night shot of eiffel tower

a postcard from paris. snapped by J©

Civil War Paris Premiere Experience & Spoiler-Free Review

Sooooo, now that I am rested, I can tell you all about yesterday and my experience at the Captain America: Civil War French premiere! 

We got up at 5am and arrived at Le Grand Rex at 6:30am. There were already about 50 peeps waiting in front of the theater, so that was fine. There were four girls at “our spot”, but we stayed and got to know each other so it was very cool to spend the day like this, hanging with other fans! At noon, there were 100 people or so waiting in front of the red carpet. The weather was so perfect, it was really nice to spend the whole day outside. The paps arrived at 5:30pm and were so rude, as always, unlike all the fans who were really patient and nice with each other. It really helped that the mood was so easy-going, because waiting for 12-13 hours is quite an adventure when people are impolite! 

Anthony Russo arrived first. He was very nice and happy to see all the fans, but a bit tired by the flight, he told us. 

Don arrived a few minutes later and took the time to sign for us. We couldn’t talk to him tho because the paps next to us were quite noisy…

Emily VanCamp was next but she didn’t spend so much time where we were and headed to the red carpet quickly. We and the fans around us didn’t get her autograph but she waved at us anyway.

And then, the man that everyone was waiting for (literally) arrived 10-15 minutes later. He was so classy when he got out of the car, that was so cool! People went nuts when they saw him!

He spent a lot of time with fans and even went across the street and pointed a finger on a little girl, then took a pic with her. Her mom was crying with joy, it was so cute and so nice of him! He went over to us and was so cheerful with everyone! When he was in front of us, we asked him how he was doing and if he could take a pic with all of us (a friend, my sis and me) but he answered that he wasn’t allowed to. 

As I was saying “Aw, it’s OK!”, he posed for Laet anyway! The pic is everything, you guys! I will upload it tomorrow tho so keep an eye on my blog, haha! He went to the red carpet afterwards and we went to the inside of the cinema for the screening. 

The cast arrived on stage a few minutes after we were seated. Emily VanCamp spoke French the all time, she is very good at it!! Robert acted all grumpy because he didn’t know if Emily was there to spy on him for Team Cap. Then the lights went off and Chris Evans appeared on screen, telling us not to trust Team Iron Man! The room went crazy haha! Robert and Don showed the clip they shot at the Eiffel Tower the night before. The video is already out, maybe you saw it, it’s awesome! The host thanked them for being here and told Robert “you’re God, thank you again!” and the cast went off stage. 

Now, about the movie: don’t worry, it’s totally spoiler-free! Guys. GUYS. CIVIL WAR IS AWESOME. Seriously, it’s the best Marvel movie ever. It’s everything you wish for: you’re going to laugh, cry, fear for the characters you love, etc. The new characters are all so great, especially Spidey! The relationship he has with Tony is so precious, haha, all the superfamily fans are going to love it! As a Stony shipper, I had so many feels for Steve and Tony!!!!!!! I can’t wait for you guys to watch it and know all about your opinion! Please, please, PLEASE, come to me when you do, I need to talk about this movie!!!!!