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When the day met the Night - Pt 2 Ch 1

Well you wanted more, so here it is. I’m so humbled by the love and support you’ve all shown me and the story, I couldn’t be more thankful. I hope the second part lives up to your expectations 💛

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I was frustrated, I’d been on the phone with Jared for the last half hour, but the conversation was slowly deteriorating into an argument. “Just do it, bring her back here and take the role” he was telling me, for the third time. “No, I can’t leave her” I said firmly. “I’m just saying, if you want to work then I’ll look after her, I’m more than capable of looking taking care of her” he said calmly, but there was an edge to his voice. “You’re too busy to come home, but you can look after her there, how does that work?!” I said almost snapping. “If she’s, home, with me here, my mom can help and I don’t work 24 hours a day I would make time” he said reasonably. I didn’t miss his emphasis on the word “home”. Where “home” was, had become a point of contention lately. “That’s fine, I get it, I’ve got to go, I’m making her dinner” I said curtly. I heard him exhale in frustration, “no, you can’t just cut me off again, forget the fucking role for a minute, I miss you, I miss Bluebell, please come home, for a little while?” he said, in a soft voice. “We are home” I muttered, “Jesus Harper, we can’t keep having this argument” he growled, “Thats why I’m going to hang up now” I said trying to remain calm. “Okay, can we talk later, please?” he said, his voice was back to being soft and pleading. “Fine” I said, I hit end without another word. She looked up at me from where she was sitting, playing with some toys. Her beautiful blue eyes, identical to Jared’s, stared at me for a moment, then she gave me a frown. “What are you frowning at?” I asked her forcing a smile. She had fussed the whole time on the phone with him, telling him how much she missed him, finally dissolving into tears. Home and where it was had become the big question in all our lives. We couldn’t bear to be apart, but neither of us wanted to give up our home. In the middle of it all was Bluebell, who wanted to be with both of us, together. She didn’t actually care where that was, but she preferred LA, because thats where her grandma and uncle were. As for my work, I had only had a handful of very small projects in the two years after she’d been born. Jared had come and looked after her, but the last role, only a couple of months ago, had been a nightmare. I had reluctantly found a nanny, who had travelled with us as we filmed. But Bluebell had taken an immediate dislike to her. She played up, whined and had constantly misbehaved. I was relieved when it was over, the nanny even more so. She stood up now, throwing some of her toys across the room in a temper, screaming, daring me to say something. I narrowed my eyes at her, but didn’t say anything. I understood how angry she was and how much she missed him, if I could, I’d be throwing a tantrum as well. I opened my arms and she walked into them immediately with a little sob. “I miss daddy” she said quietly. “I know, I do too” I sighed. I was torn, did I give in, yet again, and go see him? Or did I stand my ground, wait for him to come to us? There were no winners in this game.

Jared’s POV -
God she was stubborn, it was one of the things I loved about her. But right now, her stubbornness was making us all miserable. It broke my heart being away from them both. Bluebell whined the entire time I’d been on the phone with her. Finally I’d whispered, “I miss you too, tell mama to bring you home, to daddy’s house” I could almost hear her nodding, “then we can all be here together, okay?” I said quietly, I knew I was playing dirty but I didn’t care. “Okay daddy, I miss you” she said again and I heard her sniff and the tears had started. An invisible hand clutched at my heart, I couldn’t bear hearing her cry. “Don’t cry sweetheart, I’ll see you soon, I’ll come if you don’t okay, I promise” I said trying to calm her down. She finally stopped and gave the phone back to Harper. We ended the call much like the other ones, frustrated with no real answers or solutions. But she would cave, at least I hoped she would. Bluebell would be miserable and like me, she hated seeing her like that, I thought smugly. If I was honest I wanted them here with me, permanently. I ran my hands through my hair with a groan. I wanted Harper here, I missed her like crazy, my body craved her. Her touch, her warmth, I couldn’t deal with being apart from her for much longer, I knew that much. I’d give her a day, if she didn’t give in, I knew I’d have to. I had thought things were going to get easier. Fuck.

Sleepless Nights Pt. 5 (Newt x Reader)

Chapter 5

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Word count: 3000+ (I’m so sorry. Oops)

Warnings: Some smut ( little explicit, not too bad and very brief), jealousy, angst, drinking (wait until you’re of age kids.)


You couldn’t help but be nervous about tonight because although you were much more comfortable with social interactions like this than Newt was, they still overwhelmed you occasionally. You were, however, a little excited about the prospect of having fun and forgetting about everything for a night.

You’d wasted the day with various little tasks, having small, slightly awkward run-ins with Newt. After this morning, your feelings of getting over him were only reinforced. You hated feeling so unworthy in comparison to the gorgeous older Goldstein sister and while you knew that wouldn’t go away, maybe they’d be severely diminished if you didn’t feel like you were always losing some competition with her.

It was almost time to go so you charmed on an iridescent dress that scooped low in the back and came just below your collarbones in the front. You smiled down at the gentle caress of satin swishing against your knees and went to the living room.

You were knocked breathless by the sight of Queenie and Tina. Queenie had her usual soft curls though, although the light was glancing off her hair in prettiest way, a halo of luscious locks framing her face. The pale pink of her dress matched the light blush of her cheeks as she smiled at some compliment Jacob gave her.


Tina looked marvelous in a knee length, black dress that hung off her shoulders in a suggestive way. The deep color complemented her skin, making the smooth creamy skin look amazing.It made you want to crawl back into bed and stay home, just sleep the night away. You couldn’t help but admire the sheer beauty between the sisters. You felt plain in comparison, despite the gorgeous dress you had on.

You heard a click and turned, watching as Newt came down the hall, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw them. He looked about the same, having not dressed up, although, he always looked fantastic in the layers upon layers of clothes he usually wore. The look on his face is what sent your mind scrambling; eyes wide with slightly parted lips, his gaze darting around the room. He finally swept his gaze to you, lingering around your face.

Tina came up beside you, black dress swishing and glittered, catching the light as she lightly touched Newt’s arm.

“Ready to go?” Her fingertips rested against the wool of his coat, featherlight touches. With glowing cheeks and an almost forced half smile, he smiled, hesitantly starting to the door.

Queenie glided out, fingers linked with Jacob’s and Newt standing by the door. He held it open, glancing around when you and Tina passed through before shutting it firmly behind him.

The walk to the bar was fairly uneventful, though the chilly air nipped and bit at the exposed skin. All you could do was wrap the jacket (you’d barely managed to grab it) tighter around your shoulders, craving chocolate liqueur and giggle water. Together, they equaled drunken, carefree laughs which is exactly what you wanted.

The smell hit you first, alcohol pouring through the room. There was a steady murmuring seeping from the room, rowdy and quiet people mixed in the crowd. Though getting jostled, you could see the Goldsteins’ sister’s eyes light up as they made their way to the bar, somehow procuring seats.

You followed them along, slipping off your jacket among the sweltering bodies around you. Almost instantly, Newt and Tina sat besides each other, conversation beginning easily as he complimented her and her dress, smiling in a way that made his eyes crinkle in the corners. Next to them, Queenie and Jacob leaned against the counter from their seats, fingers still intertwined between them as he watched with affection in his eyes as she ordered something.

You plopped down besides Newt, sighing as you leaned your head in your palm. Somehow you’d ended up a 5th wheel.

“Bottle of chocolate liqueur and a shot of firewhiskey, please,” you muttered, tossing the curious elf some coins. With a raised eyebrow, he wordlessly handed a bottle to you, an amused smirk playing upon his lips. A shot glass clinked onto the counter beside it.

You grasped the glass and tilted it down your throat, wincing slightly at the sting. A warm feeling shot through you, filling each vein. You twisted off the bottle cap and pressed the opening to your lips, chasing the bitter taste with something sweet.

