night of the dolphin

What a fintastic jump! 

This playful Risso’s dolphin calf was spotted leaping through the air in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. 

Risso’s dolphins tend to be found over deep water, where they hunt for squid and other animals that migrate to the ocean surface at night. Oddly, these dolphins lack teeth in their upper jaw, instead using two to seven pairs of peg-like teeth in their lower jaw to capture prey! 

(Photo: Douglas Croft)


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married life with shawn??


ok so married life with shawn would include:

  • a sweet, romantic, tropical beach honeymoon. the two newlyweds would spend days going on adventures with one another, i.e. snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, ziplining, etc. You’d spend nights at fancy restaurants, cookouts and dance parties in floral clothing, sunset walks on the beach where you talk about embarrassing moments before the two of you officially dated, things your friends would say about the two of you, and your future. The nights would end with romantic, passionate sex in your hotel room, cute showers together, him playing guitar to you at the edge of the bed, or even some card games before the exhaustion hits
  • moving into your first house together and he’d pick you up bridal style through the doorway because he’s a cheesy romantic and you’d get all excited for a moment before realizing that all your furniture from your apartment the two of you shared doesn’t quite fill up the spacious house you two bought
  • suspecting that you’re pregnant about 1-3 years into the marriage, him holding onto you tightly as the longest 30 minutes of your life passes. You become nervous as you go into the bathroom to check the pregnancy test– Two lines. You come out with tears in your eyes, smiling up at Shawn. “We’re going to be parents.” 
  • Having Saturday morning dance parties while making a large breakfast because he’s finally home and the two of you can celebrate with pancakes and bacon and eggs and sausage and whatever your brains can come up with 
  • getting into small arguments over which shade to paint the living room, even though the shade differences are literally barely noticeable in certain lighting
  • telling him he can’t adopt a dog over and over again
  • “But babe why not?”
  • “You’re literally allergic, Shawn. No!” 
  • probably getting a cat instead
  • calling each other Mr. Mendes & Mrs. Mendes all the time when you’re newlyweds
  • calling each other Mr. & Mrs. Mendes after large fights or sad days as a term of endearment, reminding each other of the honeymoon phase. 
  • “I swear, I’m falling more in love with you everyday”
  • Sitting up late at night as silence finally fills the house, your kids asleep, the cat resting on the side of the bed, holding each other close.
  • “We’re doing a good job, huh, Mr. Mendes?”
  • “I think so, Mrs. Mendes.” 

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4.5/5 Stars.

I’ve been looking forward to this book all year and it did not disappoint. Alissa Nutting is a genius of the absurd, hilarious and straight up bizarre; she takes a sledgehammer to societal norms and never shies away from uncomfortable taboos.

At 35 years old, Hazel abruptly leaves her psychologically abusive husband Byron Gogol, the multi-millionaire CEO of a monolithic tech company not entirely unlike (you guessed it) Google. With nowhere else to go, she moves in with her septuagenarian father and his newly acquired sex doll—a better alternative than staying with Byron, who has threatened to take control of her entire mind as part of an innovative new experiment.

Meanwhile, a handsome conman named Jasper, who relies on his Jesus-like appearance to scam wealthy women into falling in love with him, has a near-death experience in the ocean one night and from that point forward can only be sexually aroused by dolphins. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

With Byron spying on her move and threatening to harm her loved ones, Hazel grows increasingly desperate to escape his grasp for good. Ultimately Hazel and Jasper’s storylines intersect in a surprising but strangely logical way, and it turns out they may be able to save each other.

Made for Love is an delightfully odd trip from the opening sentence to the final page. Nutting’s unrelenting strangeness and deviance isn’t for everyone, but it is certainly for me. I ate up every last word. Beneath the entertaining absurdity is smart commentary on the intersection between technology and human connection, and a poignant dismantling of the cultural norms we come to expect from stories about love and relationships.

Travelling with Harry.

