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Prompt: “It would be great if you could stop acting like a bitch.”

Pairing: cop!Sam x Reader

Requested: @liz-marie7

Pulling into his driveway, Sam couldn’t be more grateful that his tiring work day has ended. As he shifts his cruiser into park, your cute laugh catches his attention through the rolled down passenger window.

It makes Sam’s head snap towards the new neighbors house and what he sees makes his blood boil. You’re completely oblivious that he’s even home, too engrossed in giggling as you shake your ass in front of Nathan.

Nathan being the new buff neighbor who’s ridiculously attractive and apparently charming based on your actions. They haven’t met yet but of course Sam did a quick background check on the guy. He decides that it’s fucking time Nathan knows exactly who he’s living next to now.

“Hey, babe!” You greet cheerfully, once you notice that your tall husband is coming over. His body language instantly tips you off that he’s pissed but you’re completely clueless as to why.

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y’all: What’s it like living with you, Laura? Is it as great as I imagine?

me: Well, it’s a lot of sitting around, eating baked goods, listening to traditional Irish concertina music, and trying to stop giggling long enough to ask Nathan where movie quotes came from. If that floats your boat.


An AU where Reyes and Ryder don’t go to Andromeda and are instead caught up in the reaper war. Ryder is part of Kaidan’s biotic squad. Ryder and Reyes spot Kaidan and Shepard on some downtime at Apollo’s and basically invite themselves to their table cause they’re nosy.

Ok so gonna tag people who were helping me with this little thing, sorry it’s not that good

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As per, expect bad drunk writing but oh well

Anyway! Here on Ao3:

And under the cut ‘cause I ended up rambling for ages oops

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D͜émon͠s̷ of͠ ͝y͟eśt́e̢r̵d̷ay…

I went out last night, so I got a decent picture…and Nathan posted his yesterday, too. Mare and Aurora in one day..woo!

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▪ nightmares / nathan prescott ▪

title: nightmares / nathan prescott

words: 722

nightmares were frequent for nathan, always leaving the boy a shaking, sobbing mess when he awoke in the middle of the night. they were always dark, scary things playing off his real life and fears. happy dreams were few and far between, a distant memory that taunted him.

the nightmares subsided when he had started dating you. he assumed it was because you made him happy and he wasn’t going to bed with negative thoughts running through his mind. dreams were still something that didn’t come, but he figured it was better than having constant nightmares.

the day was stormy, deep and dark and dreary, weather that nobody wanted to be caught in. it rained well into the night, ruining everybody’s plan of a friday night out.  the rhythmic tapping of the rain pulled nathan into the black depths of sleep. it was peaceful for a while, a work that was never used to describe the boy.

a nightmare came back to haunt him, though, playing catch up from the nights that they hadn’t come. it was significantly worse than his last one, toying easily with his weaknesses. one second, his dream version of you was okay and then the next, you were gone, swept up in the dark intentions of jefferson. it messed with his head, leaving him a shaking, sobbing mess among twisted sheets and insidious thoughts.

despite the storm that was raging outside his dorm room, nathan pulled on a hoodie and situated the hood over his head. the hall was empty and silent, not a welcoming setting for him. the silence left him alone with his thoughts, deep and scary. it took all he had to get through the hall and to the lobby as quick as he could.

nathan didn’t regret stepping out into the rain nor did he regret running as fast as he could to the girls dorm. the rain poured and soaked through his hoodie, but in the heat of the moment, it didn’t bother him; he just needed you. within three minutes, he was in your hallway, lightly knocking on your bedroom door.

“just a second,” your voice called, muffled through the thick slab of wood standing between him and comfort.

he could hear shuffling, probably your desk chair scraping against the carpet. your feet made quiet sounds and stopped when you reached the door. it creaked open and you were taken aback when you saw nathan standing there, tear tracks on his face and shaking.

“nathan, are you okay?” you asked, reaching for his hand to pull him into your room.

as soon as he was inside and the door was shut, nathan was wrapping his arms around you, crying all over again. you were surprised for a moment, but you hugged him back, looping your arms under his armpits. it was unusual, your boyfriend didn’t really show his feelings like this; he opted towards bottling them up, so something had to have happened.

after a few minutes, you unlatched from the boy and looked up at him. his eyes were red and puffy from tears and a lack of sleep; he looked absolutely exhausted.