Newt turned towards the bar, looking around for you and showing just how unaware he was. He caught sight of the open bottle of alcohol in your hand and a small frown creased his face.

“What are you doing?” He asked, lifting his hand as if to take the bottle. Your grip on it tightened and you took another drink, long, heavy, and deep.

“Celebrating.” You tossed the word at him, an edge to your bland, monotone voice. You peeked at him sideways and saw Tina’s hand lightly resting on his arm.

“Go celebrate with your girlfriend,” you muttered, a sneer creeping into your words. You gulped greedily at the bottle,trying desperately to drown the ridiculous jealousy.

He turned to you fully, the corners of his lips pulled down and eyebrows furrowed as he lifted a hand to the bottle.

“Y/N, are you alright? What–what’s wrong?” His gaze darted around, meeting your eyes occasionally. Already you could feel the alcohol clouding your judgement as you felt your eyes lingering on different parts of his face, especially his lips.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing,” you spit out, voice brusque as you reprimanded yourself. “Just get back to chatting with Tina. I’m sure she’s missing you dearly,” you said, voice mocking and dripping with sarcasm. You could hear the slight slur in your words, but shoved it aside.

He flinched slightly, not used to seeing this side of you whatsoever. He dropped his gaze, face flushing as he turned back to Tina, his hand ghosting against your leg in an accident. You saw him retract his hand up into his lap, flinching away from you, as if disgusted.

You rolled your shoulders, stress tensing the muscles, and sighed. You didn’t mean to snap at him; the fire whiskey was still running through you, the artificial courage coming out in the wrong way.

You saw him, still frowning, order two shots of Dragon Barrel Brandy and drink both. He winced at the taste, shaking his head before continuing to talk to Tina. Eyes widening, you placed the bottle onto the counter, unsure if you’d seen that right. He was never one to drink, ever.

You sat there, head in your hand while taking sips. Both the couples looked incredibly dashing together, not to mention enjoying themselves. You saw the way a loose smile played its way to Newts lips, the way Tina’s attention clung to him, the way Queenie gave Jacob a light peck.

You were never going to experience that, the way someone could be so fond of you. The sweet and loving gestures. Your breathing hitched painfully, throat tightening as soft tears gently ran down your face. You hated being unwanted. You hated being replaced.

Your thoughts were cut short by a tall lad placing a hand on your arm. You whirled around, hastily wiping away the tears and pulling your arm back as you swayed drunkenly.

“Excuse m-me,” you slurred, raising an eyebrow at the man. He grinned, a sly smile that made you uneasy.

“My, you look lovely. What are you doing all alone?”

The denial stuck in your throat, chest tightening at the realization that you were, indeed, alone. You turned away, facing the counter as you guzzled down more of the drink. You just wanted to forget for a night.

“Not sure. Friends got tired of me, I guess,” you mumbled, ignoring the way the magizoologist to your right suddenly looked up at you, bewilderment plastered all over his expression. You were about ⅔ of the way done with the liqueur bottle, the chocolatey taste lingering in your mouth, and that’s all that you allowed to matter at the moment.

“It’s a shame, pretty gal like you shouldn’t be left alone,” he flirted, eyes dark as they roamed down your body in way that made squirm.

“She’s not alone, actually,” came a firm voice as you felt fingers hovering above the small of your back. Newt’s voice seemed to waver slightly, his body swaying almost imperceptibly.

“Who are you? The boyfriend who forgot her?” The tall lad sneered, chuckling darkly. The fingers at your back pressed firmly against you, fire exploding wherever his hand touched bare skin.

“Didn’t forget ‘bout her, not that it’s your business.”

“Well, I suggest a Brit like you,” he sneered in contempt, mocking Newt, ”hold tight onto a girl like that. It’s a surprise you did this well.”

He stalked off, shoulders held high as if he’d won something. You shrugged off the hand at your back, chugging the last of the chocolate liqueur and stood up, stumbling to keep steady.

“I coulda done it m-myself,” you muttered fiercely, glaring at Newt. “I didn’t n-need you to come swo-o-o-o-oping to the rescue.” You dragged the word “swooping” out drunkenly, voice intense and bordering on yelling.

“Why are you y-yelling?” He shrunk back, eyes a little unfocused as he looked away. “I w-was– I just w-wan– I-I—”

“Nevermind,” you interrupted, voice quiet again as you looked at the confused stares of your friends. You stumbled to the door, listening to them gather their stuff and follow. You couldn’t walk home alone because assuming you could even find it, you shouldn’t be left alone to walk all that way in your state.

Queenie couldn’t, for the life of her, understand why you’d blown up. Granted, thoughts of insecurity and doubt had swept through your mind and you’d been confused as to why he had stepped up when he was talking to Tina. You didn’t want to talk to the man anyway, yet you had gotten upset when Newt had interrupted. She just couldn’t understand.

Unaware of Queenie’s thoughts, you staggered on, tripping every so often and holding tightly onto your jacket. You didn’t realize the tears streaking down your cheeks or the way Newt’s eyes lingered on you, itching to be closer. Once inside, you went directly to the room and closed the door, unzipping the dress quickly. You’d barely thrown off the dress and started pulling on pajamas when the door opened again, Newt stumbling past you with eyes glued to the ground.

You froze, eyes wide as he took off the layers and leaving him in only his slacks and shirt. He glanced around and froze, expecting you to be in his case. He stood for a moment, eyes roaming over you before his face went beet red and he turned around, facing the wall as he cleared his throat.

“I’m terribly, terribly sorry,” he whispered fervently, voice husky and tinged with something. His voice wavered and his hands twitched as he stared at the ground. Almost unconsciously, you started to him, clumsy and tripping from the alcohol still saturating your veins.

You needed to kiss him already. Your skin was still on fire from where he’d touched before and as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you had enjoyed it when he spoke up at the bar.

“Its….it’s alright. You can, you can t-turn around,” you murmured, voice low and rough. Hesitantly, he spun, swallowing hard when he saw you were still topless except for a bra. You dropped the shirt unceremoniously to the floor and took a small step to him, chest heaving.

You heard him inhale sharply and felt a small shiver run down your spine. He stood still, unmoving except for the ragged breathing pouring out of him. You took another step and another and another until you were right in front of him, his eyes darting everywhere except to meet your gaze.

You could feel his eyes on you, a ghosting touch that sent sparks run through you. The sharp smell of alcohol lingered on his breath, fanning across your lips as you got ever closer.

His eyes, wide in surprise, were dark and his body was tense. Carefully, you lifted your hand, running your fingers along his jaw and edging closer.

“Please. Please just pretend you want me for one night,” you whispered, not giving him time to respond as you closed your eyes and kissed him. Your lips pressed hard onto his, hand going to tangle in the auburn hair.

Suddenly, he was everywhere. His hands gripped your back and pulled you flush against him, your chest heaving against his. His fingers danced across your skin, his own breathing staggered and erratic. You ran your free hand along his chest, fumbling with the buttons as he backed up. You lost your balance and suddenly you were on top of him, him running sloppy, intense kisses along the edge of your jaw and the tender skin of your throat.

His hands ran along the dip of your waist, feather light touches up your ribs. A soft moan slipped past your lips and you felt him shudder beneath you, fingers gripping harder. Finally, you managed to get the buttons undone and slid your hands into the shirt, feeling the dips and ridges of scars. It was electrifying, feeling his skin against your with his lips pressed against you.

He kissed a tender area where your shoulder sloped into your neck and a surprisingly loud groan forced its way past your lips. You rolled your hips against his, relishing in the way he writhed and squirmed beneath you. He rolled, hovering above you now while you slid the shirt off his shoulders. You grabbed the back of his head, bringing him back down to your lips as he slid a hand down your body to the waistband of your pants.

