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Sci-fi author Nnedi Okorafor on creating an interstellar coming-of-age story
Nnedi Okorafor is one of the most exciting authors writing science fiction and fantasy today, and we really enjoyed her Binti stories when we read them earlier this year. She’s currently an associate professor of creative writing and literature at the University of Buffalo, and has won widespread acclaim for her work, including the World Fantasy, Hugo, and Nebula awards.
By Andrew Liptak

The Demon, just before midnight, on the night of the masquerade: I can give you anything you desire, i can make it so you will never die, i can make you the most beloved ruler in all the lands, i can-

Lucio: Goat.

The Demon: I’m…sorry?

Lucio: I want to be a goat, but like, a ghost. A Ghost Goat. And raccoon hands, i don’t want hooves, just want some of those greedy little hands, and claws, oh and,

The Demon: *looks into the camera like its on the office*

When Erik was writing "Past the point of no return"
  • Erik: hmm after this, how should it go...
  • Erik: hmmmmmm
  • Erik: I don't think Raoul would mind
  • Erik: if
  • Erik: I
  • Erik: stole
  • Erik: hIS
  • Erik: song
  • Erik: yeah.......

“The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones.”

A few weeks ago, artist @karilise & I hosted a Night Tea for a small group of incredible ladies! These tea parties are the most wonderful series of events I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in - they offer an escape into a lovely realm of beauty, taste, and delightful conversation!

Kari-Lise outdid herself with a stunning array of wonderful courses and elegant decor, and we built a chandelier of champagne additive viles for creating whimsical drink concoctions! After sorting through hundreds of photographs taken by @roxannawalitzki and I, here is a small selection which captures some of the ephemeral magic of the night!


One(?) gifset per episode || 26 Consequences and Cows

When [Vox Machina] returned to the Keep they found two representatives of the northern farmers of Emon who required aid: a series of their livestock had been stolen over the past few weeks and was putting them in dire straits when it came to the necessary amount of meat they had to raise. The group, trying to turn their morality on its head, decided to aid them, awaited out in the center of the cow pasture at night; masquerading, through illusionary magic, as cows themselves.

Humanity in the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop RPG acts as a sort of slowly declining indicator of moral strength. Committing acts of extreme violence of great immorality lead to Humanity declining, and losing it entirely leads to the player letting their character become taken over by a feral side. In instituting this system, the game pushes players to at least maintain a semblance of order if they’re in a typical party, or they risk losing their character entirely to their beastly nature. 


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Hex(Jhope Smut)

Hey guys! So I know I haven’t been around much and this is kinda my way to say thank you all for being patient with me. I also wanted to do something for Halloween and hopefully my giveaway will be around Christmas. Thank you guys for 7k. This story is a witch AU in the celebration of Halloween, so I hope you all enjoy it. Very mature and dark content so you’ve been warned.

Word count: 13 pages, 8579 Words

You stood there smiling wickedly letting your hand ghost over the different test tubes that were lined up on the table. Biting down on your bottom lip you gripped at a dark ivory book with a single rose on it and no writing pressing it down on the table in the midst of all the different colored potions. Gripping at different ingredients as well your table quickly became decorated with all things black magic, literally. Tonight, you were going to cast a spell. It was a secret to some, but you were a witch. Your parents taught you the golden rule while you were young. Never let anyone catch you doing magic. Just by a look, you fitted in like a normal human. No one would ever suspect you unless you trotted around spewing spells from your lips and waving your fingers around. Typically, you avoided any kind of magic but this time, it was crucial. There was a dance going on and due to your introvert nature, you had failed to ask out your crush. He was none other than Jung Jaewon, a senior in your college music course. He was everything you had wanted, nice and charming. He loved music, he loved making friends. He was someone that everyone loved to be around, but the only problem was that you couldn’t open your mouth to tell him all that you wanted. Seeing the competition, you were a bit afraid of his answer. Not because you didn’t think you were attractive, you were a confident girl who knew what she wanted. But you weren’t ‘wild’ so to say. You kept to yourself and what was done in the bedroom wasn’t known to most. And besides that, you knew that there weren’t a lot of people that were left without dates and you knew rubbing this in that wretched Jung Hoseok’s face would be worth it.

