night of the living dead
Man who made child watch horror film convicted of child cruelty 20 years later
Peter Bayliss, 53, has been hauled before a crown court over two decades after he made the youngster sit through Night of the Living Dead as a punishment
By Keyan Milanian

​ My mother loved horror movies.  I watched Gremlins when I was three and Child’s play when I was seven.  I do not consider this abuse.   I had nightmares once from the end credits sequence of an episode of Duckula (I found dancing skeletons scarier than killer dolls or gremlins) and I certainly don’t expect anyone arrested for having me watch it.    

Horror genres and sub-genres, arranged in convenient flow chart form

There is more to horror movies than mere blood, viscera, and severed limbs stacked like kindling. In fact, cinematic terror comes in a whole rainbow of permutations, each with its own peculiarities and delights to offer the thrill-hungry viewer. To the non-Fangoria-reading outsider, this may all seem a little baffling and disorienting. So many strange, sick, little sub-categories! Where does one even begin? But those wayward souls need worry no longer, for there is now a handy, easy-to-follow flow chart that plainly and logically arranges horror genres and sub-genres using the convenience of color coding. This particular diagram is credited to the aptly-named, no-frills Simple Film Reviews blog, which offers to-the-point movie reviews.

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