“nate, come on. let’s lay you down,” you said, already guiding him towards the bed.

he looked relieved as he settled down under your many blankets and watched as you shuffled under next to him. a quiet tranquility overtook the two of you, letting the rain outside fill the silence.

“are you okay, nate? did something happen?” you asked, draping your arm over his side and tracing patterns into his skin.

he was hesitant to answer, but found that it was easier to let it all out rather than hide it from you. in a flurry of another round of tears and rambling words, nathan explained about his nightmare and how they were always really bad.

after he was done explaining and his third round of tears had subsided, you cupped his cheeks in your hands and shifted so that you could kiss his forehead lightly before resting your foreheads together.

“it’s okay, nate,” you said, brushing your thumbs across his cheekbones. “i’m always going to be here for you. now, get some rest you deserve it.”

“thank you, [nickname],” he rasped. “i love you so much.”

nathan snuggled into you, his face level with your sternum. quietly, you shifted, tucking his head under your chin and running your fingers through his hair. within just a few minutes, he was asleep, his breathing even and quiet, catching up on the sleep that he had been missing out on.

“i love you, too,” you whispered into his hair.

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Would you mind recommending some OTH music + scenes/episodes they are in?

sure, i’ll do a big masterpost of some of the best songs/music moments/songs that I really like that feature in the show here to make it easy!

season 1:

  • 1x01 // Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional (Peyton driving her car/Lucas running with the basketball, they are both listening to this song)
  • 1x07 // She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 (Lucas and Peyton kiss, Lucas says ‘I want everything with you’ and Peyton freaks out)
  • 1x08 // Dare You to Move - Switchfoot (Nathan throws rocks at Haley’s parents’ window and Nathan kisses her)
  • 1x15 // Come On - Ben Jelen (Lucas wakes from his coma and Peyton goes to visit him at his house) 
  • 1x15 // Elsewhere - Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley performs for Nathan for the first time)
  • 1x22 // More Than Anyone - Gavin Degraw (Nathan and Haley kiss in the rain; this is also Nathan and Haley’s wedding song, heard in 3x22)
  • 1x22 // Run - Snow Patrol (ending CODA, but most memorably Lucas finds out that Haley and Nathan had sex/got married)

seasons 2-9 under the cut!

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Hey there, Strangers. So, I made a post with all my fics listed, but I can’t edit it because it was answering an ask. I wanted to update it with my newer stories, so I’m just making a separate post. Ignore me, I’m just doing to keep myself organized, ahaha. :D So, this is the post I will be updating with my newer fics every so often.

Broken-duo (In order)

He Broke her

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: M

Summary: The thoughts and flashbacks of Nathan Prescott as he watches Kate Marsh stand on the rooftop of the girls dorm.

She Broke Him

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: M

Summary: The thoughts of Nathan Prescott after the death of Kate Marsh.

Night Trilogy (in order)

That Night

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: M

Summary: Warren makes the drugs, Nathan sells them. It used to be that simple until Mark Jefferson entered the picture with his twisted fetish.

This Night

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: M

Summary: Warren and Nathan get a text, and find themselves back in Jefferson’s basement. Warren had everything planned out, and Nathan just had to mess with it.


Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: M

Summary: Tonight is the night the nightmares end. Warren and Nathan are getting out.



Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rating: T

Summary: There was no right answer, and Max made a choice. Traumatized, she finds herself at the door of Dr Warren Graham. He won’t even prescribe her any meds.

It’s Just Hot in Here

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: T

Summary: Max goes to see Warren after his fight with Nathan.

She Could Always Rewind

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: T

Summary: What would have gone down if Kate hadn’t tried to kill herself, and Warren and Max went to the drive-in together. Max thinks about what Warren really means to her.


Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rating: T

Summary: The night after Kate’s suicide, Max and Warren meet outside the dorms.


Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: K+

Summary: It had to of been real. He was in her bed, after all. It was his even breath that puffed along the back of her neck. It was his rising chest that she felt against her back. It was Warren’s heartbeat.

Leather Bound Book

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rating: K

Summary: She was going to miss his mouth. She was going to miss him, and that’s why she spent the last week gathering every picture of them she could and putting them in the leather bound book that sat beside her.

