night of the dolphin

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This Risso’s dolphin was spotted leaping through the waves in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Risso’s dolphins are easily identifiable by their white scars, which may be made by other Risso’s dolphins or by squid, their preferred prey. These dolphins feed mostly at night, hunting squid that move toward the surface. 

(Photo: Douglas Croft)

What a fintastic jump! 

This playful Risso’s dolphin calf was spotted leaping through the air in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. 

Risso’s dolphins tend to be found over deep water, where they hunt for squid and other animals that migrate to the ocean surface at night. Oddly, these dolphins lack teeth in their upper jaw, instead using two to seven pairs of peg-like teeth in their lower jaw to capture prey! 

(Photo: Douglas Croft)


“Lunar Nights”
(Album: Black Shining Leather, 1998)

One of the most notorious Russian prison for lifers Black Dolphin was built in 1773. It often described as “hell on earth”, and the only way to escape the prison is death.

The prison was named after the fountain in front of the main building that is accompanied by a sculpture depicting a black dolphin. With capacity 1 600, the prison houses 863 inmates that killed approximately 4000 people. 160 of the inmates are mentally ill.

Usually, two inmates share a 4.5-square-meter cell with iron beds, sink, toilet, table and a bench. However, some of the prisoners are too dangerous to have a cellmate. Cannibal Vladimir Nikolaev that would prefer death instead of life in Black Dolphin is one of those inmates, therefore he lives alone.

Lights are never out in the Black Dolphin, even at night. Inmates wake up at 6 a.m. and go to sleep at 10 p.m. But there is another kind of light they never get see. Sunlight. Inmates rarely leave their cells, and the prison “yard” (pictured above) is just another cell, but with transparent ceiling. Outside the cell they always have to wear handcuffs. When inmates are being moved within the prison’s buildings, correctional officers also put on them head bags. There is no canteen in the Black Dolphin. Inmates even eat in their cells. This way the prison insures that inmates stay isolated.

Near the main prison building there is a gift shop where the inmates can sell their crafts. Most of  the goods are stuffed animals. Despite locals’ belief that these goods are cursed, the shop is very popular.