Jung Hoseok had been an enemy since you came out of the room, and that was only a slight exaggeration. He made everything you do seem so worthless and small. The once friendly competitions turning bitter as he always tried to rain on your parade. You knew you could take him on being a witch but whenever you were around him there was something that wasn’t right. As if he himself caused you great harm in another life. Alarm bells tended to ring whenever you were around him, so what better way to steer clear of him but rub your nose in the fact that you were with someone handsome and charming for such a special night. Masquerades were something your family held with pride, it was sort of a thing you did every year. Around Halloween there was always a masquerade to show off your status and dancing skills. Your wealth and power, but this year you weren’t going with your family. Because you wanted your night to end with a certain man between your legs.

That’s why you were here, mixing ingredients for a love potion. You knew that this was a risky thing to do, this potion was different from most. Once the spell was casted, you would need to know that person intimately. Know that person as in how they knew each other in the bible days. The spell would wear off once you had committed the sin but honestly you didn’t care. You knew it could go two ways, he would either want to know you more or he would just think you for a good night. And despite the second option you knew you would be okay with it, you just wanted to feel him, to have his cock pressing against your walls, to have his hands all over your warm skin and his mouth on your flesh. Did it make you a bad person? You didn’t think so. You had feelings for him, and like most girls you wanted to call him yours. But you knew that a simple one-night stand wouldn’t make him head over heels and you had accepted that. Not being able to do magic, especially black magic meant you had to come up with quick solutions and things that would wear off in a short time. Everything was coming to place, all you had to do was to get him to drink the potion tomorrow in some form. This spell was exciting because you didn’t need any gross things like hair or DNA you just needed the person of interest to drink the damn contents. Watching the light pink potion swirl dark purple a smirk lit up on your lips. Hands grasping at the ivory colored book you opened it wide flipping it to a page you had studied for a while. Letting your eyes skim the page as your fingers traced over the words you took a deep breath starting to recite the text.

“With this sip I’ll give you a kiss,

You’ll enter me, and it will give me bliss.”

After you recited the little poem in the book you gripped at the small beaker dividing some of the content up. You took a shot of it raw, groaning as the liquid slid down your throat. Hot like a shot, chilling like ice nesting in the pits of your stomach. Biting on your bottom lip, you could already feel the ache of arousal leaking through your core whenever you thought about the male. Grinning widely your hands moved until you were pouring the other contents into a bottle of water. The great thing about this potion is that it would stay clear no matter what you poured it in. Moving too quickly clean up, you glued the top back to the clear circle so that the water appeared unopened and moved it to the fridge, a bit too happy you danced around the kitchen until it was clean and made your way up to your bed waiting for the start of the next day.


“There he goes, are you ready?” Your friend whispered into the mic on the side of her earphones. She was one of the ones who knew about your identity and since you both grew up together you felt there was no harm keeping it from someone like her.

“I’m ready. This is going to be fun.” Your face lit up as you moved to grip the water bottle out of your backpack. You moved to grip the bottle tighter in your hand walking down the hallways you weaved in and out of the crowds until you were standing in front of his locker in the boy’s locker room. Looking over the numbers (maybe you memorized them) you made sure that you were at the right locker before merely tapping on the lock causing it to crack gently around the edges. You unlocked the lock and opened it up, shuffling through his bag of things needed for the day you swapped opened his water bottle case and moved to pour the water down the drain and replace it with the contents of your bottle. You made sure everything was set before shoving his bag back into the locker and with a new lock you set the code to his combination and made sure that it was in place.

“He’s coming. Don’t stay back too long.” Your best friend warned you, with a soft sigh you bit on your bottom lip releasing an excited giggle before slipping out of the boy’s locker room and walking across the fields towards your car to head back to your apartment. But what you failed to notice in your attempt to get away, was the dark shadow that was watching you from behind the entire time you set up your plan.

