night of the dolphin

Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine mammals on the planet, but Hawaiian spinner dolphins like this acrobatic individual in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary need our help!

Hawaiian spinner dolphins feed offshore at night and return to Hawai'i’s nearshore waters to rest and recuperate during the day. Research has shown that frequent interaction with swimmers and boaters in their habitat can negatively affect the dolphins’ heath. Although a single disturbance may seem harmless, these dolphins face these stressors multiple times a day. And each disturbance takes time away from the dolphin that it may have used for resting, nurturing its young, or socializing with other dolphins. 

When visiting dolphin habitats, help keep these dolphins safe by giving them plenty of space to rest and recuperate. Even those of us living far from dolphin habitats can help – spread the word to your traveling friends and help promote responsible recreation habits! 

(Photo: Ed Lyman/NOAA, under NOAA Permit #14097) 


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Description: He caught Yoongi adjusting the antenna. Flogging the dolphin. Having a one-night stand with himself. Playing a flute solo on his meat whistle.

But it was fine. It was okay. They were roommates and it was bound to happen eventually. Whatever.

(Spoiler: things were not okay.)

Comments: A little funny and a little sexy.  A good short read.


Where to Stay in Fiji Now and How to Get There

Fiji has a distinct appeal as a South Pacific retreat for its multicolored soft coral diving, its turquoise water and powdery beaches and its preserved traditional culture–it’s not hard to meet a tribal chief and receive a traditional welcome, even if it means politely sipping a cup of their somewhat narcotic drink kava. (Try and avoid it.)

We don’t have to disparage the indoor world, which has its own rich ecosystem, to lament children’s disconnection from the outdoor world. But the experiences the two spheres offer are entirely different. There is no substitute for what takes place outdoors; not least because the greatest joys of nature are unscripted. The thought that most of our children will never swim among phosphorescent plankton at night, will never be startled by a salmon leaping, a dolphin breaching, the stoop of a peregrine, or the rustle of a grass snake is almost as sad as the thought that their children might not have the opportunity.

The remarkable collapse of children’s engagement with nature – which is even faster than the collapse of the natural world – is recorded in Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods, and in a report published recently by the National Trust. Since the 1970s the area in which children may roam without supervision has decreased by almost 90%. In one generation the proportion of children regularly playing in wild places in the UK has fallen from more than half to fewer than one in 10. In the US, in just six years (1997-2003) children with particular outdoor hobbies fell by half. Eleven- to 15-year-olds in Britain now spend, on average, half their waking day in front of a screen.

There are several reasons for this collapse: parents’ irrational fear of strangers and rational fear of traffic, the destruction of the fortifying commons where previous generations played, the quality of indoor entertainment, the structuring of children’s time, the criminalisation of natural play. The great indoors, as a result, has become a far more dangerous place than the diminished world beyond.

Are you mine?  Cistern of light – all partake of you.  Will you, falling music note, sweep aside these worries spread like butterflit wings upon my eyes?  Flecked with starlight and dew, you bunch of yellow roses and citrine quartz – you care about the thoughts of all.  Love’s sweet song flows deep in your waters, among prisms where indigo dolphin spin.  The waves are your blossom.  Night and moon and the future to silent souls…



FRAGMENT FOR A GIRL (Who Has Been Called By Many Names)

Stanley Gemmell 3/15/2017 | Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA

LLS+YGO Meeting Kanan
  • Scene - first years walking by a lake
  • Hanamaru: This looks like a good camping spot, zura.
  • Ruby: I'll text onee-chan to let her know we're camping for the night.
  • *Suddenly, a dolphin/orca/human jumps out of the water*
  • Ruby: PIKI!
  • Hanamaru: ZURA!
  • Yoshiko: SATAN'S PERKY TITS!
  • Kanan: Ah. That was a refreshing swim. Oh hello there!
  • *A sea cucumber falls from her hair*
  • Yoshiko: It's a freaky fish girl!
  • Kanan: *Pouts* I am NOT a freaky fish girl!
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