night out

Drunk Signs
  • ARIES: the violent drunk
  • TAURUS: the sentimental drunk
  • GEMINI: the happy drunk
  • CANCER: the honest drunk
  • LEO: the naked drunk
  • VIRGO: the broken drunk
  • LIBRA: the sloppy drunk
  • SCORPIO: the bold drunk
  • SAGITTARIUS: the infantile drunk
  • CAPRICORN: the melancholic drunk
  • AQUARIUS: the touchy-feely drunk
  • PISCES: the horny drunk

Hello everyone!! I know these are massively late and I’m sorry for not being around much, things have been crazy busy for me with my new contract.

Anyway, these photos are from my 27th Birthday night out in October.

Went to Heaven in London as a joint birthday celebration with another one of my girls who’s birthday lies close to mine. :) it was an amazing night out despite the fact that my heel broke (BRAND NEW FROM DEBENHAMS!!) after 45 minutes of wear.

Funniest thing though.. When it happened in the tube station a LOVELY girl, came over to me. Who none of us knew and said ‘I live 10 minutes away, what size are you? I’ll leave my bag with you as proof that I will come back’.

20 minutes later she came back with a Primark bag of heels for me to KEEP lol. My size and everything.

Proof that there is hope for humanity. Thank you random girl who saved my night! :)

Anyway, it was a lovely night out and I can’t wait to do Heaven again.

The night is over and it’s time to go home but I don’t know where are you.
—  Things I realized when I was drunk, part VII
Lessons learned from a genuinely lovely night out

* guys alone in bars are creeps
* dancing 4 hours solid in 6in stilletos is enough cardio for a lifetime
* apparently an r2d2 dress is an invitation for the ‘fake gamer girl’ test from every third guy
* apparently they don’t take it too well when you school them on star wars knowledge
* I love girls who want to dance outa solidarity
* guys alone on the street are creeps
* I didn’t do enough clubbing when I was younger
* apparently I can go through a whole night without having to buy a drink - woops
* doesn’t matter what music’s playing as long as your dancing with the right people
* trust your gut, it’ll save you from getting into an illegal taxi
* lecherous old men are creeps
* McDonald’s in the city centre on a Friday night has bouncers
* they’re actually necessary
* seriously I don’t need to do cardio ever again
* I love girls randomly complimenting girls
* Ricky will put his lips on your ear when he talks but he’s actually kinda a sweetheart bar that
* if left unsupervised I can turn into an r2d2cicle very quickly in December
* guys in the queue for McDonald’s are creeps
* I love girls