You placed a sloppy, needy kiss against his throat, the soft skin slick with sweat. His fingers danced along your hips, your skin sensitive to each touch. You latched your lips against his neck, sucking and kissing greedily. Your hips bucked roughly against his at the low groan that poured from him, his fingers finally dipping teasingly beneath your waistband.

He barely grazed your clit, but it sent you writhing, moaning and squirming under him. You bit against his neck, kissing softly along and around it as you gripped his shoulders. You ran your hands along the numerous scars, happy through your drunken haze that this was finally happening.

His fingers dipped low again, moisture seeping through and onto his long fingers. Staggered moans slipped through as you clawed lightly against his back, impatient with the teasing. Your back arched and you cried out, chest heaving when he slid a finger in. It was a foreign feeling, one you hadn’t felt for quite a while and you bucked against his hand, groaning as his lips peppered clumsy, rushed kisses on your chest and up your throat.

He pumped his finger, curling it deliciously as he looked at your writhing body. His eyes were dark with lust as he kissed along your jaw, a soft groan slipping out when you tugged on his hair, hips lifting towards him. Moans filled the room along with the sound of gasping and wet, greedy kisses.

You brought his lips to yours again and he could taste the chocolatey alcohol on your mouth. Almost immediately, he backed away, pulling out his fingers from your pants and standing up. You whimpered from the loss, sitting up to look at him. He was a mess; his hair was tangled and unruly, shirtless with rumpled pants, lips swollen and red, his skin slick with sweat and numerous bite marks and faint bruises littering his chest, shoulders, and neck. But Merlin’s beard he was absolutely gorgeous.  

“What’s wrong, what are you doing?” You asked him, worry coloring your slurred voice as he frantically started pulling on his shirt and grabbing his clothes. You got up, putting on your shirt and placing a hand on his arm. He flinched away.

“I c-can’t d-do this. It’s n-not okay,” he started, shaking his head and looking away. You crossed your arms over your chest, everything suddenly much more focused as you took a step back.

“What do you mean it’s not okay?” You asked, your voice dangerous.

“I c-can’t do this. We’ve b-been. W-we’ve been d-drinking and it’s n-n-not alright. You’re not y-yourself—”

“You mean I’m not her.”

“—and you’re n-not– What?”

“I’m not Tina. That’s the problem, isn’t it,” you said quietly, not listening to his excuses as your body shook. He looked bewildered, probably at the prospect of being caught.

“What? N-no, that’s a-absurd. You’ve been d-drinking and I-I-I—”

“Get out.”

“What? Y/N,” he pleaded, face scrunched as he tried to explain.

“Get. Out,” you snarled, anger simmering. “Get out and don’t come back. I’m done with this. I’m done with always being replaced and never, ever being seen. I am done with always being on the sidelines while you fall in love with different women, sitting around waiting for you to remember your BEST FRIEND. I’m done with it. With all of it. You can finish your manuscript on your own.”

“Y/N, p-please. That’s n-not wh-wha—”

“Get out. Please, please, please just get out before I humiliate myself further,” you whispered, voice thick with tears as you stared at ground, waiting for him to leave.

“Y/N… P-p-please, I… Alright,” he mumbled, hesitating for a moment before going out to the living room.

Within seconds, heavy, ugly sobs were ripping themselves out of your chest as you sank to the floor. You buried your head in your arms, quietly crying as you thought over what you’d just said. You dragged yourself to bed, the one unrumpled and neat, and laid there, tears streaming from your raw eyes.

With alcohol and sorrow dragging you down, you slowly fell into the abyss, sleep capturing you as you did.


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Mobile Masterlist

I’ve been meaning to make one, so here’s all my stories so far. It will get updated as more stories get done. My ask box is always open for requests, so feel free to send them in :)


Steve Rogers

Tony Stark

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Loki Laufeyson


Truth or Dare at The Night Court


Feyre: Cassian…Truth or Dare?
Cassian: *rolls eyes* Dare. Obviously.
Feyre: *grins* I DARE you to take Nesta out on a date!
Cassian: *eyes widen*
Nesta: (from the back of the room) Do you want Velaris to go up in flames? Because that’s the only way that date would result.


Mor: Truth or Dare Azriel?
Azriel: …Dare.
Mor: I dare you to go skinny dipping in Sidra River!
Azriel: *inhales sharply* Mor…
Mor: Oh lighten up Azriel… *grins wickedly*…if you want, I’ll go with you…


Rhysand: Truth or Dare Feyre, Darling?
Feyre: I’m probably going to regret this but… Dare.
Rhysand: *grinning* I dare you to paint me right now…
Feyre: Okay, I’ll go get my paint-
Rhysand: …Nude.
Feyre: Cauldron boil me.
Mor: *laughing so hard she falls off of her chair*

one night snap (pt. 1)

words: 1813
description: [23:09] Kim Taehyung:

warnings: none (in this part)
a/n: this was heavily inspired by snapstreak by @namjoone​ (if you’re into taekook, i highly recommend you read it), it’s just that i’ve been thinking about this all week and i wanted to write something with a similar setting and Snapchat is the perfect app for these sort of one-shots hehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Acquainted with the Night, Pt.1 | Yoongi

Masterlist | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Pairing: Min Yoongi x OC

Genre: angst | fantasy | Hogwarts!AU | Victorian!AU | eventual smut |

Words: ~8k

Warnings: mentions of suicide | magical violence

Synopsis: For all she knew, Min Yoongi was only an excellent student, a diligent Prefect, and an ill-tempered classmate; but that was not all he was.Dark marks spread over his body like ink, macabre filigrees decorating his skin that were the sole proof that he kept a secret, a dangerous one, that Guinevere was dying to discover.

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One Pt.1

Originally posted by khunwufan

Group: EXO
Member: Sehun x OC
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Word count: 3834
A/N: The second to last part. I don’t know much about line up of exordium so if it’s wrong I’m sorry.

One Night Stand | One Night | One Pt. 1 | One Pt. 2

The next day Sehun, Joonmyun, and I have meeting with their manager. The three of us enter SM Entertainment and go to their manager’s office. “I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment in two days, but I have rules if you two are going to keep the baby” Their manager informs us. “You two may be seen in public until Y/N starts showing. Y/N is on house arrest after she starts showing. This is honestly convenient because I was looking for a big enough house for you nine boys. Anyway, once I find one Y/N will move in” Their manager explains the plan to us. “Do the rest of the boys know?” He ask us.

“Out of the eight of us Kyungsoo and I know” Joonmyun tells him. He nods and writes something on a sticky note, “This is the information you need for your doctor’s appointment” He hands me the sticky note. “Be careful of what you two do in public now, okay?” He says sternly. Joonmyun, Sehun and I get up to leave. “We will have another meeting in a few months about this” Their manager escorts us out. We drive back to the dorm and just kind of hang out. “How do we tell the rest of them?” I ask Sehun. Sehun shrugs, “Guys! Exo meeting” All the boys come downstairs into the living room.

Sehun stands up from the couch, “I’m glad you all could come to this meeting.” I giggle as Sehun talks to his bandmates. “I’ve called you here for a very good reason,” Sehun paces in front of the boys “I’ve fallen in love with a girl. You probably know her, she goes by the name of Y/N. Anyway, after we had amazing sex I realized I liked her. She became very close to all of us in the last month and a half. I guess what I’m trying to say is-” I cut Sehun off. “I’m pregnant” I switch my position on the couch so I’m laying down and put my hands behind my head. “Wow, thanks for that” Sehun says boringly.