I See You

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rating: T

Summary: What should have gone down between Warren and Max before the Vortex party.

Take a Chance

Status: Complete

Chapters: 2

Rated: M

Summary: She decided it was time to take a chance and see what happens.


Rapid Heartbeats in Sync

Status: Complete

Chapters: 2

Rating: T

Summary: He was the only one who bothered to care, and Nathan screwed it up. Like he usually does.

You’re the One That I Want

Status: Incomplete

Chapters: 2

Rating: T

Summary: GREASE AU. Nathan and Warren’s summer romance was the easy part.


Status: Incomplete

Chapters: 10

Rating: K-M

Summary: A collection of NathanxWarren oneshots. Different stories of different ratings, lengths, and themes. Some will follow the plot and some won’t. Some will be fluffy and some steamy.

Being Human

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: M

Summary: He wasn’t anything like Nathan…? No, Max had been right about that. Warren was worse than Nathan. Warren didn’t feel human anymore.



Status: Complete

Chapters: 2

Rating: T

Summary: He approached her in a way much different than she remembered. The Nathan Prescott she knew was an asshole, dangerous, and entitled. So, why the hell didn’t this feel like the Nathan Prescott she knew?


Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rating: M

Summary: Do you have any idea what you do to me?


I’m Here

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rating: T

Summary: The pad of her careful thumb wiped away his tears, and Victoria couldn’t remember a single time that he ever appeared so vulnerable, so small, so distraught. His iris’ witnessed such despair, such horror, and Victoria could only catch a glimpse of such depths.

Jefferson is a Dick

Always Take the Shot

Status: Complete

Chapters: 1

Rated: M

Summary: I could frame you in a dark corner, and catch you in a moment of desperation. But, isn’t that too easy? …Too obvious?

Give Me That Gold pt 2

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Sebastian Stan x Reader x Nathan Adrian

Request: Pfft,  like almost everyone xD

A/n: So, after popular demand, I decided to give in and write this threesome for you.

YOU ALL ARE A BUNCH OF SINNERS but I still love you very much, my lovely meatballs <3

Genre: Romance, Friendship

Rated: Mature

Warning: Smut, Possessive Sebby, Swearing, Talk of homosexuality

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

It had been about two weeks since the confrontation from Sebastian about you and Nathan. Things had calmed down, though Sebastian had decided to stick around when you and Nathan trained. However, Nathan was starting to act strange. Sometimes, you’d catch his eyes lingering on places they shouldn’t, his touches would be gentler, his eyes would yearn. You were getting confused as to why he was acting so strange…Sebastian hadn’t seemed to noticed. As you sat on the bench, the same one that Sebastian had mercilessly fucked you on, you rubbed your neck. Sebastian’s hand came to your thigh, the warm limb comfortingly rubbing its thumb back and forth on the wet skin. In the corner of your eye, you saw Nathan watching with a blush on his cheeks. Turning to him, Nathan jolted before giving an impromptu thumbs up, nervous smile lighting his face. You smiled back and Nathan turned away quickly. Sebastian’s hand tightened its grip and he asked you.

“Is it just me, or is he acting strange?”

So, he had noticed it as well? You looked at Sebastian and nodded. Looking back at Nathan, you murmured quietly.

“Yeah, I noticed it too. Something tells me that he’s got something to say but is desperately trying to hide it.”

“Ya think?”

Sebastian stretched a bit, wrapping his arm around your waist and you rubbed your foot, trying to get the soreness out of it. The YMCA was emptying fast, and you were about to get into the pool for one more round of 100 laps. However, Sebastian seemed to have other plans as he pulled you back and whispered in your ear, a sly smirk on his lips.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little scandalous…”

His hand came running up your thigh, then up the curve of your ass, and your face turned red. Sebastian smirked more as you glared at him, face red, and slapped your goggles back on. 

“Sebastian, I swear. I can’t even look at the bench the same anymore.”

He smirked more and you rolled your eyes. Sebastian pulled you to him and his lips laced yours, kissing you passionately, longingly, and heatedly. His tongue poked through your lips, probing your mouth and he bit your bottom lip before letting you go, giving you a teasing swat on your butt. You jolted and blushed before before diving off into the water. You held your breath, turning onto your back and your arms maneuvered you down the pool. You caught Nathan walking over to Sebastian and sit next to him, both men watching you as you swam. You wondered what had Sebastian glaring at him.


