night picture

In a real sensitive place this week. Last night while looking at pictures of Stella, I broke down crying! First, I’m a sap. But second, I’m really lonely and I miss my sweet cat!

It was so incredible being with my beeb last week, it made coming home to an empty house so hard. I don’t feel like I can take Stella away from the paradise that’s my parents house. She gets spoiled with love and treats, temperate weather year round, there’s a whole house to roam and play in, another cat to be around and all around happiness. I would feel terrible taking her on a plane (her worst nightmare) to bring her to an empty apartment. It’s been hard to come to this decision.

Nick suggested we could adopt a cat here and I feel like I’m betraying my first bby, but it might be good for me to adopt sibling cats (so they have each other) to take care of and love. That has really helped me get through this week so I’m going to start nesting with cat accessories and see what happens.