A day later you were standing in front of Jaewon, your face did up with light makeup and hair curled loosely. You wore a form fitting dress, and black combat boots. A way to be girly with a hint of bad ass in your system. As soon as you saw him, you could feel the tingling in your system. You felt like a giddy little girl as you approached him. It seemed he was waiting for you because the moment your small hand grazed his warm skin he instantly turned around to stare down at you, a dazzling smile charming his plump lips.

“Y/n. It’s a pleasant surprise to see you here.” He commented as he leaned down to grip at your hand. Your heart seemed to skip a beat, your hand lacing in his as you looked down at your fingers that were intertwined with each other.

“You were looking for me?” You questioned a bit skeptical as he pressed close against you causing your heart to press hard against your chest.

“Of course, I was, I wanted to ask you about the masquerade ball this weekend. I didn’t know if you had a date yet, but I would love to show you such a blissful time.” The moment that word slipped past his lips, you felt your core tighten up, the wetness already starting to pool in your panties. You could feel your cheeks becoming reddened, it was like all your hard work paid off faster than you expected. Nodding your head, you looked into his eyes, noticing for a split second they seemed different. The mischief behind them had you questioning things, but just like that it was gone.

“I don’t have anyone! I was waiting for you, if I’m honest.” You admitted biting down on your bottom lip.

“Such a cutie.” He replied as he used his forefinger and index finger to grip at your chin sternly, knocking your head a bit to look into his eyes.

“If you will do me the honors. I’ll make sure it’s a night you won’t forget.” He spoke each word, with a dark undertone, his deep smooth voice like honey causing goosebumps to paint your skin and before your lips could even move your head was nodding up and down.

“Nothing would make me happier than to be yours for a night. Don’t be late to pick me up. Also send me your colors so I can match you.” You both talked for a bit until it was starting to get late and the college was becoming empty.

All that night you ran around your room yelling and cheering at the top of your lungs. You had to admit that you felt a bit skeptical about how well he was acting. You two didn’t know each other that well but constant stares between each other were something that were established. Using magic was not something you were new too but doing this spell was a first. Hopefully for your sake, the Goddess was on your side and wanted to make sure that your night was filled with as much as bliss as you wanted.

The following days seemed to go by in a whirlwind. You had to first get the dress and then you went to get the mask. You didn’t let Jaewon know what you had, you had just given hints here and there and considering your colors were black, and you decided to play off the color scheme and go to white. Jaewon decided to use red on his mask. The day of you were a nervous wreck, playing with your mask and makeup making everything was as close to perfect as it could be. Your eye makeup was smoky and dark to show off your eyes behind the mask. Since your heels were high you made sure not to overdo walking around when you didn’t need to. The doorbell sounded off and you knew that your best friend was here. The moment you opened the door she was all over it and you, complimenting your dress and you did the same for her. You decided to meet Jaewon at the place so that the moment you saw each other would be more dramatic. Driving to the party was something that made you feel very excited and like it was an out of body experience.


The moment the car pulled up, to the ballroom grounds you felt giddy. Thinking about what he would do when he saw you, what you would do when you were done with the party and you were just with him. “Don’t be so nervous, you look amazing.” Your friend gripped at your hand, giving it, a firm squeeze as she parked the car. Both of you got out and made your way towards the door waiting for the admission process. You had a lot of people compliment your dress and you felt very proud of your choice.

