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this stream was a complete blast thank you so much to everyone who came and hung out!!! we got some real great work in lmao…..

Feet apart; 

toes together;

right foot turned 45 degrees.

No need for mathematical precision, but if you have a protractor,

break it into pieces and swallow it.

Absorb its numbers like nutrients.

Bend your knees.

Bend other things that allow for bending.

(Do not force malleability.)

That right foot though?

What’s it doing?

Did you move your foot?

Memories aren’t real.

Do you control yourself?

Not if you don’t remember being in control.

Maybe we pretend to have experienced things so we don’t have to actually understand why they happened.

Your foot is flexing now.


What silent siren song calls your right foot?

You are sitting; you are passive.


Your left foot idles in the dark, complacent and obedient.

Your right foot serves a greater god.

It flexes for its idol, all plastic and steel and full of fire and fumes.

Your right foot wishes for you to pray with a clear mind and open eyes.

This has been traffic.

Yuri on Ice 2017/02/11 all night event report

I’m back from the event and I’ll write a report before going to sleep, mostly because I’m sure I will not be able to decipher my scribbles when I wake up… It’s not the full talk show since you can’t record it and also I couldn’t possibly write down everything, but I tried to take note of most things, especially stuff that has never been mentioned elsewhere. In the end it became quite long so I guess I was able to get most of the stuff down…

Needless to say it’s my notes, so other people might write about parts I omitted, etc. To be honest quite a few of the things they said especially in the beginning, like what the seiyuu think about their characters, is something I’ve read so many times in interviews that I could almost answer in their place, lol… I was a bit disappointed that one of the questions that was answered is the one about Chris’ mysterious acquaintance, because actually Kubo answered that in Pash already (it’s in the Q&A part I’ll be translating later), and I hoped they would feature questions about stuff that hasn’t been explained yet. Well I guess not everybody reads interviews, but still…

Due to the format of the report you can find my comments here and there, mostly in brackets.
Under the cut because it’s long.

I forgot to mention something important: the ones participating in the talk show were Mitsurou Kubo, Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuuri), Junichi Suwabe (Victor), Kouki Uchiyama (Yurio).

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Have you heard the voice? The case of Amber Tuccaro

On August 18th 2010, Amber Tuccaro (20 yrs old) from Mikisew Cree First Nation in Alberta was staying at a motel in Nisku near Edmonton, Alberta, where she was visiting, along with her one year old son and a close female friend after arriving from Fort McMurray. Hoping to catch a ride into Edmonton, Amber got into a car with an unknown male and unfortunately, never returned back to the motel that night and was later reported missing by her mother.

Mishandling’s of the case were apparent from the beginning as the RCMP did not consider her a missing person. When first reported missing by her mother, RCMP asked her if “Amber ever went missing before.” And had made the assumptions that she was just probably out partying. She’s going to come home or that she’d call. This could not be any more further from the truth.

Amber was not considered a missing person until long after she disappeared and only after one month the RCMP removed Amber’s name from the missing persons list, despite no one seeing her. RCMP also destroyed all of Amber’s belongings that were found in the Nisku motel room, without informing the family.

The night Amber went missing she received a phone call from her brother, who was being held in the Edmonton Remand Centre at the time. Amber, while still in the vehicle with the unknown man, answered the phone call. The Centre her brother was at began recording all outgoing calls made by inmates in early 2010 and had recorded 17 minutes of audio of Amber interacting with the male.

2 years later and still no sign of Amber, investigators, at this point, had now considered Amber’s case a homicide and asked for the public’s help identifying the man’s voice on the recording taken that night and put up billboards around the area with a headliner reading “have you heard the voice?”. 

Transcript of the chilling call

Amber - Where are we by? 

Unknown Male - We’re just heading south of uh, Beaumont or north of Beaumont. 

Amber - We’re heading north of Beaumont… 

Amber - Yo, where are we going? 

Unknown Male - Just… (Inaudible) 

Amber - No, this is a… 

Unknown Male - (Inaudible)… The back roads. 

Amber - Are you fucking kidding me?  

Unknown Male - No, I’m not kidding you. 

Amber - You better not take, you better not be taking me anywhere I don’t wanna go. I wanna go into the city, okay? 

Unknown Male - One end of the street. 

Amber - Yo, we’re not going into the city are we? 

Unknown Male - We are. We’re going… 

Amber - No, we’re not… 

Unknown Male - Yes…

Amber - Then where the fuck are these roads going to? 

Unknown Male - To 50th street. 

Amber - 50th street? Are you sure? 

Unknown Male - Absolutely. 

Amber - Yo, where are we going? 

Unknown Male - 50th street. 

Amber - 50th street? 

Unknown Male - 50th street.

Amber - East, right? 

Unknown Male - East. 

Amber - (Inaudible)… Over now. 

Unknown Male - (Inaudible)… Gravel. 

Amber - (Inaudible) 

This is the only part of the 17 minute recording that was released to the public and RCMP have stated that this was the only time in Canadian history they released an audio recording to the public in a murder investigation. You can listen to the call here.

