night owls ftw

VLD Positivity (a day late)

All of your positivity yesterday was amazing and ever single time I was tagged I gave a ridiculous smile before getting back to work. I just want to let you all know I love you too <3

Here are a few of the people that make being here worth it:

@bosstoaster : Where do I even START. Your work on Ao3 developed every single one of my ships and headcanons before I even got onto tumblr. You alone are the reason I am here. You made me care about Voltron, gave my love for Shiro legs, and when it comes down to it, are the reason I started writing. Every single time we speak I have to fight the part of me that’s screaming because you’re kind of my fandom hero. Thank you for putting up with my absurd fangiriling, and thank you for being my mom through this hellsite, and you don’t know this, but your occasional mentions of your aromanticism helped me figure out my own shit, and I will be thanking you eternally <3

@butteredonions : Another one of those writers who has been formative in everything I do. Your updates are the only ones that have me yelling and stopping everything I’m doing in order to read. You sent in my first prompt ever and started all the everything I’m doing now, and I am utterly thankful for it. I was afraid to put my stuff out there and you told me to just do it, so I did, and man, you were so so right. One of my many moms. Thank you <3

@ashinan : Another person that accidentally became my mother when I once again had no idea how anything worked. You and the mom squad saved me from some dumb shit and I will be eternally thankful. I love your writing so much and I loved it even more when I got to reread it knowing the you, too, are as heavily influenced by the McElboys as I am. Your porn writing nights are always amazing and you should do more of them. Plz.

@velkynkarma : Okay. Dude. Hoo boy. I have never ever spoken to you but I just want to tell you how much your writing has changed how I look at everything. I remember going out with friends one night and Parasite Knight updated. I told them “okay I love you but I love this fic more, give me ten minutes to read” and then read it right there at the restaurant. I am absolutely amazed at the speed and accuracy with which you write and you were one of those people that fanfiction is more than just “fanfiction”; it’s literature in it’s own right.

@mumblefox : Another Think Tank member that I have never spoken to but admire from afar. Mumble, I admire you so much. Your Across, Around, and Upside Down series was so beautifully written and visceral, I’m still preparing myself to reread and give you all the comments and love that you deserve.

@paladin-pile : My dear, dear paladin. You. Yoooouuuuu. Your constant support and ego boosting keeps me writing. Every time I decide I hate all my writing you are the one that keeps me from throwing all of it off a cliff. Your headcanons become my headcanons, your prompts become my favorite fics, your ideas become my stories. I can not articulate how much you mean to me, but you know. <3

@melonbugg : MELON. MY LOVE MY HEART MY SOUL. Your time in Shanghai killed me, I have no idea who Myth is without Melon. Our writing together is such a core reason that I’ve made somuch in such a short time. My eternal beta, my co-mod in everything, you know how much you mean to me <3

@paladinpuppypile : I think you’re my first fandom mom. You’re just so great to talk to and I am so glad I randomly messaged you months ago. You might be one of the few people on this site that I actually talk to about life, and I love hearing about yours. You’re so much fun to work with and our conversations constantly inspire me to keep writing.

@ace-pidge : Can we just talk about how you run the quiznak chronicle and it is absolutely the greatest thing and best organized thing in the whole world? You are an ABSOLUTE BLESSING and I’m fairly sure that the entire fandom would crumble without you, not to mention that your blog is probably the safest space on this site. Thank you <3

@gitwrecked : You. Your art, your personality, how you’re always happy to talk to lil’ old me. You were one of my first followers, from before I even started writing, and I have no idea how you found me, but I want you to know that I am to this day confused as to why you took notice and why you are just such a damn good person.

@headspacedad : I think you were among the first people I followed and I will never forget that day of bothering BT all day to write Days of Gladiator Love, of probably mutually giggling behind computer screens as we made shitty names and bad ideas for Shiro’s romance novel, and you’ve been so supportive every day since.


@demenior : Hurting my heart with that good good porn and good good everything since 2kAlways.

@itbespacegays : Sam, my love. Your AMVs slay me every single time and I absolutely adore our conversation at 3am when no one else is awake. Night owls FTW.


@mishion : We just started talking, like, yesterday, but your art. Your ART. HOW. I send it to everyone I know all the time, sometimes just so I can stare at it some more. I have one of your pieces as my phone background and then I find out you’re actually an amazing pleasant person? What? Not fair.

@xandriella : I can’t even. You know. Babe, i basically live with you and we have a shared social calendar. You know.

I know there’s bound to be someone I forgot, but know that I love you all. Thank you <3

11 Questions Tag

@unframing-art tagged me and had some excellent questions, so thank you ;) And I’m tagging you to answer my questions too !

1. What’s your favourite season?
Winter (or anything but summer)
2. What’s the quote that impacted you in some way?
“The more languages you have, the more worlds you belong to.” -Marta Dziurosz it made me hate myself a bit less. Since I’ve grown up a natural polyglot I could never truly fit, my fashion and my speech style are weird and I used to hate them. That quote recently opened my eyes.
3. If you could name one thing that you’ve learned after all these years of living, what is it?
Love is about taking action. All types of love cannot be expressed just by words. (i know it sounds obvious but I’m really slow when it comes to relationships)
4. Are you a morning person or night owl?
Morning birds ftw ! 
5. What do you look for in a friend? No gossip. No judging. A very open mind. 
6. Would you like to live in the city or countryside?
7. What’s your favourite childhood memory?
All of it. My childhood is so so so precious to me. I’m grateful for every moment passed in Italy. 
8. Which subject do you hate?
FRENCH GRAMMAR, any language vocab, geology
9. If you could change your name what would you change it to? Elijah
10. What do you do to relax? nature walks, running, writing in my journal, cooking
11. Are you happy right now? Yes 

And these are my questions:

1. How many years of university will you do in total?
2. Is there a language you’d like to be fluent in?
3. Is there a sport you enjoy playing? 
4. In a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in politics? 
5. Do you enjoy driving?
 6. What is the best way of using 24 hours? 
7. Who’s the most influential woman in your life?
 8. Who’s the most influential man in your life? 
9. Can you take ownership of your mistakes easily? 
10. In a scale of 1 to 10, how good are your decision-making skills?
11. What do you do when you reach burn out?

I tag: 

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