night of masquerade

When Erik was writing "Past the point of no return"
  • Erik: hmm after this, how should it go...
  • Erik: hmmmmmm
  • Erik: I don't think Raoul would mind
  • Erik: if
  • Erik: I
  • Erik: stole
  • Erik: hIS
  • Erik: song
  • Erik: yeah.......
election night in Broken Masquerade
  • <p> <b>me, sitting on my couch watching the election on my favorite unbiased news network of choice:</b> is that a knock at my door I hear<p/><b>me, getting off the couch and answering the door:</b> oh golly sure is awful I have to get off my couch and stop watching the election to answer this door when I could be watching the election and sitting on the couch rather than answering the door, damn shame<p/><b>them:</b> hello, this is Agents ██████ and ████ with the Eastern U.S. Branch of the SCP Foundation, we've been getting high Hume readings within 50 meters of this building and need to ask you a few questions if that's alright with you-<p/><b>reporter on the television:</b> "...and with Trump only five electoral votes away, it looks like we're-"<p/><b>me, immediately turning to the agents:</b> okay it's me, let's go<p/><b>them:</b> ...what<p/><b>me, grabbing my shit to leave:</b> ah yes it's me yes. please take me<p/><b>them:</b> it may be an anomaly in the natural surroundings rather than yourself, please calm down<p/><b>me, walking out the door:</b> let's go<p/><b>them:</b> no ma'am you're not under arrest please just let us ask you a few questions about the high Hume readings<p/><b>me, throwing myself into their arms:</b> let's go<p/><b>them, removing me from themselves:</b> please go back inside and sit down, you are not being detained<p/><b>me, grabbing the Kant counter from their hands and rubbing it all over my body:</b> damn wow that's a high reading! whoo!! I always knew there was something wrong with me, no worries guys I'm not anti-Foundation I support your work I hope the healthcare plan is good for human skips in containment haha am I right lads Ethics Committee 2016<p/><b>them, literally trying to pick me up and put me back in my apartment:</b> um ma'am we can't put you in containment unless you're noticeably anomalous and we've filed paperwork with the UN Human Rights Council<p/><b>me, running very fast down the stairs so that they will feel the need to apprehend me:</b> can't believe I got abducted by the SCP Foundation oh my god never a dull moment in this life am I right?? tell my family I love them lmao!!!<p/><b>them, walking at a normal pace down the stairs:</b> uhhh ma'am please stay here while we call for backup, there is nothing amiss, please remain calm<p/><b>me, forcibly handcuffing myself and locking myself in the back of their van, awaiting the drive to Site-19:</b> please remove me from American society within the next two hours<p/></p>

date: december 26

time: 7:45 pm

location: twelfth night museum (open bar)

open: all

ALL HER LIFE, she’d wanted to be known—for her poise, for her ferocity, for anything her father might find it in him to be proud of. She’d strove to make a name for herself to complement the status attached to the suffix Duval, despite her father’s condescension and her brothers’ arrogant jeers, she’d succeeded. She’d become something, and when it suited her, she’d become something again, and again. What would the girl I was two years ago think of me now?

The answer came in the form of a room full of strangers: it doesn’t matter—she couldn’t seek you out even if she tried. Neither could her enemies; neither could her friends.

It was a reprieve she hadn’t known she’d needed. But her craving for champagne—comfort in a glass, it seemed—wasn’t so subtle. She excused herself from her table at the meal’s conclusion, the sweetness of the dessert she’d indulged in lingering on her lips, and made her way to the open bar, molten gold rippling around her legs as she walked. “A flute, please, sir.” The gentle curve of her lips preceded the thanks that would inevitably come.

Fifty Shades Darker Premieres

Fifty Shades Darker Premiere in Los Ángeles, EEUU | Thursday 2th February 2017 with Opening Night + Masquerade Event
Fifty Shades Darker Premiere in Hamburg, Germany | Tuesday 7th February 2017
Fifty Shades Darker Premiere in Madrid, Spain | Wednesday, 8th February 2017
Fifty Shades Darker Premiere in London, UK | Thursday 9th February 2017 


date: 26 december 2016
time: 18:45
location: twelfth night museum (open bar)

He had to admit, the witches knew how to throw a party. This was the perfect venue, the perfect occasion, and it came equipped with the perfect outfits. Anonymity was always a mistress he’d courted, enjoying the power and freedom that obscurity afforded, revelling in the way it enabled him to dance in the shadows whilst those standing in the ‘light’ could hardly move due to their shackles. He wanted to be known, but not famous, wanted his face to be recognised only by those who needed to know it. As for the rest of the world, well… If they had his name, that was enough.

Whispers and rumours were the most powerful engines of fear and admiration, and Orpheus wanted both.

There was so much tension in the room that he could almost taste it, as the museum vibrated with nervous anticipation and countless masked fools tried to obfuscate their mounting fear behind painted smiles and ringing (hollow) laughter. They were dancing on a knife edge, the lot of them, and even a stray breath could send them all hurtling into the abyss below, taking down Capulet, Montague, all.

What a sight that would be.

Orpheus leaned an elbow on the bar, his body an exercise in carefully studied grace, knowing that he wouldn’t look at all out of place amongst the carved marble statues in the museum’s halls and feeling every inch the king. He would get to mingling with the masses later; for now, he was content to observe, amusement dancing about his lips and glass of whiskey held so loosely that you might be forgiven for thinking he’d drop it at any moment (a fitting metaphor, then, for the nervous energy filling the room).

He felt a presence to his right, then, and turned, face twisting into an expression of subtly alluring charm (he almost didn’t need the mask that sat atop his face, for he’d come wearing one of his own design) and lips sliding into a smile that was either entrancing or enticing depending on how the light fell on his face (he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be Orpheus or the Pied Piper that night, so he became both). Taking another sip of his drink, he looked the person who had joined him up and down, and the embers in his eyes suddenly flared up and glowed red hot.

Time to play.

“And who are you supposed to be dressed up as?”

Imagine your OTP...

Person 1 and 2 think they hate each other, but it’s actually just sexual tension. On the night of a masquerade ball, Person 1 and 2 get paired up to dance, but they don’t recognize each other. They talk for hours, but when they finally remove their masks…
What happens?


I had such a great weekend!
Friday night: Pastoral Symphony (my favorite symphony of all time!)
Saturday night: Nyx Myx Masquerade Ball!
Sunday: bed Bed BED ALL DAY (it’s still morning here in New Orleans but I’m predicting that anyway I don’t even care)!!

I also actually felt pretty for the first time in a long time (like a flower princess!), so this weekend was a great confidence booster!


Glow by Jackie Nell