night owl ii

Night Owls II

I’m so not focused on this at the moment, but here y’all go for now…

Night Owls II


“So will you hang out with me tonight, show me your city?” She smiled at me and I wanted to kiss her, but I just know that she’s different so I’m trying not to act like a dog in heat. She looked over to Erin and got a nudge… I knew I liked her!

“Ok, but I don’t really know what to show you, since you just seem to love this city oh so much.” I chuckled, she’s right I do know this city pretty well but I want to see it from her perspective.

“Good point, but I’ve never been with you in the city so show me what that’s like!” She smiled and gently unwrapped my arms from around her waist taking a step back.

“Alright but no touching.” I frowned and Erin snorted.

“Why does it do something to you… I don’t bite unless you tell me where!” I bit my teeth togehter at her and she rolled her eyes shaking her head.

“I don’t know how to take you, but let’s go!” I nodded to the guys and Chubbs still had that look on his face he’s been giving me since I started checking for her.

“Hardass; you’ll drive her car so she can roll with me?” Nicki started shaking her head.

“No she will…”

“Yea high yellow, I’m gonna go leave your car at LeLe house and come back with her she bored.  You taking them to the spot?” They smiled at each other as Nicki glanced at me before looking back at Erin.

“Y’all like home cooked soul food?” She asked past me to the guys, who all shook their heads smiling. Which they were rewarded with her sexy ass dimples.

“Good, don’t be too long E, and I guess we’ll meet y’all there I need to make a call!” Erin nodded before telling us she’d see us shortly and leaving. The guys and I walked out and Nicki followed close behind us on the phone as we headed to the more private parking garage.

“You know what you doing man?” Ryan asked me low as Chubbs just continued to study me.

“Yea why?”

“Just asking, she bad and all but I thought Tiffany was your go to girl here?!”

“Yea well times have changed and I’m bored!” I answered giving him a look to let him know that I am over the subject of Tiffany.

“I just want to know what kind of call she making.” Mark asked focused on his phone. We got to the cars and everyone piled in to the different vehicles before Nicki gave them the address to wherever she was taking us. She was doing something on her phone until I put my hand over it causing her to look up at me with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s my time now, tell whoever that is that you’ll talk to them tomorrow!” I could see the amused look on Chubbs and Hush faces, they knew I was about to turn the charm up one thousand.

“Oh it’s your time now huh?” She smirked and I liked the way her eyes twinkled mischievously.

“Yea you’re supposed to show me a good time!”

“Well before I can do that I had to talk to my main man!”

“You single or what?” I never asked that and I was kicking myself now. She laughed and I was trying to figure out what was funny.

“My little brother is my heart and I check in on him daily, he was bummed because he couldn’t come tonight since he’s out of town.” I nodded but that still didn’t answer my question.

“And no Aubrey I’m not in a relationship!” I took a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and reached over putting my hand on her thigh, she didn’t move it she just looked at it and then up at me.

“Would it have changed anything if I did have a man?” I thought about it and my answer was quick.

“I don’t know I still would have sent Gelo to talk to you, and you would have still fell for this charm.

“Who said I fell for your charm?” I shrugged and just stared at her.

“Didn’t you?”

“We’ve barely even talked!”

“That’s what tonight is for so start learning pretty one, there are three rules to a night with Aubrey!” She smirked and leaned in.

“I’m listening.”

“Rule number one, eat a good meal to get all your energy for the night.” She studied me with this cute questioning look, and before she could ask the question I saw in her eyes we stopped at a little restaurant. The sign said Nana’s and I didn’t recognize this particular part of town.

“Where did you bring us?” Chubbs turned to ask.

“Only to the best soul food kitchen in the state, it’s very lowkey in this area, and I know the owner pretty well so they opened it back up after closing an hour ago.” I studied her.

“Are you trying to hide me?” She smirked and put her hand over mine before moving it from her thigh.

“Why would you think that?” Before I could answer she hopped out the car and we followed her to the door. My crew was looking around at the quiet street and the small homey looking restaurant before giving me questioning looks. I shrugged as we entered and the aroma of something delicious hit my nose. I could tell the moment my crew smelled it because everyone was sniffing the air. Nicki led us to the back of the place and I was staring at her ass when she stopped at a long table that was set as if we were in a dining room at someone house.

“Nana?” Nicki called out before this beautiful lady came around the corner with a big smile on her face, she looked just like Nicki but older.

“Oni! How was the concert, and where is Erinelle and that snooty one?” My crew and I tried to cover our laughter at the fact that we knew who she was talking about when she said snooty one. My boys ragged on her all night last night for the way she was dressed and how she was looking at me when I was clearly trying to get at her girl.