On September 1st, 2012, only four days after its release, horseback riders found Amber’s partial skeletal remains in a farmer’s field in Leduc, Alberta. The police have stated the remains being found just days later was a “total coincidence.“ 

Remains of four other women were found in the same area as Amber’s. They were within a few kilometers of each other in Leduc County.

  • Edna Bernard went missing in September of 2002 and her body was found the next day.
  • Katie Sylvia Ballantyne went missing in May of 2003, her remains were discovered in July of 2003. 
  • Corrie Ottenbreit went missing in May of 2004, her remains were discovered in April of 2015.
  • Delores Brower went missing in June 2005, her remains were found in April of 2015.

This information has made many come to the conclusion that these women were possibly murdered by the same man and that a serial killer is out there walking free. Amber’s mother has set up a Facebook account in hopes to find her daughter’s killer. She posts the audio of her daughter’s last known words very frequently in hopes someone recognizes the man’s voice.


♡ happy birthday 2 this absolutely fully capable, multitalented, re(mark)able le(e)gend who basically ended everyone’s career just by existing! (rip them. they tried) thank you for everything, we love you!!! ♡

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Yeah, no! I'm fine<p/><b>Also Me:</b> Fuck, Colin Farrell. Fuck him and his luscious fucking hair and his big gorgeous brown eyes. FUCK HIS FUCKING ACCENT. Fuck him and his bad boy persona and his never ending swag even at fucking Forty!!! Fuck him cause he's a good actor and an even better dad. Fuck his humour and easy going personality. Fuck his achievements in pulling himself from a deep dark hole and being a successful actor. Fuck Colin Farrell. Fuck him!<p/></p>
Neighbor kept reporting me to the HOA for petty things, opportunity knocked to pay her back and I took it.

I found out today that my revenge was complete so I came here to share it.

My neighbor who we shall call Chirsty would report us to our HOA for literally everything she didn’t like. Trash can still on the street at 5 PM on Trash day, reported. Kids bike outside while kids are still playing, reported. Didn’t mow this weekend (typically I do this Monday nights), reported Monday morning. Dog barking at 2 in the afternoon as she and her dog walk on the path behind our house, reported. In many cases these were not issues covered by the HOA, but due to repeated reporting the board did fine us and I had to go spend the evening waiting through a 2 hour meeting to have them removed. This kept happening and was driving me nuts. Both my wife and I spoke to her and tried to find out why she felt this was ok and she told us, “You just need to do a better job being a good neighbor.”

Fast forward to early this summer. She posts on a neighborhood website sharing a video about the anti-vax movement. In general the replies are pretty aggressive about telling her she is full of it, but she keeps pushing back leading to a super long post about how we all are wrong and we should listen because she is a doctor. She signs it “Dr Christy Lastname, Naturopathic Physician”

At this point I am mostly just wondering what the heck any kind of doctor would be against vaccines. This made no sense to me so I started digging. I did find that Christy was listed as a doctor on sites where you could find physicians. I dug more into what exactly a Naturopathic Physician was and found that in my state of Colorado they are regulated and required to maintain a license to practice. I checked into it and found out the following

  1. Christy was NOT in the state database as a Naturopathic Physician
  2. The board who regulates it has an online reporting tool

At this point I took all the information I had, grabbed screenshots and checked my timeline and reported her as claiming to be a Naturopathic Physician when she was not.

I then followed that up with this post on the neighborhood website:

  • This is a hot button topic for me and because of that and Christy signing her post as “Dr Lastname” I had to dig some. I for one am a HUGE fan of including whole person treatment. I think Doctors of Osteopathic medicine are wonderful as they work to integrate whole health into the picture with well researched medical best practices. Naturopathy less so which is the problem here. One researched article here: breaks down a lot of the issues quite well. It is almost 13 years old, but still quite good at explaining the valid concerns. I further checked as Colorado DOES regulate naturopathy and I could not find any Christy Lastname listed there. My thought was that it is entirely possible that she holds a license to practice in Colorado and my search wasn’t working, but even just searching her first name or zip code or “MyTown” or “TownNearUs” provides no results for a Christy Lastname. There are 2 Naturopathic doctors in TownNearUs, I used this search: linked from this page:

At this point Christy locked the post and later deleted the entire thing. I was pretty dang happy that she removed the post, but today it got better. In the mail I received a copy of the cease and desist letter that Christy received form the state about a month ago. It told her that she must cease and desist her “practice” immediately.

QUARTET NIGHT LIVE Evolution 2017 - 2017/02/12 - REPORT Part ②

*Do NOT Repost*

Read Part ① here

They had intro music for ONLY ONE and it was really kakkoi!

And also about Shoutan’s hair!
You can barely see in photos, but one side of his hair was partly braided, one braid had green infused in it!

So, I know I scared a few of you by saying how I noticed Shoutan was off with part ① of my report.
I never seen anyone else mention about it at all, so I really wondered if it was only me who noticed?
So I asked my Japanese Shoutan friend, who, if there was anyone, would notice for sure. And she said she did notice he was off too. She said it could also be the technical difficulties they had which may have bothered Shoutan.
I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed, I knew I wasn’t imagining things!