Nathan was ready for the punch, though it never came. However, the Romanian man beside him was glaring at him and Nathan had a feeling he was getting ready to punch him.

“You what?”

Nathan nodded slowly, watching you.

“Ever…ever since that night, a week ago, when you confronted us, I’ve…been feeling strange around her. God, I can’t even look at her without blushing.”

He looked away, almost shamefully. Sebastian tried to keep his cool, crossing his muscular arms, still glaring hotly.

“I know how wrong it sounds, I think so too, but I will admit. I’ve always been…sexually attracted to (Y/n)…but…I don’t feel anything for her.”

“You just want to fuck my girlfriend?”

Sebastian snapped. Nathan ducked his head more like a kicked puppy. Sebastian clenched his jaw and asked, wanting this conversation to end.

“Where are you going with this, exactly?”

Nathan’s ears turned red as he heard (Y/n) call out faintly ‘18 Lap, 82 left’. Adrien swallowed his pride and asked.

“Um…what are your thoughts on a threesome?”

Sebastian would have spit out a drink if he had one. He would have choked on his food if he was eating. The breath left his lungs. He, honestly, wasn’t expecting that. Sebastian was a man who was open to many things, but a threesome? It had crossed his mind once or twice, but even he had to admit. He was a very possessive man and didn’t want anybody but him fucking his girlfriend. The thought of someone else having their hands on his girlfriend made his blood boil over and his thoughts were caught off by Adrien saying.

“I…I know it sounds really bad…but I…I promise that only you call the shots…”

Sebastian’s ears tinged pink a bit as he looked back at his girl. His best girl, as he liked to call her. Sebastian pursed his lips. Should he let Nathan have what he want? Sebastian knew that he would be there with both of them, and Nathan even said that he, Sebastian, would be calling the shots. But what would (Y/n) think of it.

“Are you telling me that if you fuck my girlfriend, this feeling will go away?”

Sebastian connected the dots and Nathan blushed even more, slowly nodding afterwards.

“I don’t see her in any other way, and this feeling…it’s getting me very confused. God, it sounds so horrible, and I’m deeply sorry, but I just….I wanted to tell you and ask you because I don’t…I don’t want anything to happen between you and your girl. (Y/n)’s in love with you. You can see it in teh way she talks to you, looks at you. She’s committed to you. Your hers and she’s yours. I understand that-”


Sebastian cut him off, quirking an eyebrow up.

“-But…I can’t help but stare at her. God, I sound so fucking bad right now.”

Sebastian stayed quiet and bit his lip. What did he do? What does a guy do when another asks if they can partake in a threesome? Sebastian looked back at Nathan and asked.

“You know that (Y/n) has to decide this in the end, right?”

Nathan nodded and said.

“If you’re uncomfortable, we can forget this talk ever happened and I’m out of here.”

Sebastian nodded and he pursed his lips. Should he go out on a limb here? Should he allow another guy to figure out what the fuck he wants? But what if Nathan finds out he wants her more after this night? What if Nathan starts trying to pursue his best girl?

“You understand that she’s mine, and mine only. After this night, you’re not going to pursue her, you’re not gonna want her more, you understand me? I won’t hesitate to beat your ass to a pulp if you even try.”

Sebastian threatened coolly. Nathan looked at him with widened his eyes before nodding.

“I just… I’m trying to figure out my sexuality.”

Sebastian blinked before Nathan ducked his head again. Now Sebastian understood why Nathan had asked this. He was trying to figure out if he was gay or not. Sebastian murmured.

“Now I understand.”

Nathan perked up and Sebastian looked over.

“I call the shots, you do as I say, got it?”

Nathan nodded and (Y/n) jumped out, asking while taking her goggles off and the cap falling off, letting her hair cascade down (ignore if you have short hair).

“Hey, boys? What’s going on?”

Nathan turned red again and Sebastian furrowed his brow, his blue eyes watching a droplet of water run down your chest, his body heating up.