“Wait, Sehun, were you trying to tell us your pull out game is weak” Jongin cracks up. “Why does that not surprise me” Baekhyun comments. “I was trying to tell you guys in a very romantic way” Sehun defends. “It stopped being romantic the minute you started talking about sex” Chanyeol howls. “I agree with him” I point to Chanyeol as Sehun glares at me. I stand up and join Sehun, “Though we can’t talk about the pregnancy outside of this house, you all will get a t-shirt that says uncle squad” I announce. The boys all cheer. Baekhyun and Jongdae snicker, “Sehun’s pull out game is weak.” Sehun groans and smacks them both.

“So you’re about a month and a half?” Minseok asks. I nod my head and he smiles. “Good luck you’re kid will be a brat” He whispers in my ear. I chuckle at the comment as I think he’s not completely wrong. “Oh, so is that why you and Sehun were outside the other day?” Yixing asks me. “You saw that?” I ask. “Yeah I was sitting in my room, and I saw you and Sehun talking then you ran off” He explains. “Oh, yeah” I say awkwardly.

Two days later

“Y/F/N” The nurse announces catching me and Sehun’s attention. “Yes, that’s me” I answer as I stand up and follow her. She takes us into an examination room. Everything is white or gray and smells really clean. Sehun squeezes my hand and I give him a comforting smile. The nurse takes all my information, “The doctor will be in soon to see you.” Now, it’s just Sehun and I in the room and I glance around nervously. “Y’know I’ve never really liked hospitals” I say with a frown. “Why is that, baby” Sehun rubs the back of my hand with his thumb. “My brother was in a car accident, he had a chance of not making it, it made me so mad that he was gonna leave me here with the two people who didn’t love me but he got better” I squeeze Sehun’s hand and he kisses my hand. “Well-” Sehun gets cut off by the doctor.

“Hello, Y/N” The doctor greets us. “I’m Dr. Jung, now let’s have a look at your baby” She smiles as she gets a tube of blue gel. “You must be the father” Dr. Jung smiles at Sehun, “Glad you could be here.” I lift my shirt as she puts a dollop of blue gel on my stomach. Dr. Jung turns on the monitor and rubs the device around on my stomach. “Your baby is about 7 weeks and it’s healthy” I smile at Sehun as he stares at the monitor in awe. “That’s…that’s my baby?” He asks, eyes never leaving the screen. “Yes” Dr. Jung says. “I think we’ll need two prints of this” I chuckle to Dr. Jung. “I think so too” She looks between me and Sehun. “Here are your prints” She hands me two copies and wipes off the gel.

“What size is the baby right now?” Sehun asks. I wonder what he’s thinking right now with everything that’s going on. “It’s about the size of a blueberry” Dr. Jung explains as she escorts us out. “Thank you Dr. Jung” I shake her hand. “I expect to see you back here in two months” She waves us off. “This is most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life” Sehun says as we walk out to the car. “In seven months you get to hold that in your arms” I comment. “Oh my god I might cry” Sehun says as he gets into the driver side of the car. Sehun starts the car, “So be honest what’s going through your head right now?” I ask. “Honestly, I can never look at blueberries again without thinking I’m a cannibal. And everything that happened today just made me think ‘Wow this is real, I’m not dreaming’ and it’s crazy, y'know? Like I’m gonna be a father and you’re the mother and it’s a little me like and the boys oh my god they’re gonna be uncles and then apart of me is like ‘Dude you’re the youngest in the group and you’re having a baby when you’re still a baby’ and I’m wondering what the boys think like-” Sehun rambles on as he looks between the road and me. “Sehun breathe” I cut him off. Sehun breathes in and out a few times. “Long story short I’m happy, excited, and a bit overwhelmed but in good way” He says as he turns into the dorm parking lot.

“Well I’m glad you’re happy” I smile and get out of the car. “If only we could go public with this because I wanna share this with all the Exo-ls” Sehun frowns at the sonogram picture. “I know what you mean, Sehunnie, I wish we could too” I lean my head on his shoulder as I glance down at my copy. “But for now let’s go in and show the boys” Sehun points to the front door. As soon as we open the door there are 8 boys sitting impatiently on the stairs. When they notice us they all jump up with bright excited faces. “Show me my grandchild” I hear Joonmyun say. “Chill guys, here’s the photo” I hand them my copy and they all coo at the black and white picture.

“It’s beautiful” Yixing smiles up at me and Sehun. “If it’s a boy do you think his penis will be small like Sehun’s?” Baekhyun asks Jongdae. “Probably” Jongdae chuckles. Everyone stares at the two perverted boys. “Really? Why do you have to ruin a great moment?” Kyungsoo smacks the back of the boy’s head. “Anyway it’s beautiful” Kyungsoo comments. “Thank you” Sehun smiles at his hyung and then he shoots Baekhyun and Jongdae a glare.

Joonmyun’s phone starts ringing and he walks into the living room to answer it. Everyone exchanges looks before following him into the living room. “Mhm, yeah I’ll let them know, yes thank you Manager Hyung” Joonmyun ends the call. “Well?” Jongin asks. “Well the good news is he found a bigger house to move into, the bad news is we go on tour in two days and don’t move into the house till after the tour” He stares at his phone before putting it into his pocket. “So you guys are all leaving in two days?” I ask, sadness laced in the tone of my voice. “I guess so” Chanyeol looks the most shocked. What a mood killer, I think to myself.

“Come on” Sehun grabs my hand, pulls me up the stairs and into his room. “Cuddle with me” He demands as he plops down on his bed. I fall asleep to Sehun drawing circles on my back. We wake up later and eat dinner with everyone in awkward silence. Then, everyone washes up and gets ready for bed.

Sehun’s POV

My eyes flutter open and adjust to the sunlight seeping through the curtains. I roll over away from the light and wrap my arm around Y/N. She stirs in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. She looks beautiful when she sleeps and she glows now that she’s pregnant. I can’t help but smile at her. Then all the sudden a warm feeling hits the pit of my stomach. “Fuck” I whisper. I gently move Y/N’s hair away from her neck, and start leaving light kisses on her neck. She moans in her sleep and I pull her whole body closer. What’s not helping is that she’s wearing little to no clothing. “Sehun, get your boner away from my ass” Y/N groans. “I want you so bad” I give her one long kiss on her neck.

“How could you want me at this time?” She turns over so she’s facing me. “I want you all the time it’s just right now I really want you” I push a strand of hair behind her ear. “Well when you put it like that” She says groggily then she bites her lip. “Wait,” She pulls away and sits up a little looking around the room, “Okay nevermind.” I look at her with a weird expression. “I thought Joonmyun was still in here” She says as she snakes her arm around my neck. Just as I’m about to say something she pulls me in before I can speak. I squeeze her hips as I pull them closer to mine. Y/N moans and then straddles me.

Y/N grinds on me and my hands make their way down to her ass as I knead it. She continues to grind making me lose my mind, “Fuck Y/N, if you keep grinding I’ll come like this” I pant. She chuckles against my lips and pulls away, “Is Sehun that excited?” “Excited is an understatement” I growl and pull her down only to roll us over for a change of position. “You got top last time now you’re gonna see what it’s like to be bottom” I purr in her ear. “So Sehun isn’t a bottom bitch, what else… do you want me to call you daddy too?” Y/N teases. “Provoking the wolf, wow how brave” I comment.

“Bring it on Maknae” She smirks. “Shut up” I smile and close the space between us. I unclip her bra and throw it on the ground. She arches her back making her chest press up against me as she kisses my neck. I pull her out of my neck and I move down her body so I’m eye level with her breasts. I smirk up at her then I put her right nipple in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. She closes her eyes tight and grips the sheets next to her. I massage her left breast occasionally pinching the nipple. “Sehun” She moans my name and she moans it loud. God it makes a surge of pleasure run through my body and stop at my groin.