“E is picking up LeLe they should be here shortly and CiCi wasn’t feeling this.” I watched as the woman rolled her eyes putting her hands on her hips which I noticed were just as wide as Nicki’s and then turning her gaze on me. Her eyes caught me off guard, they are hazel and besides the eyes she literally looks just like Nicki.

“I see, and who are all these young men… wait don’t tell me I’ve seen the yellow one somewhere!” My boys laughed and I cut my eyes at them.

“Nana this is Drake as he goes by and his crew OVO, guys this is my grandmother.” I looked at her stunned, Nicki has to be about 25, this lady doesn’t look old enough to be her grandmother, her mom maybe but not grandmother.

“Lil girl what I tell you about calling me grandma, I am Nana. I look too good to be your grandmother!”

“Damn right!” I heard one of my boys say under his breath but I don’t know which one it was. She looked at us and smirked.

“See one of them agrees, now y’all come on here and sit down. I got Papi making y’all some good food since I know y’all headed to the club!” I looked at Nicki and she shrugged shaking her head. We all went to sit down and Erin came in with another pretty girl.

“Hey crumbsnatchers, this is my cousin Leanna but everyone calls her LeLe!” The girl waved and I could see some of the guys checking her out.

“So your name is Erinella?” I asked with a smirk and she looked at Nana who put her hands up.

“Mama Cat!”

“What baby you know I like to call people by their real name, Aubrey will most likely learn that the way he keep looking at my babygirl!” The guys were laughing their asses off while I looked at Nana.

“Oh you didn’t think I noticed, and yea I know who you are Snooty is obsessed with you. She probably ain’t here because she saw how he looks at you Oni!” Nicki shrugged and hugged LeLe as she came to sit by her.

“So Nicki why does Nana call you Oni?” She stopped talking to LeLe  and looked at me.

“My real name is Onika, she’s always been the only person to call me Oni!” I nodded as Nana excused herself and a guy came out with bottles of wine. His eyes lit up when he spotted Nicki.

“Papa’s baby, hey sweetheart!” Nicki smiled big and gave him a hug as he placed the bottles on the table and my boys started pouring.

“Papa, this is Drake and his boys!” The older man smiled at us nodding hello. I got up and shook his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you!”

“I could say the same, you know I jam Legend sometimes when I’m cooking!”I chuckled and Nicki looked mortified.

“E I blame you!” Nicki accused looking at her best friend.

“What he told me to put him on to the new rap game, and you know if your Nana wasn’t so fine I would still her man!” Nicki rolled her eyes and we all laughed. The man who told us to call him Mr. C returned to the kitchen before bringing out a feast damn near. It was good and I had to put this place on my list of places to come when I visit the city. I enjoyed watching Nicki with her grandparents and how well they seemed to know her friends and me surprisingly. I took a picture with them for their celebrity wall and it was quite a few pictures up there already. Nicki seemed to really respect the older couple and I could tell they meant a lot to her.

“So what club are y’all going to?” Her Nana asked and when I told her the club she scrunched up her nose.

“Have fun, the clubs these days are nothing like in our day. Ghetto as hell with desperate broads I can’t lawd!” We laughed at her antics before getting up and heading out. All my boys thanked them for the meal which they insisted we take on the house since we were friends of their favorite girl and I stayed back with Nicki.

“Thank you Nana and Papa I really appreciate y’all opening back up!”

“Mhmm honey, we’re not new to this. We’re true to this! And Aubrey don’t treat my baby like one of them groupies. Imagine that she has the word wife written in bold across her forehead!” I nodded before giving her a hug and shaking Mr. C’s hand. I followed Nicki out of the restaurant and we got back  into my car headed towards the club.

“Your grandparents are cool!” Chubbs mentioned to Nicki making her smile.

“Thanks, they always come in clutch when my friends and I need to eat before a wild night.” I was studying her as I slid my hand to her thigh again.

“So you wanted to show the boy off to your grandparents?” She rolled her eyes and put her hand over mine, but this time she didn’t move it.

“Don’t get a big head Aubrey, I knew we could go there without your groupies staring me down!” I nodded but smiled to myself.

“So what’s rule two, or are we not there yet?”

“Rule two is never be on time to the club, when you are the one everyone wants to see. Always make an entrance!” She nodded as we pulled up to the club. She got out and she and her girls walked in behind us. We went to VIP and we stood near each other but not enough for people to link her to me. I would watch her as she danced with her girls. It was a different dynamic from last night, they seemed more relaxed without Candace. We left the club and I wanted to see her out of her zone.

