night rest

drew some scrappy and very very late to the game designs for those adventure boys


BTS + Hogwarts Houses


“There will always be a door to the light!

Things the signs remind me of

Aries: late night camp fires, warm black socks, counting to Infiniti, electric guitars, a lone light in the dark, running until exhaustion, looking someone in they eyes, 11:11 wishes, nose piercings

Taurus: a full nights rest, breathing, light purple, honey, sweet tea, anger, dark red roses, genuine smiles, jokes, blushy cheeks, eyelashes, closed eyes, lonliness

Gemini: kites, blue skies, the sound of running feet, being homeless, crowds of people, black leopards, picnics, numbers, electronic music, crows, blinking

Cancer: daisies, sunflowers, sunsets, a baby’s toes, friends, laughter, black eyes, souls, angels, making others laugh, waterfalls, rainbows, cartoons, the tired feeling after crying

Leo: public speaking, strong muscles, the bright light seen when dying, the solar system, the sun, singing, gray skies, smiley stickers, Nike shoes, dark circles under eyes

Virgo: pink skies, clouds white as milk, sheep, mathematics, being smart, shyness, antique furniture, cat paws, autumn brown, classy shoes, whispering

Libra: time, sprouting flowers, marijuana, white, wine, beer, fruit, highways, slow motion, loud music, sour gummy worms, big pupils, boobs, entertainment

Scorpio: teddy bears, blood, strange music, forests at night, silly faces, long walks, dinosaurs, private numbers, cigarettes, messy rooms, fingers, scrubby clothes, Where The Wild Things Are

Sagittarius: background vocals, talking about everything, lighters, secret letters, alley ways, new trends, leather, a favorite song, movies, yellow, stars

Capricorn: children, hard work, calculating, the circus, falling asleep, boredom, facts, making out, country music, one on one time, forests, red, phobias

Aquarius: sharks, being underwater, fame, face tattoos, being alone, existence, the brain, drugs, cats, trumpets, airplane rides, being above the clouds, spiders

Pisces: the hands of an artist, white walls, silence, sleepy eyes, big smiles, simplicity, sitting on a sidewalk at night, sad music, sadness, paint brush strokes, surrealism