I switch to the left breast and I massage the right with my hand. She squirms at the pleasure, “Sehun I want you now.” I ignore her begging and let go of her breast. Y/N sighs in relief probably thinking I’m gonna give it to her now but she’s got a little more waiting to do first. I snake down her body and make a ton of wet kisses on her stomach. “Sorry for this blueberry” I whisper making Y/N laugh. I pull her panties off and throw them with her bra. I spread her legs and kiss the insides of her thighs. Without preparation I push two fingers into Y/N. She puts her hands over her face and whimpers loudly. “Excuse me Miss, I’m gonna need you to quiet down” I stop pumping my fingers and smirk up at her. She flips me off and bucks her hips up. “Well if you say so” I chuckle.

I take my fingers out of her and come up to be face to face. I push her hands away from her face, “Let me see your beautiful face.” Y/N slowly moves her hands away from her face, I grab one hand, intertwine our fingers and place it above her head. “Ready?” I ask. Y/N scoffs, “Ready is an understatement.” I chuckle and align my dick with her entrance. I push in slowly resulting in a long moan from me. My thrusts start slow and gradually get faster as I feel myself getting closer to climax. “Sehun it’s-it’s so good-” Y/N cuts herself off with a whimper. “Come baby” I whisper in her ear and she does, but with an oh so beautiful moan of my name. My thrusts get sloppier and I release into Y/N. I ride it out as Y/N strokes my cheek, still coming down from her climax.

I pull out, then lay next to her trying to catch my breath. Y/N peppers kisses on my chest before getting out of bed to search for clothes for the both of us. She throws me boxers and sweatpants, and she steals a tshirt and boxers for herself. “You guys leave tomorrow” She blurts.


“You guys leave tomorrow” I blurt without even realizing it. Sehun’s face drops as he stares at me. It was only announced yesterday and it’s already tearing me apart. “Well, yes, but our first concert is in Seoul then we start the world tour” Sehun explains. I nod as I bite my lip. “I’ll be gone for about four months tops, but I promise you I will be here for the birth of our baby” Sehun strokes my head. “We have to pack now okay, baby” Sehun kisses my forehead and the pulls a suitcase out from under the bed. “Can I get breakfast first?” I ask and Sehun nods. I make my way downstairs to the kitchen. I search the fridge for anything but nothing sounds good. I look in the pantry, finding a banana and some oatmeal. I fix the oatmeal and cut the banana up in slices. “You’re gonna miss that the next four months aren’t you” Yixing appears at the doorway of the kitchen.

“Miss what?” I ask smiling at him. He chuckles as he gets a mug out of the cupboard and pours milk into it. “You’re gonna miss the morning sex with Sehun” He deadpans. “You guys don’t even try to be quiet and I’m on the opposite side of the hall” He adds. “I’m sorry” I blush awkwardly. “It’s okay, I can’t quite speak for the other boys but I understand he wants to worship your body all the time, his face says it all” Yixing takes a sip of his hot chocolate. “I’m gonna miss him” I blurt. “I’m gonna miss all of you and I’m gonna miss not being able to come over and annoy every one of you” I add. Yixing gives me a side hug, “We’ll miss you too but remember we will be back so you can continue to annoy us.”

“Y/N don’t cry” Yixing coos, he picks up my bowl of oatmeal and puts an arm around me leading me upstairs to Sehun’s room. “Sehun we have a problem” Yixing says nervously. “What did you do!?” Sehun raises his voice at Yixing. “She said she was gonna miss us and then she started crying” Yixing says quickly. I stand there crying then Sehun grabs my hands and pulls me into a comforting hug. “I’m sorry for yelling, you can go now I’ve got Her” Sehun assures Yixing. He leaves and closes the door behind him. “Y/N” Sehun whispers in my hair. “Baby, look at me” He says. I sniffle and look up at him. “You’re going to be okay, I wouldn’t go on tour knowing you’re not going to be okay but you’re so strong you can do anything and you have to stay especially strong for our baby okay?” Sehun says calmly. “I love you” I whisper to him. He smiles wide making his teeth show. He doesn’t say anything, instead he pulls me into a bear hug.


Tonight was the kick off for the Exordium tour. Everyone is excited but nervous. “You’re going to do great you are amazing” I say to Sehun. “But what if I miss a step” Sehun asks nervously. “Sehun you guys have practiced this dance for months there’s no way you can mess this up” I reassure him. “But what if-” I cut Sehun off. “When you’re out there pretend it’s just you and the boys in the practice room working hard” I tell him. He nods and I smile at him. “Or imagine it’s just me and you the whole time” I hold his hand. “Yeah, I’ll imagine you as the cane for artificial love and pray to god I don’t get a boner” He deadpans. I burst out laughing, “Please do that.”

“Guys, 10 minutes till showtime, Y/N you gotta go to your special spot” Exo’s Manager tells us. I give Sehun a good luck kiss and the rest of the boys high fives and hugs. “Y/N” Sehun says making me stop at the door and turn to him, “I love you.” I smile at him, “I love you too.” Their manager leads me to my spot in the arena which is to the right of the stage and two bodyguards are there to watch me, making sure I don’t get hurt by fans Sehun told me. The arena lights turn off and the opening video plays.


Its an hour into the show and they’re sitting down doing their acoustic medley. So far the boys look like they’re having fun and doing amazing. After the medley they talk to the audience. “You guys may not know this but we have a very very very special guest here today” Kyungsoo smiles my way. Sehun blushes like crazy. “You guys remember Y/N, right?” Chanyeol asks the fans. They all yell a yes back to them. “Aw look at Sehun blush, anyway Y/N is here tonight” Baekhyun pokes Sehun’s cheeks as he tries to hide. The fans start changing ‘Oh Sehun speech’. Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Jongdae chant with them.

“Okay okay,” Sehun starts. “Yes, Y/N is out there, and I’m so ecstatic that she could be here tonight, it means a lot. We will perform good for you, Y/N. I love you” Sehun never breaks eye contact with me. The boys aww as do the fans. “Anyway let us go change and we will come back and perform more songs!” Joonmyun says before running off stage. They all come back out wearing black button up that is cut in areas and black leather jeans. The beginning beat of Artificial Love booms through the arena. To my luck Sehun’s spot for the song is right in front of me. The choreography for the song is on the sensual side but it’s perfect for EXO. Sehun winks at me as he gets lower till he’s on his knees. That’s when it happens…he grinds on the cane. I never thought that Sehun grinding on an inanimate object would turn me on so much. He then puts the cane behind his head and humps the air. All the girls and some boys around me are screaming and I don’t blame them. I scream with them till the song is over.  


I wake up to Sehun shaking me. He’s leaning over me already dressed. “Come on, baby, we’ve gotta go to the airport” He says quietly. I sit up as Sehun grabs me an outfit and hands it to me. I put on a pair of black leggings and one of his charcoal colored sweatshirt. I throw some black converse on then Sehun and I go downstairs to the can with the rest of the band. Everything in the dorm is packed up and ready to be moved into the new house. The drive to the airport is quiet, maybe it’s because it’s 5am or maybe it’s because none of us are ready to be apart. The night before the boys confessed that they hated that they were gonna miss seeing my stomach grow with their nephew or niece in it. They said I was family now and they can’t leave family easily.

It was very obvious Sehun didn’t want to leave me alone and especially with me being pregnant. We pile out of the car and everyone grabs their bags. We walk into the airport and go through the process to get checked in and stuff. There were paparazzi and fans already there which made it pretty hectic. We reach the point where only the boys can continue on. “I’ll be back before you know it” Sehun says. “We’ll be here” I smile sadly. Sehun hugs me tight and I hug back just as tight. He strokes my cheek as he looks down at me affectionately. Around us is the boys, fans, and paparazzi, but right now I don’t care no one can ruin this moment. He leans down and gives me a kiss, in the background I hear all the fans ‘aw’ and all the camera snaps.