In an airplane, besides sleeping, Harry would want to cuddle with you, watch some movies, and make you play some of his weird games, and he would be breaking the rules or making up some new ones when you’d be winning, because ‘he explained it wrong’. You’d be taking pictures of each other when you were sleeping, getting caught, and told to delete them, and of course, you didn’t. An old man would get annoyed of you two, because of talking so much and not keeping it quiet when others tried to sleep. And when just you two were on his private plane, you’d be fooling around and joining the mile high club.

You’d drag Harry into every little boutique there is. You two would spent several hours in different museums, art, history, you name it. You’d be taking photos of Harry, who’s mimicking the famous paintings or pretending to hold the very old sculptures. He’s holding your hand as you are walking down the stone streets of New York, the people and bikes passing you. There would be a cute café where you’d order some coffee and talk about where you want to go next. After a long day of walking around, you get in to your hotel room, you plop on the bed and he comes on top of you, kissing all over you, takes off your shoes and your tight jeans. He’d massage your sore feet and you’d be looking through all the pictures you took that day.

A nice beach vacation, that’s what we all want. Under the palm trees while sipping on your cold drink, the Caribbean sun kissing your body. Harry would put some sun screen on your back, really massaging it in. There would be kissing under water, walks under the starry sky, snorkeling, you would take care of Harry’s sun burned shoulders. There would also be a few day yacht trip, then you’d be jumping off of the boat and maybe swimming with some dolphins.  You’d spend your nights at some nice restaurants, and there would be a band playing right by the sea. He’d have his hand on your lower back and yours would be behind his neck, just swinging to the music.

Walking down the streets, Harry is taking pictures of the cows roaming on the roads and the colorful buildings. He is wearing a fedora, protecting him from the burning hot sun. You’re looking at the stalls, buying some souvenirs. You’d visit a temple and just admire all of its beauty. You two would go to a yoga class and you’d be surprised how flexible Harry is. Oh and all the Indian food you would have, every time Harry would like something, he’d say “We need to make this at home” and it would get to the point where you couldn’t even keep count. It would get so hot at nights, that you two were walking naked in your hotel room fanning yourselves. Harry would be cursing, sweat running down his body.

This is all I want, a little ocean front beach house, with a hammock where I can cuddle with my husband and take naps with my children. Where I would never miss a sunset because even if I’m busy I could just lift my head up and watch in wonder. I don’t need a mansion, shoot I don’t need a lot of land, I’ll share the nature! Shoot if a tourist wants to enjoy the sand in front of my house while wearing sandals and socks, I’ll let him, they’ll just have to put up with me asking their whole life stories and not taking no for an answer when I invite them to have lunch with us. I just want to be able to have a cup of coffee on my porch and listen to the waves roll in and instead of procrastinating by watching tv. I want to take a long walk on the beach. I don’t need a million dollars, I would rather be paid in laughter, ocean swims, cool summer breezes, late night strolls, sandy feet, dolphin sightings, and sun rays. And world, I’m sorry, but this is not too much to ask~
—  Olga Sergeyev || raysofthesun

Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine mammals on the planet, but Hawaiian spinner dolphins like this acrobatic individual in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary need our help!

Hawaiian spinner dolphins feed offshore at night and return to Hawai'i’s nearshore waters to rest and recuperate during the day. Research has shown that frequent interaction with swimmers and boaters in their habitat can negatively affect the dolphins’ heath. Although a single disturbance may seem harmless, these dolphins face these stressors multiple times a day. And each disturbance takes time away from the dolphin that it may have used for resting, nurturing its young, or socializing with other dolphins. 

When visiting dolphin habitats, help keep these dolphins safe by giving them plenty of space to rest and recuperate. Even those of us living far from dolphin habitats can help – spread the word to your traveling friends and help promote responsible recreation habits! 

(Photo: Ed Lyman/NOAA, under NOAA Permit #14097)