You watched as Nathan looked over at Sebastian, Sebastian glancing at him before your boyfriend said, always straight to the point.

“Nathan wants to have a threesome to figure out his sexuality.”

You choked and coughed, beating your chest and after a moment, you asked.

“Are you serious?”

Nathan nodded and explained.

“I…I know it sounds bad, but lately I’ve been…looking at you differently, though I’ve always been sexually attracted to you but now I’m looking at Michael differently and god, I’m so confused and I feel bad-”

“-Nathan, Nathan, Nathan. Stop.”

You said, making Nathan pause and you rubbed the back of your neck, a blush on your face.

“I…I understand what you’re trying to do. Um…Honestly, it’s really up to Sebastian.”

You looked at him and then back at Nathan.

“I…don’t mind it? But…I mean, obviously Sebastian is the one wearing the pants in this relationship.”

You all kind of snickered and Nathan asked you both.

“, it’s ok?”

Sebastian sighed and laid down the ground rules.

“I call the shots. You’re gonna do as I say, do I make myself clear?”

Nathan nodded, saying.

“Yes sir.”

You stayed quiet, thinking that he was only talking to Nathan but then Sebastian glared at you, though he wasn’t angry. You jolted as Sebastian asked again.

“Do I make myself clear, (Y/n).”

You blushed at the ‘Winter Soldier’ voice and responded, making Nathan smirk a bit and Sebastian quirk an eye up.

“Crystal, Sargent Barnes.”

Sebastian wrapped his hand around your hair before yanking your head back, making you gasp as Sebastian pulled you into him, back to chest.

“What did I tell you about sassing me, (Y/n)?”

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I have a HC that Victoria loves Steven Universe (I don't know why) and she'll go into Nathan's room and they'll watch it on his projector and he's like "This fucking nerd..." but he low key loves it. When Warren somehow finds out, he and Victoria hella bond over their mutual love of Steven Universe and again Nathan's like, "These fucking nerds..."

Ok no Victoria would TOTALLY love that show. And, even though Nathan thinks it’s “totally weird”, he watches it with her, regardless (because “it’s my projector, I might as well watch your nerd shit with you”)
So, Warren and Nathan start getting… friendly. And Nathan has to cancel hanging out one night. When Warren asks why, Nathan tells him it’s because he’s “watching that dumb Steve Galaxy show” and Warren
“Can I /join you/ though”
So. Instead of meeting for some… Very /unfriendly/ relations in The Boyfriend’s room, Warren and Victoria now cuddle in pajamas and watch Steven Universe, all while Nathan watches on and sighs
Half because they’re the sweetest, most amazing people he’s ever had in his life, and he’s thankful to have them here
… And half because Victoria is REALLY cutting into his sex routine


Could This Be Love // Chasing the Sun // We Own the Night // Demons // Heartbreak Story // Glow in the Dark // Love Sewn // Walks Like Rihanna // Running Out of Reasons // Show Me Love // In the Middle // Summer Alive // Everybody Knows // Satellite // Read My Mind // If We’re Alright // Drunk On Love // Only You // I Found You

Find the last song.

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hc that Warren has those dumb glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and walls in his room, and Nathan made fun of them at first, but he really loves going over to cuddle in the dark and look at the fake stars all night

Warren has them arranged in an almost accurate replica of the actual night sky and points out specific star systems and constellations to Nathan as they look at them together. He promises he’ll get Nathan out of the smog of the city to see the real thing one day but for now his version will have to do.

@nxtsoordinary ;;

    Megan dropped onto the edge of the bed, exhausted, but happy after a fun night. It’d been a lot, all those people; thankfully, though, it hadn’t been too much as she had feared it might be. She’d been glad for the chance to get out and enjoy a night with Nathan where she didn’t have to be the chick who had come back from the dead but someone almost normal instead. She kicked her shoes off and looked up with a soft grin at Nathan. “It was a great party,” she agreed. “I’m so glad we went. Though I still say you should be Dr. Frank N. Furter next year. You’d look hot in a corset and garters, babe.”