The boys are next, they all get in a line to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They all say goodbye just then there’s an announcement in the airport that their plane is boarding for departure. Sehun gives me one last hug and whispers, “I love you,” and he walks away towards the gate. Their manager drives me home and I lay in bed for a little bit with my hoodie up and the smell of Sehun lingering on his hoodie.

Heartfelt (Drabble) [9] (M)

Day & Night (Drabble Series): Pt. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]

Genre: Smut/Fluff

College AU

Characters: Yoongi x Reader 

Word Count: 1,808

A/N: This drabble takes place the same day as the last one, which is why the dates are the same. I’ve been meaning to update, but I was so busy with finals (had my last one on Thursday, YAY). 

If you haven’t read the previous drabbles then please do so  ❤︎

It was so hard for me to post this, I’m so nervous ;A; I hope you guys enjoy this >.< 

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[October 17, 2016]

             Alluring, that word perfectly described Y/N at this very moment. Her lips were red and swollen from all the kissing and her cheeks were tinted a dark shade of pink. She looked so pure and innocent laying beneath him in nothing but a pair of white lacy panties and a matching bra, he wanted nothing more than to taint her and claim her as his own. The girl tugged on his clothes, a smirk etched on his lips as he grabbed his shirt and flung it to the hardwood floor. Y/N licked her lips as her gaze wandered down his toned upper body, her eyes lingered on his tattoos, which started on his right shoulder and traveled down his arm until they hit his wrist. Her fingers traced the colorful ink that was located near his right peck, she had never felt this attracted to anyone before.

             “Like what you see?” he taunted running his cold finger tips along her bare thighs causing a shiver to run down her spine. Not bothering to let her reply Yoongi crashed his hungry lips back down on her plush ones, Y/N let out a soft whine as he grazed his teeth on her lower lip before forcefully shoving his tongue inside her mouth. His kisses were rough and wet, yet tender and sweet at the same time. The man’s lips molded perfectly into hers, it were as if their sole purpose were to lock with her own. Sorrow, guilt, and regret were just a few of the emotions he was projecting onto her, this was more than just a simple kiss, because in a sense it was an apology.

             His pale pink lips then began to venture downward towards her neck leaving tiny butterfly kisses that had the girl yearning for more. Y/N gasped at the sudden feeling of his canines sinking down onto her collarbone’s delicate flesh making her whimper in pain. She could sense that same area being tugged at as he sucked on the skin until he was satisfied. Momentarily Yoongi pulled away in order to inspect his work, the spot was a dark shade of red, almost purple, it was perfect. After having marked her as his own he then proceeded to leave wet feather-like kisses in hopes of helping the pain subside, meanwhile his hands fumbled with her bra until it was finally off.

            “So perky…” he muttered ghosting his fingers over the sensitive buds. A breathy moan could be heard from the girl when his hands began to knead her breast. His fingers felt cold against her warm skin which only added to the tingling sensation he was making her feel. Without a warning he engulfed her nipple into his mouth while his index finger and thumb fondled the other. She found herself relishing the feeling of his mouth wrapped around her nipple as his teeth lightly nibbled on it.

             “Yoongi.” Her voice sounded as sweet as honey whenever she’d moan for him. His cock twitched in excitement hearing his name roll off her tongue in the most sinful manner. He knew exactly what she wanted and that was for him to move down south. The fair skinned boy abruptly pulled away and hooked his slender fingers around the waistband of her panties then pulled them down. He couldn’t help but take a second to admire the sight of her pink pussy glistening in the dimly lit room, she was drenched and it was all because of him. “Please…” she begged as he teasingly kissed up her inner thighs, patience had never been her virtue. She let out a long moan when she finally felt his tongue work its way through her slick folds, her fingers immediately found themselves tangled in his dark locks tugging him closer. Yoongi’s tongue flicked her clit making the girl squirm while she mewled for more. “Oh fuck, Yoongi!” her high pitched voice indicated that she was close, very close. Well aware that she’d release any second he abruptly thrusted his wet muscle inside her needy hole. Y/N found herself subconsciously rolling her hips to meet his mouth, which resulted in his nose pressing against her clit and exerting just the right amount of pressure. “Oh my god!” she let out a strangled cry as the warm bubbling feeling in the pit of her stomach uncoiled and traveled throughout her body while her juices leaked down his chin and onto the bedsheets. Not bothering to take into consideration how sensitive her orgasm had left her the black haired boy greedily lapped the juices making her whine as she tried to shove him away. She was sweet, too sweet, but he loved it.

             “You taste so good.” He moaned licking his moist lips savoring the flavor. “Stay on your back.” He commanded as he pushed his sweatpants and boxers down unable to wait any longer. She could feel her mouth water at the sight of his painfully thick cock, his pink swollen head leaked out pre-cum that she wished to lick up, but she had to follow orders. Instead Y/N tightly pressed her thighs together in an attempt to alleviate the ache between her legs. Having taken notice the man spread her legs with one hand as he pumped his shaft with the other before aligning himself. She could feel him teasingly rub himself up against her entrance coating his tip in her juices. Gradually he eased himself inside afraid that if he didn’t he would hurt her and that’s the last thing he wanted. He waited until he was certain she had adjusted to gently thrust into her.

             “Yoongi… Ple- Please.” Y/N whined bucking her hips wanting to feel more.

             “I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispered brushing some strands of hair out of her face, even though he was well aware that this wasn’t her first time the fear of possibly hurting her was still there.

             “Please, don’t hold back… I’m not fragile, you’re not going to break me. I n- need you!” and those words in that tone were more than enough to have him pounding into her. The sultry moans that erupted from her throat only fed Yoongi’s ego to keep going. Y/N was loving the way he completely filled her up, she could feel every single inch of him pressing up against her pulsing walls. “Oh god, Yoongi!” the man grunted in response as he let go of her waist and threw both her legs over his shoulders giving him better access. The sound of skin slapping, moans, and lewd slick sounds echoed throughout the sweltering room.

             “So tight.” the boy groaned as he delve deeper inside of her.

             “Right there!” Y/N whimpered letting go of the wrinkled bedsheets and wrapping her arms around his neck craving intimacy. His fingers found themselves firmly gripping her waist as he drilled into her hitting that same spot over and over with his swollen meat. Yoongi glanced down at the girl, her face was contorted in sheer pleasure. He watched how her small frame would shake with every rough thrust and enjoyed the way her breast would bounce every time as well.

             “You’re taking me so well baby.” He cooed shifting his eyes down to watch how his cock stretched her out. He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that this was actually happening and it wasn’t just another one of his fantasies.

            Y/N glanced up at him through her hooded eyes in order to appreciate the visually stimulating image before her; the veins on the side of his neck flexed as he tilted his head back in ecstasy, a sheen layer of sweat coated his porcelain skin, his half lidded eyes were clouded with lust, while his bottom lip was caught between his teeth. He could feel her walls starting to frantically convulse around his girth signaling that she was once again close. One of his hands swiftly let go of her and he inserted his thumb in his mouth before he brought it down to massage her throbbing clit.

            “You’re such a good girl for so willingly offering yourself to me.” Yoongi gruffly praised as he jerked his hips faster, his words along with his movements threw her over the edge. Her walls squeezed him tightly coaxing him to cum, at this point she could feel every single curve on his dick.

             “Yoongi!” the girl moaned wantonly as she arched her back and ran her nails down his back. The sounds she was making prompted him to pound into her mercilessly, his thrust becoming sporadic as he chased his own high. Yoongi craned his head back and groaned her name as he reached his own climax, ribbons of hot cum shot into her and filled her to the brim, the mind numbing pleasure was all either of them could feel right now. Her lips were parted open letting out mewls and pants while her body trembled uncontrollably due to the aftermath of her toe curling orgasm. She was completely wrecked and writhering beneath him, it was a breath taking sight he had caused. To him, she had never looked more beautiful than she did right now.  

