night of the skull

Raver Guilimarines

The Reivers, aka the Insane Clown Company or Gigolo Marines, are the new units meant to act as a way to phase out proper scouts assassins. They are meant to go in before the initial assault and harass the enemy using fear and terror… not unlike the Night Lords. They spread fear (or humor) with their specialized skull helmets which look absolutely ridiculous. The skull itself looks more cartoonish than menacing, guess Guiliman was hoping the enemy would laugh themselves to death, and I had no idea that the top part of the helm - you know the most important part - was detachable. But hey, maybe GW did not know how to put skull designs on helmets, maybe they never used them before.



Used them

At all!

There is no connection! You’ll be wrong and labeled as a heretic if you believe there is.

Imagine going to your divorce lawyer, Tom, for the fourth time. He loves to tease you about the men you marry, joking that someday he’ll have enough money to pique your interest. Until then, he’s content in drafting your divorce settlements, all the while describing all the ways he can satisfy you like none of your husbands ever could.

Extended Imagine here.

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Imagine Tom tying you to the corners of your four-poster bed. Just being in this position arouses you - you’ve spent many nights just like this, giving yourself over to his every whim. Tonight, though, he just stands at the foot of the bed, staring at your body. He takes his time telling you everything he wants to do to you, describing every dirty detail until you’re squirming with desire. He wants to hear you beg.