Winter Blossom

There was a piano on stage and a silhouette next to it. IS THAT SHOUTAN?!??

He sat down, both me and Yukina screamed and were about to cry
He started playing!! 😭😭😭😭
A bit before his line starts in the song,
He stopped playing.

He picked up a mic that was sitting on top of the piano with his left hand.
We all kinda laughed

He got up, walked forward and paused.

Shoutan: Ne? (Hey?)

Waratte. (Smile)

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anonymous asked:

hey! this is probably a really hard question but do you have a favorite joke/moment out of all the talk shows you like? or a few that come to mind

Oh my god! This is the best and easiest question ever! Let me link you to some of my favorite videos! Here is a short list to get you started:

  1. The Daily Show’s Questionable Graphics (Jon, TDS)
  2. Whores! (Stephen, TCR)
  3. Carlos Danger/One Crazy Summer (John, TDS)
  4. The Toss – Just a Quickie (Jon & Stephen, TDS/TCR)
  5. On Topic (Jon & Stephen TDS/TCR)
  6. Who’s Nailin’ Palin? (Stephen, TCR)
  7. Platonic Relationships (Stephen, TCR)
  8. How To Carve A Pumpkin (Stephen, TLS)
  9. Kid Theater with Tom Hanks (Jimmy, TS)
  10. Stephen Colbert’s All-Inclusive Wedding Cake Toppers (Stephen, TLS)
  11. Book Club: How to Be a Bad Bitch (James Corden, TLLS)
  12. Handsome Men’s Club (Jimmy Kimmel, JKL)
  13. MasterClass Junior with Kevin Spacey (Jimmy, TS)
  14. Only Jon Stewart Can Make Sense of the Trump Candidacy (Stephen & Jon, TLS)
  15. Shiri Appleby Tells Stephen What Jon Stewart Said About Him (Stephen, TLS)
    Televangelists (John Oliver, LWT)
  16. John Oliver & Cookie Monster Out-Takes (John, LWT)
  17. Seth’s Story: Seth Doesn’t Get Recognized on the Ferry (Seth, LN)
  18. Seth and First Lady Michelle Obama Give College Freshmen Advice (Seth, LN)
  19. Harrison Ford Almost Wasn’t In “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (Stephen, TLS)
  20. Jon Stewart vs Stephen Colbert: Who’s the World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan? (Stephen & Jon)
  21. Stephen Tells RuPaul About His Drag Persona “Raven” (Stephen, TLS)
  22. On Your Mark, Get Set, Act! with Tom Hanks (Stephen, TLS)
  23. Tom Hanks Tries Baileys and Lucky Charms (Stephen, TLS)
  24. Bill Clinton - Hillary Clinton and the Changing Political Landscape (Trevor Noah, TDS)
  25. A Man, A Sam, and A Tiny Horse (Sam & Jon, FF)
  26. Web Extra: Jon Stewart Alternate Endings (Sam & Jon, FF)
  27. Q&A: The Craziest Thing That Ever Happened To Stephen (Stephen, TLS)
  28. Did Trump End The Birther Controversy, Or Is That His Biggest Lie Yet? (Stephen, TLS)
  29. Maybe Coming Soon with Chris Pratt (Stephen, TLS)
  30. Blanket Fort (with First Lady Michelle Obama) (Stephen, TLS)
  31. Carlos Danger Compilation (John, TDS & LWT)
  32. Emily Blunt Gives Stephen Colbert Some Acting Tips (Stephen, TLS)
  33. Stephen Helps President Obama Polish His Résumé (Stephen, TLS)
  34. Doomsday Video (John, LWT)
  35. Kevin Spacey Reads Carol Burnett A Poem (Stephen, TLS)
  36. Jimmy Kimmel Thanks President Obama (Jimmy, JKL)
  37. Presidential Interviews (Sam, FF)
  38. Ryan Reynolds & Conan Star In “The Notebook 2 (Conan)
  39. Envisioning President Trump’s First Term (Trevor, TDS)
  40. The Fascinating Emails of a Sixty-Something (Sam, FF)
  41. Let Hillary Be Hillary (Sam, FF)
  42. Gene Puts The Show to Bed (Seth, LN)
  43. Stephen Addresses The Kiss(es) (Stephen, TLS)
  44. Family Meeting With Vice President Joe Biden (Stephen, TLS)
  45. Strange Bedfellows (Sam, FF)
  46. Jon Stewart Reads Trump’s Next Batch Of Executive Orders (Stephen & Jon, TLS)
  47. Pitch Meeting: Book Report (Seth, LN)
  48. Oscar Bait (Seth, LN)
  49. Jon Stewart To The Media: It’s Time To Get Your Groove Back (Stephen & Jon, TLS)
  50. Ragtime Gals: Talk Dirty (w/ Kevin Spacey) (Jimmy, TS)
  51. Web Extra: Dick Cavett Has Some Notes (Sam, FF)