             As soon as he pulled out he could see his warm creamy seed seeping out her tight hole, a moan escaped his mouth as his eyes feasted on the erotic sight. Yoongi was overcome by satisfaction seeing Y/N’s juices and his cum dripping down.

             “You did so well Y/N.” She gazed up hazily as he affectionately stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. He found himself lying next to her with one of his arm draped around her waist. “Y/N…”

             “Hmm?” the girl hummed, her head rested on his chest while she lazily traced an outline of one of his tattoos.

             “I’m sorry…” he muttered quietly hoping she had heard him. Had he known she was listening in on his and Namjoon’s conversation the other day he would have been more careful with his words, but in a moment of panic he had blurted out whatever came to mind. Yoongi had never been good at voicing his emotions, which is why he had a habit of saying things he didn’t mean. “I- I-“ as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t bring himself to say a certain something out loud. The black haired boy let out a frustrated sigh as he ran a hand though his disheveled hair. Why is this so hard?

            Suddenly his hand swiftly crept behind her neck bringing her closer in order to lock his lips with hers. She could feel herself melting against him because out of all the kisses they had shared this one was the most raw. It was sweet, passionate, and most of all heartfelt. What I’m trying to say is that… I really like you.

A Night to Remember pt. 1 (Auston Matthews)

Word count: 2303

Author’s note: Yes, I totally stole the title from High School Musical. This story’s probably going to be two parts. No one requested it, but it’s an idea that I can’t get out of my head, so here you go! Pure fluff, I’m telling you. 

(Y/F)=Your Friend, (Y/B/F)=Your Best Friend, (Y/O/F)=Your Other Friend, (Y/G/F)=Your Guy Friend

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

Prom, everyone said, was supposed to be one of the best nights of your high school life. You got dressed up, spent a crazy amount of money on your dress, hair, shoes, nails, a fancy meal and, sometimes, a limousine. Your parents and all of your friends’ parents would take a crazy amount of pictures until your face started hurting. If you were lucky, you had a boyfriend to walk you down Grand March, but most of the time you just walked with a single guy in your friend group. You and your friends would dance stupidly while slyly getting drunk, there would be a post-prom, some dumb games would be played, a hypnotist would hypnotize people and then the night would be over.

Personally, you didn’t see the appeal in Prom.

Sure, you had a loving boyfriend who would gladly go to Prom with you, but he couldn’t. Since Auston played for the Leafs and was currently living in Toronto while you were stuck in your hometown, it wasn’t possible for him to attend Prom with you. Of course, your friends had all finally convinced you to at least go to Prom in a group (‘it’s senior Prom, you have to go!’), so that’s why you’re currently sitting in a dress shop on a Saturday afternoon, looking at dresses with your friends.

“Hey (Y/N), this one’s pretty cute!” Your best friend holds a dress up for you to look at. It’s a classic looking dress with, thankfully, no jewels on it. Even you have to admit that it’s insanely you. You take the dress from your friend and add it to your pile of dresses for you to try on.

“You should FaceTime Auston and see what he thinks.” (Y/F) suggests.

“Why, so we can both get sad over the fact that he can’t come to Prom? I’m good, thanks.” It shouldn’t bug you that Auston can’t come to Prom. It’s just a dance, after all, and Auston’s living his dream right now. But there’s just something about the thought of having Auston by your side at Prom that made you smile. Auston had that day off, actually; the Leafs played a game that Friday and didn’t play again until Monday. But Auston had told you that he had asked Babcock if he could miss practice to fly down, who specifically told Auston that he would be sent down to the Marlies for a game if he did fly down. Needless to say, the both of you were pretty upset.

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Studio (Drabble) [6]

Day & Night (Drabble Series): Pt. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]

Genre: Fluff

College AU

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 904

A/N: Enjoy the fluff… while you can! *hint hint*

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              -          Admin Mochi

[September 16, 2016]

              “Is Yoongi here? I haven’t seen him all week… I’m worried.” Y/N asked Jin who was busy working on an essay for one of his classes. The toffee haired man heaved a sigh before taking his eyes off the screen and gazing over at her with a distraught look.

               “No, I’ve seen him once this whole week and that was only because he came to grab some clean clothes the other day.” Replied the older boy with a frown.

               “Is that so…” Y/N muttered looking down at the floor in disappointment.

               “I’m worried as well, knowing him he probably hasn’t been eating or sleeping properly… You should pay him a visit.” The man suggested hoping she would agree.

               “I don’t know… I don’t want to bother him.”

               “Trust me, you’re probably the only person he’d let in.”

               Y/N looked around in awe as she stepped inside, everything looked so professional. Glancing around she wondered, how can he afford to rent out a recording studio like this? Her eyes continued to scan the room taking in her surroundings, by the entrance there was a black leather couch with a blanket messily thrown on it. That’s probably where he’s been sleeping, that’s IF he’s been sleeping. To the left there were some shelfs crammed with books, CDs, and action figures. Oh my god, is that Kumamon? She would have never guessed Yoongi liked the cute black smiley bear as well. Her attention was then diverted to the piano located to the right of the room, the girl gingerly ran her fingers over the keys tempted to press one but too afraid to actually do so.

               “What are you doing here?” startled by the sudden sound of his voice the girl jumped a bit and accidentally pressed down on one or two keys, the sound echoed throughout the room. Turning around she looked at him with wide panic filled eyes.

               “I just- I… Uh…” He tilted his head in confusion unable to understand what on earth she was trying to say.

               “You know it’s rude to come over unannounced and on top of that you didn’t even knock.”

               “I texted you, but you didn’t reply… And I did knock, but you didn’t answer…” Y/N replied trying to defend herself. “You know sleeping on the couch is bad for your back….” The girl commented pointing over at the piece of furniture. “Have you at least been eating well?” He didn’t answer, instead he just stared at her with a blank expression. “I made you something to eat!” she beamed motioning over towards the Tupperware she had placed on one of the empty tables he had to the side, still no answer. I might as well be talking to a wall. “Look… I’ve been worried about you… You haven’t been returning my calls or texts and- Ugh… Never mind, forget it. I’ll get going now.” Y/N sighed in defeat as she walked towards the door only to be stopped by Yoongi. She was puzzled to see his long fingers wrapped around her small wrist.

               “Do you want to listen to what I’ve been working on?” he could see her big brown eyes light up in excitement as she nodded her head vigorously.

               “Yes, yes, yes!” the girl chanted as she jumped up and down clapping her hands. How cute. Y/N watched him walk over and sit down on the black leather rolling chair that was adorned with a white and black baseball jersey with his stage name on it.

               “Come here.” The black haired boy ordered waving her over.

               “Where am I supposed to sit?” Y/N whined looking around with a slight pout.

               “You can sit here.” Yoongi jokingly responded leaning back on the chair and patting on the empty space between his thighs, he wasn’t actually expecting her to do it. He had been planning on giving her the chair to sit, which is why he was bemused when he felt her back press against his chest. He tensed at the sudden body to body contact, she felt so small and fragile against him, but strangely enough he liked it.

               “So, are you going to show me?”

               “Um… Oh yeah, here.” He gently placed the black studio headphones on her then after making sure she was ready he played the music. The faired skinned boy watched as she bobbed her head to the beat of the song, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to see her facial expression. He was curious as to what her thoughts were, usually Namjoon would always be the first to listen whenever he composed something new. For some reason he had never felt this level anxiety whenever the other boy would listen, but with her these felt like the longest three and a half minutes of his life.