“So where to now high yellow?” They were standing together arms linked as we stood in the hallway leading out the club.

“Rule number three, always end the night with a bang… I was hoping y’all would come to the strip club with us?” Nicki gave me a look and Erin shook her head at me.

“Well that is my…” Before Nicki could finish Erin cut her off.

“We’re down, Nicki needs to let loose anyways we’ll just have to get her drunk real quick. Y’all go ahead we will meet you there.” I looked at Nicki who was shooting daggers at Erin, and I kept thinking Erin was legit.

“Alright well we’ll see you there then?” Erin nodded before taking Nicki to her car.

“That’s a good girl man, I will ask you again if you know what you are doing?” I looked at Ryan and nodded.

“I just want to get to know her…” I was thinking about her all the way to the strip club, and then I thought about what her grandmother said. I’m not ready for a wife but there is just something about Nicki… I want to get to know her and see what happens.


“Why the hell would you tell that man we will meet them at the strip club, you know how I feel about those places!”

“Oh spare me good girl, that man like you he’s fine and he’s trying to get you out of your comfort zone. Not even realizing that he’s putting you right in his element. Use this to your advantage!”

“Who says I want him or that I am even interested?”

“You’re my sister I’ve known you since before we thought boys were actually cute. You want to see where it goes with him and you can’t fool me.”

“But he’s a manwhore!”

“A fine manwhore!” LeLe spoke up and we laughed.

“No one is saying y’all have to leave the strip club together tonight and fuck if y’all don’t want to but admit that it’s way past due for a true turn up. Especially Snooty free as Mama Cat calls her!” I nodded she’s not wrong. We’re all so focused on life we rarely truly just enjoy it. And I guess I owe this night to myself and wherever it takes me so be it. I’ll probably never see this man again and he just wants to see how far I will let him go. We drove to the strip club and took shots in the car. I was feeling super mellow and I could tell the moment I started to feel like giving no fucks. Erin smirked at me and made me take one last shot with her.

“Yessssss my bitch is fucked, now let’s go have fun!” We got out the car and walked up to the door. I knew the security so he let us right in. I did his moms living room and he tried to get with me. We walked in and I locked eyes with Aubrey. He sent one of his boys for us and we walked over to where they were. He came up on me with a smile.

“Let me smell your breath!” I giggled

“Why Babe?”

“Hardass what did you give her, she calling me babe… can’t say that I mind with your fine ass!” He bit his lip and I playfully punched him. Yup no fucks!

“Just some shots you know, nothing too strong just enough for her to loosen up!” He nodded before touching the small of my back and taking me to a more secluded part of his section. He put me up against the rail and I could feel his lil man on my ass.

“You wanna throw some money babygirl?” He whispered it in my ear and a shiver went thru my body. He grabbed stacks of cash from Chubbs and handed me one. He took his and started making it rain before putting his hand on the rail on either side of me and leaning into my neck.

“Which one you like?” I studied the strippers and saw one with a fat ass, mine is better but she was cute and she was working that ass. I nodded to her and I could feel him smirk against my ear.

“Good choice, now make it rain!” I started making it rain and it was more fun than I thought. I was feeling the mix and started grinding against Aubrey.

“Damn babygirl,you should have let me know you had it like this we could have skipped this part!” I laughed and looked back at him.


“Oh you said I could bite?” He bit my shoulder and my mouth dropped open wide. That shit turned me on and I couldn’t figure out why my body was betraying me. I looked over at Erin and LeLe to see them throwing money and just enjoying themselves.

“Aubrey chill!”

“You know I love how you say my name, in your sexy ass accent!” I rolled my eyes, he is too much!

“Hand me another stack!” He nodded and gave me another stack. I found another stripper who looked worthy of this cash and started making it rain on her. Until they played my song and then Aubrey really got it.

“Shit we have to go!” I tried to hold in my laugh but was unsuccessful. Before I could process what was happening we were leaving and I found myself in the truck with him headed to his hotel I guess. My phone rang and I saw it was Erin calling.

On the phone:

Me: Hello

Erin: Bitch yesssss I will need all of the details over lunch tomorrow.

Me: I will have words for you believe that!

Erin: You’re welcome now have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t!

I could hear her laughing with LeLe as we hung up. This is why you don’t let her get you drunk. Aubrey’s hand was in its favorite spot on my thigh while he tended to his phone. We pulled up to the hotel and they walked me in first with Aubrey following a few minutes later. He entered the elevator and we looked everywhere but at each other until we got off. As we were walking to his room he grabbed my hand. When we got into his room he closed the door and put me against it with our foreheads touching.

3:45 AM…