night rest

One these days, Percy’s gonna come crashing down out of his mania and land smack dab in the depression, and nothing anyone says or does will make him believe that he isn’t a broken piece of shit that deserves everything he suffers. One of these days, Vex will overhear some negative gossip or say the wrong thing to the wrong person or just wake up feeling shitty and her self-esteem will take a nose dive, right back to the worthless way she felt in Syngorn. They’re both probably going to suffer from PTSD and night terrors for the rest of their lives. They’ll probably hurt. They’ll probably fight.

But they’re also a couple who’ve done more than would be asked by most wedding vows. Twice. They understand each others’ foibles and supported one another long before they got together. They went into this with a complex understanding of who they are as individuals, what they need from a relationship, what their partner needs from a relationship, and how they need, want, and desire each other.

That’s a Happily Ever After to me, whatever happens between now and then. They deserve that soft epilogue.

Sorry about not posting art lately, I’ve been having slight issues functioning, both physically and mentally. There’s so many things to be worked on and I really lack what it takes. I’ll hopefully get back to posting more art soon!

I’m currently working and over 40 intersecting stories that, a majority of them, have to be re-written and re-drawn, so there’s a lot on my mind.

If there’s any of my characters that anyone likes in particular I’ll draw them! Or characters from media… or anything…

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imagine if there was a situation where yona and hak had to pose as lovers before Yun and the others joined. Would of loved to see it happened. Especially if they went to an inn.

Hak: My wife and I would like your biggest room for the night, with enough wine and food for at least 7. We might be hungry later tonight… *wink*
Yona: Hak! *blushes*
Later that night, the rest of the HHB arrives (one by one).
Jae-Ha: My lady, where are you? I brought you flowers!
Kija: Where is my mistress?! I don’t trust Hak *hiss*
Shin-Ah: … *mutter* Don’t worry Ao you’ll see her soon.
Zeno: We’d like to see the missy and mister! We need to warn them mom is coming.
Yoon: Ignore these dorks. We’re here to see *tries to remember their codenames for when they travel incognito*… the mother of dragons and the dark dragon.
Inn clerk: *facepalm*

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prompt : peeta and haymitch having " the talk " like effie and katness did

This is crack but it was fun! [x]

The Hard Truth About Bananas

Cinna was his best chess opponent aboard the Victory Tour train but the stylist was nowhere near good enough for Haymitch to engage his whole attention in the game. It was a welcomed distraction though. With each new District they hit, the atmosphere on the train only grew heavier.

They wouldn’t reach Three until the following evening, which meant they would enjoy a whole day and two nights of rest. Haymitch was relieved by the respite. The speeches had already been reviewed, he and Effie had gone over the schedules so many times he probably could have droned them out in his sleep and they were as ready as they could be.

The kids now…

“Your turn.” Cinna said. Haymitch glanced at the chessboard, saw that the stylist had moved his knight exactly as he had expected him to, and simply advanced his piece without much thought. Cinna made a face. “Damn.”

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31 with Marty Scurll pretty please. :)

Prompt #31 “I haven’t slept in ages.” with Marty Scurll

With the keycard to your hotel room in one hand, you walked down the hallway after you just had left the elevator moments ago and a tired-looking smile formed on your lips. 

Knowing that only a couple of more steps and a thin wooden door seperated you from a good night rest, you were lost in thoughts as you walked a little bit faster than usual towards the door of your room before you were interrupted in your doing as you pumped into someone.

“Sorry.”, you and the person right in front of you said in the same second before you lifted your head, your eyes locked with the dark green ones of the stranger.

Dark were the circles under his eyes as he flashed you a half-hearted smile, letting you guess that he’s probably as tired as you.

“Haven’t looked where I’m going. Just wanted to grab a cup of coffee.”, the stranger told you in a raspy voice, scratching the back of his head as you waved his words off.

“Same here, just that I skip the coffee. As you can hear, the bed is loudly screaming my name.”, giggling lightly, you tilted your head to the side and let your eyes take in the features of the face of the man in front of you.

He was rather attractive, but your sleep-seeking mind made it clear that staying up a little longer just to talk to a stranger in the middle of the night in an empty hallway of one of the several floors of a hotel wasn’t an option.

I haven’t slept in ages.”, he told you in a plagued tone of voice, rubbing his face with one of his hands while you smiled at him in a sympathy manner.

“Then, maybe, you should skip the coffee, too.”, with a hint of sarcasm and a lightly raised eyebrow, you watched him smile at you rather amused as he tried to keep down a laugh.


Silence felt upon the two of you as you still stood in the middle of the hallway, unsure of what to do next, but you were pulled out of your clouded thoughts as the man in front of you cleared his throat.

“Well, then we should call it a day.”, he suggested with an inviting gesture of one of his hands, walking close next to you as you made your way towards the door of your room.

“Here we are.”

“Yeah… Um, my room’s just over there.”, the stranger told you, pointing at a door on the other side of the hallway and you nervously brushed a couple of strains of your hair behind your ear.

“You know, I’ll grab some breakfast at seven, so…”

“At Seven? Sounds good… I’m [Y/N], by the way.”

“Marty. Then, see you tomorrow.”, unsure of what to do, you tried opened the door of your hotel room without paying to much attention to it, but being successful nonetheless.

“Good night.”, you said in a low tone of voice, walking backwards into the room and Marty raised his hand to wave you farewell with a sheepish smirk on his lips.

The list for the prompts

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“I remember that night, I just might regret that night for the rest of my days.
I remember those soldier boys tripping over themselves to win our praise.
I remember that dreamlike candlelight like a dream that you can’t quite place,
but Alexander, I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face.
I have never been the same, Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame,
And when you said “Hi,” I forgot my dang name, set my heart aflame, ev’ry part aflame”

I’m addicted to Hamilton alright. I told my friend I’m gonna spent the whole week on drawing characters from the show in this style so here’s Angelica. I think the next one will be Eliza but who knows *shrugs*

Also, today’s her birthday, so happy birthday to her, right.



and everytime he smiles, the whole room turned to see what shone 💗✨


25 days of klaroline 2016 ♡ day four: new orleans

“caroline, i’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much i want to show it to you. maybe one day you’ll let me.