               “Oh my god.”

               “How was it…? Was is okay?” he asked tapping his fingers on his thighs worriedly.

               “Okay? It was amazing, I loved it! You don’t understand Yoongi… This is so- wow. I can’t wait to see you perform this live.” Her gushing put him at ease, relief washed over him hearing the genuine enthusiasm laced in her voice. “You probably hear this often, but I’m going to say it anyway… You are so talented.” A smile tugged on his pale pink lips as he warily rested his chin on her shoulder.

               “You think so?” he muttered timidly next to her ear.

              “I know so.”


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Roses and Revolutionaries pt. 1

Originally posted by true-lexaddict

(A/N) This is the first part of a story I am working on. In this installment, there is a mention of implied sexual assault and violence. Mentions of blood and critical injury are also present.

Part Two

*The new & improved version, Roses and Revolutionaries: Revamped is here, as promised. 

Even as a human Alec could remember his nocturnal tendencies. He remembered creeping out of the simple home he shared with his mother, father, and sister, and making his way through the small village he grew up in. Not even the venom that had scorched his veins could take away his sense of wonder as he stared into the night sky.

But times had changed, and with the endless waves of technology had come an invention that struck a particular nerve inside of him: streetlamps. With his vampirism, he had the gift of near perfect night vision, and while he understood that the tall metal poles that lined the streets provided the humans with protection, he still found himself annoyed at their hazy glow that obscured his view of the night sky as he walked through the streets of Chicago.

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Bitter Sweet (Drabble) [8]

Day & Night (Drabble Series): Pt. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]

Genre: Angst

College AU

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 1,268

A/N: I went a bit over my intended word count… My bad! But I couldn’t bring myself to take anything out. Ahh, I feel so nervous ;A; I hope you can guys enjoy this update~   :^) 

              -          Admin Mochi

[October 17, 2016]

              She had been acting distant lately and he didn’t understand why. Whenever she would come over to the dorm she’d spend most of her time with Jin or Jungkook, which was strange because she usually spent it with him. He had also noticed how she stopped coming around the studio. On top of that he no longer received ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ texts, he never thought he’d be irked by something as small as that, but he was. Yoongi tried to tell himself he didn’t care and that it didn’t bother him, but he knew those were nothing more than empty words. His mouth was pressed in a firm line as he gazed down at his phone, no new messages or calls.

              He found himself standing outside of her apartment contemplating on whether or not to knock. She had always answered his calls, texts, and visits no matter how late it was. Whether it were 4PM or 4AM she was always there when he needed her. She had made it clear many times that her doors were always open.

              After a couple of minutes he had finally gained the courage to knock, anxiously he waited for the door to open and when it did he was met with an unpleasant surprise. A tall brunette boy wearing light denim wash jeans and a cream colored knit sweater had answered the door. The stranger sported a friendly smile that Yoongi wanted to punch off his pretty little face.

              “Who the fuck are you?” the black haired boy growled scrutinizing the guy in front of him.

              “I should be asking you that.” The brunette responded timidly sounding genuinely confused.

              “Where is she?”

              “Are you perhaps looking for Y/N?”

              “Yes, where the fuck is she?” Yoongi growled attempting to walk past him, but the stranger wouldn’t let him.

              “Wow, where do you think you’re going?” the startled boy replied while blocking his way, which pissed off the leather clad individual.

              “Inside, now fucking move.” Yoongi snarled grabbing him by the collar and shoving him back with such force that he actually fell to the ground with a loud thud that he was certain the downstairs neighbors had heard.

              “Oh my god, what’s going on here?” Having heard all the commotion from her room Y/N ran out to her living room, she glanced from Youngjae to Yoongi whose chest was rising and falling as he glared down at the younger man with one of the fiercest looks she had ever seen. “Youngjae!” immediately she had ran to his side, her small hands held his face while her eyes thoroughly examined him. “Are you hurt anywhere?” her voice was soft and seeping with concern for another man and that made Yoongi scowl.

              “N- No, I’m fine.” Youngjae stuttered flushed by the sudden physical contact.

              “Get your hands off of him! And where the hell are your clothes?” the dark haired boy hissed, she was only wearing a silk bathrobe that stopped mid-thigh, which in his opinion showed too much skin. To make things worse the baby pink robe was slightly slipping off her shoulder exposing a strap of her lacy bra. Without a second thought he grabbed ahold of Y/N and snatched her away from the other boy.

              “Yoongi!” the girl squeaked as he wrapped a possessive arm around her. “What on earth do you think you’re doing?” but the more she squirmed the tighter his grasp around her became.

              “Please let go of her.” spoke Youngjae in a gentle voice as he walked towards them.

              “Don’t.” the dark haired warned pushing the petite girl behind him while giving him one last warning look that made him stop dead in his tracks. “Leave.”


              “I’m so sorry Youngjae, it’d be best if you go… I promise I’ll make it up to you.” she muttered peeking out from behind Yoongi.

               “But- I-… Will you be okay?” his brows were knit in concern, she simply offered him a tight lipped smile in return.  

               “What are you implying? I would never hurt her.” Yoongi growled through his gritted teeth.

               “I’ll be fine Youngjae, don’t worry about me and once again I’m so sorry about all of this.” He shot her one last worry filled look before stepping out of her apartment with a heavy heart.

              “Why was that prick here? Where are your clothes and just what exactly were you two doing before I got here?”

              “He has a name and it’s Youngjae.” Y/N snapped. “Also I had just gotten out the shower, which is why Youngjae was waiting for me to finish getting ready because we were supposed to go watch a movie together and get dinner afterwards, but you ruined that!”

              “Is he the reason why you’ve been acting distant lately?” his voice now barely above a whisper.


               “Don’t think I haven’t noticed! Is it because of that stupid pretty boy?” there was a crazed look in his eyes that made its appearance when he spoke of Youngjae and it gave her goosebumps.

               “No, so leave him out of this!”

               “Oh, so you admit you’ve been avoiding me?”

               “I never said that-“ she had attempted to protest, but he cut her off with a scoff.

               “But you never denied it.” he countered.

                “Fine, you’re right. I have been avoiding you, but why do you even care?”  Yoongi was taken back by her words, why do I care? He felt as if the answer was on the tip of his tongue, yet he couldn’t quite formulate the words. “See you don’t even have an answer.” She muttered, the look of disappointment and distress she had been giving only intensified with every passing second until he couldn’t take it anymore.

               “Stop- stop looking at me like that.” But unlike usual, his voice came out meek.

               “Looking at you like what?”

               “Like… that.” Came his exasperated reply, not being able to deal with it any longer he decided to act on his feelings. His large hand swiftly cupped her cheeks as he brought his lips down onto hers. To say she was astounded would be an understatement, she wasn’t quite sure how to feel. For the most part she relished the feeling of his warm, wet, and tender lips against hers, but a teeny tiny part of her told her this was wrong. Wrong because he was the one who had broken her whether he was aware of it or not. If she wasn’t his type, then why was he kissing her? Why was he so bothered by Youngjae? Why did he care whether she gave him the time of day or not? Why?

               Her head was spinning, she felt as if her legs would give out any second. The only reason she was still standing was because one of his arms was firmly snaked around her waist. The atmosphere was thick and Y/N was finding it hard to breath and even think. Her hands moved from her sides to his chest in a feeble attempt to push him away, but she couldn’t or maybe she truly didn’t want to.  

               The tears that had been pooling in the corner of her eyes had begun to fall. The salty solution ran all the way down her cheeks and to her lips letting Yoongi know there was more than meets the eye. Their first kiss was far different from how Y/N had envisioned it, there was a bitter sweet taste to it as opposed to a purely sugary one. But for the first time in two weeks the gut wrenching feeling that had been consuming her had vanished.


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