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Many people have erratic sleep schedules due to work or other factors. This spell has been particularly helpful for me in the past when I was working ten hour night shifts almost every night. It’s a herbal working grounded in celestial magick, and eases transitions from day to night. It also helped me fall asleep properly during the day, and even in those instances where my schedule changed, it helped me sleep well and not feel fatigued or unnatural. Mostly, it’s a spell for situations when you have to be awake at night and asleep during the day!

For this spell, gather the following ingredients:

  • Dried chamomile blossoms
  • Dried jasmine blossoms
  • A small sachet to fill with them

Since chamomile holds a scent better than jasmine, it is best to use about two parts of chamomile and three parts of jasmine. In any case, you need enough to fill the small sachet. 

The sachet can be made of any material, though an neutral color will work best. Small cloth bags with drawstrings work well, or you can sew something more elaborate. 

Grind the flowers together as finely as possible. You want to get them evenly mixed an intermingled You can do this with a normal mortar and pestle, with a spoon in a regular bowl, or just by running your fingers through the mixture and crunching it into fine bits. Make sure each of the flowers is evenly distributed within the other. 

Then, as mentioned earlier, fill the sachet with the mixture and empower it, reciting this incantation:

“Moon-loving jasmine help me thrive in the night.
Bright chamomile let me flourish in sunlight.
Grant me rest beneath any sky I may see.
As I will it, so it will be.”

Tuck the sachet somewhere close to your bed before going to sleep. Alternatively, and if you do not have access to actual jasmine (or chamomile) blossoms, try putting a few drops of each’s essential oil in a diffuser prior to bed. Some folks like to substitute ylang-ylang for jasmine - I’ve tried that, and it works well for this.

Please be mindful of potential allergies and sensitivities, as well as how these plants might affect any conditions you may have. Know your body, and know what it needs. Do research these plants a bit before using them!

 This spell worked for me, and hopefully you’ll find it helpful, too!

Two Sentence Horror Stories

“I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my bed.”

“I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.”

“Don’t be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up, she hates being seen.”

“I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I though it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.”

“She wondered why she was casting two shadows. After all, there was only a single light bulb.”

“There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.”

“I just saw my reflection blink.”

“Working the night shift alone tonight. There is a face in the cellar staring at the security camera.”

“After working a hard day I came home to see my girlfriend cradling our child. I didn’t know which was more frightening, seeing my dead girlfriend and stillborn child, or knowing that someone broke into my apartment to place them there.”

“The longer I wore it the more it grew on me. She had such pretty skin.”

The one below is written by myself.

“I went downstairs to get a snack late last night. My dog’s tail always thuds the couch in sleepy excitement, but I took her to the overnight vet a few hours ago.”

A patient yesterday asked me to lift his head up and then put it back down. And then yelled at me when I did it because I lifted too high. Then later asked me to fluff his pillow nicer than it was. And yelled at me for lifting his head up to fluff said pillow. And tried to demand to talk to the ICU doc about it all.

This wasn’t even my patient. His nurse was so done lol.

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Night Shift | Niki Karimi | Iran | 2015

Nahid, a young wife and mother starts to unravel when she interprets her husband’s strange behaviour as proof that he might be plotting against her. Traditional protocols fuelled by growing anxiety prevent her from broaching the subject with him directly, resulting in a slow drift through growing unease into abject paranoia.