        Normalcy was hard to find but the moments they did with no complications he thought were important. Like Halloween. Very important. Especially since there were no surgeries that actually interrupted their night. Unheard of. There was still a smile on his face when he looked over at her as she sat on the edge of the bed, pulling off his own jacket. “Oh, yeah?” His eyebrow rose as he walked so he was standing in front of her. “I mean, there was that one time with the fishnets. Do you think that maybe you just are partial to seeing me in certain things? I know those scrubs? Downright boring.” 

“You’re spending way too much time with Toki, fuckface.”

This was supposed to be a pre-fame thing, but it turned into something else. I thought Magnus would take Toki out every night and go to pubs and clubs and unsafe places. Nathan gets tired of having Toki get drunk and get home very late at some point and goes to pick him up and talk to Magnus.
Present for my babies toreen-m and dead-klokateer!

I’m on a quest to find my own style and get rid of anxiety whenever I start to draw, and I think this is it. I hope I can do more of this. You can see the points where I broke down and panicked at the thin lines. The thick ones make me feel safer (Magnus’ face and hands, Nathan’s hair, Magnus’ censored belt).

"Whoa man, chill out." (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “I love your blog xx - Can I have an imagine where y/n and Nate have a 4 year old daughter and there all like having a family night and go out to dinner and a bunch of paparazzi are outside when they’re done with dinner and the paparazzi are saying rude things. Suu there daughter is scared because Nate is yelling at the paparazzi and swearing.”


A/N: I wrote this from (Y/N)’s pov, and liked it, but then I wrote it from Nate’s pov, and liked it so much better. Also, I just finished watching Teen Wolf and Lydia was the first name the popped into my head, so.. :)


Nate’s P.O.V:

“You two almost ready?” I called called from downstairs.

“Just a second!” (Y/N) called back. I sat back down on the couch until I heard (Y/N) and our daughter, Lydia, coming down the stairs.

“There are my favorite girls.” I said as I got up. I took Lydia into my arms and kissed her all over. “You ready to go?” I asked her.

“Yeah!” She cheered. We were all going out to dinner as a family. Something we hadn’t done in a long time since I got really busy with my music, I’ve been in and out of the studio and all over the place for perfomances. I loved being able to spoil my girls and take them out to show them off. However, there was a downside to being famous.

The paparazzi.

I hated that every where we went, the paparazzi always followed. Even when (Y/N) and I weren’t in the same place, the paparazzi followed her around just as much as they did me. And I hated seeing all the nasty things they said about her, like the fact that we had a baby out of wedlock, and that she was just using me for my money, and just a bunch of other ridiculous garbage.

“Baby, try not to let them get you upset tonight.” She said to me as we made our way to dinner. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it tight.

“I won’t.” I said smiling. When we arrived at the restaurant, we are quickly seated and the three of us had a nice night, talking, and laughing, and just enjoying our time together as a family. As we were leaving, that all went downhill, when the paparazzi found us. Camera flashes were going off and they were yelling, but you kept on your way. (Y/N) carried Lydia to the car with her head pressed against her shoulder as I heard her start to cry. All the yelling scared her. I could hear them yelling mean things about me, which didn’t phase me, because it was nothing that I hadn’t heard already. I was doing a good job of keeping my cool, until I heard one of them say something mean about (Y/N) and Lydia. I couldn’t entirely hear what he said, but I heard their names and flipped.

“Say what you want about me, I don’t care. But don’t you EVER say shit like that about my girlfriend or my daughter. What she does is none of your concern and I would appreciate it if you didn’t talk about her like that.” I yelled at them.

“Whoa, Nate calm down man.” One if them called back, which made me even more mad.

“Don’t tell me to fucking calm down. And get that shit out of my face.” I yelled as I pushed away the cameras. We finally arrived back at the car and sped out of the parking lot. As we got further away from the restaraunt, I pulled off to the side of the road so I could talk to my girls.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry about that. I know I said that I wouldn’t let them upset me, but I couldn’t listen to that nonsense that they were saying any longer.” I said. (Y/N) looked up at me and kissed me.

“It’s okay baby. How could I be mad at someone for sticking up for me?” She said.

“I love you (Y/N).” I said.

“I love you too.” She says back.

“And, I love you, princess.” I said, looking back at Lydia. I leaned into the backseat and wiped the tears from her face.

“Love you too daddy.” She says. When we finally got back home, we made ourselves comfortable on the couch and just hung out and watched movies for the rest of the night