for a weekend trip. I loved watching all the city lights from above! It was so beautiful! But I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t see many stars… So I put on Hillsong’s album “Empires” and feel asleep for a bit.
I woke up to my favorite song “Touch the Sky” (too perfect) - I open my eyes and immediately my jaw drops, i nearly knocked my face against the window! I’d never seen such a sight before. We were high above the cloud cover , it looked like a silver ocean of mist, cities were only tiny dots below… And above us a deep blue sky with so, so, soooo many stars. I was stunned. Such a beautiful masterpiece.
These are the times no one can ever tell me God doesn’t exist. I just stared out the window soaking it in…. The only thing that could have made it more perfect wouldve been a shooting star… I sound like such a child, but I’d never seen one before! Not 5mins later one went streaking across the sky. I teared up, … I was so happy. These are the little, beautiful, things in life. I was so sad when the plane started to descend, I could’ve stared at that sight forever. 


Milky Way and Mt. Fuji. Yeah.


Another gorgeous capture of the waving Aurora Borealis in Iceland.