night photography gallery


Recent photographs of me wearing a onesie near the sea.

Another life update //
Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of commissions for mural paintings and receiving invitations for art exhibits. All of which makes me grateful and feel the state of becoming a better individual in a way of sharing my works with other people. But I just can’t shake off the feeling that sometimes, the things I do, the efforts I exert and the sacrifices I make just aren’t enough. And that makes me sad and it terrifies me that every time I try harder and harder, it just gets worse and I loathe the feeling that I can never fill that empty void of satisfaction, not only for myself but for other people. 

These are just thoughts but sometimes our thoughts are what keeps us sane nor inhumane. 

(I know it’s not yet midnight but let me be human and be an exception to the rule that midnight thoughts are for midnight only)