The dress was simple, a full black dress that was floor length. It dipped down the middle revealing the bare valley of your breast, the plump flesh hidden slightly by the strands of the dress over your breast. It fastened around your neck in a tight choker like manner creating a soft cloth around your neck. Your back was fully out, the smooth skin on display for everyone to see. There were also pockets in the side of the dress and that made you feel more comfortable as your hands buried themselves into them. You were so excited for this night you didn’t even have on any panties. You had on white heels that had lace around your ankles and the top part of your feet, the bottom towards your toes and the back towards your ankles were covered with white fabric. The heel was small and trimmed with gold around it. Your mask was also something that was different. It was made of full lace, so that you wouldn’t poke your face, small white diamonds outlined your eyes to show the shinning of the simple mask and at the top in the middle of your forehead, there were a collection of three deep red crystals that were created in the middle. There was a flower on either side of your head that glittered under the light of the building. The mask tied around your head and there were clips at the end that were made for attaching the mask to your face. Walking around slowly, you watched for all the people going out onto the dance floor. The girls lined up on one side and the males lined up on the other side trying to find their partners to stand in front of. Your eyes danced around the floor until they stopped dead in front of you. He was there, in all black from his head to his toe. His red and black mask covered up the upper part of his face, but from how his hair toppled over from the mask. The way he stood up and the air about him, made you know who he was. It was a tug that was happening inside of your body and you knew it was possible that it was the effects of the potion. Biting on your red painted lips as he stares straight at you, maybe not wearing panties were a bad idea. You could feel the dampness that was becoming nestled in your core, and if you were not careful it was going to slid down your legs.

The lights started to dim around the decorated room of ribbons that were decorated on the walls into different designs. There were hanging masks and different pictures that plagued the Victorian era. It was simply a beautiful event that made you feel the pride of your witch ancestors coursing strong through your blood. There was a faint countdown and the slow plaguing music of The Vampire Masquerade started. All the couples started to slowly approach their date you included. Walking in time with the waltz your hand raised up to meet his soft but large warm hand. You walked in a circle, no words spoken as you looked deep into his dark brown eyes. Your heart became a metronome sometimes choosing different tempos to pick. Once you walked one way, your opposite hand lifted, and you started to walk in a circle that way. The closer you were to his body, the more you could stare up at his tall frame. Intake the smell of his soft cologne hitting your nose and invading your senses. You felt his lips twitch into the slightest smirk as his hands moved to wrap one hand around your waist, the other hand lacing his fingers with your as he spun you around. Your bodies moved against one another, chest pressed against each other’s firmly. Your head swayed back as you let the lullaby of the song carry you into another world. Many humans, would feel eerie from hearing such music, it’s so dark and twisted so sweet and alluring. It was captivating, and this moment felt fitting.

“You seem to be enjoying this so much, my queen.” A deep chuckle accompanied by a kiss to your neck caused you to gasp and look up at the male. Hoseok stare down at you with dark eyes full of twisted happiness.

“What- what are you doing?!” You shrieked trying to get away from the male who gripped onto you tightly.

“Whatever do you mean my dear?” Hoseok asked as he spun you deeper into the middle of the dance floor amongst the rest of the crowds. “You asked me here. Don’t you remember?” Hoseok stated softly and it was as if your body didn’t want to believe you. Your mind reeling as you felt a wave of nausea hit your system. This had to be a joke, or dream gone wrong.

“No.” You paused furrowing your eyebrows as you looked around, your eyes skimming over to Jaewon who was twirling your friends into his arms.

“I asked Jaewon?” You stated it as a confused question, your bottom lip quivering and how you so badly wanted to cry, if you had felt affected. But you felt nothing by seeing him with her, it was almost as if it was perfectly normal. As if it was supposed to be this way all along.

“But did you really?” Hoseok asked as he spun you lose by yourself for a second to walk around you. The dancing partners switched up for the first half of the next song and your mind was trying to process many different things at once. When it was time for Hoseok to grip at your waist and spin you around once again you felt a shiver run down your spine and that’s when it hit you.

“Bastard.” You glowered through gritted teeth.

“But am I? It’s not my fault you can’t cast a simple spell, like any great witch would do.” Hoseok boasted as he pulled you even closer to his body pressing his nose against yours.

“What are you, exactly?” You asked softly as your heart rang into your ears. You felt very tired, you didn’t want to believe the things that were being said. This was heading in a dangerous direction and fast.

“You still can’t figure it out? Well keep up doll face. We both know I am not human. How else would I have gotten you this far?” He teased with a dimpled smirk lighting his features, any other day you would have hated it. But today, you thought it was the cutest thing on the planet.

“Vampire?” You questioned, and he shook his head smiling wide.

“If I was, taking you would have been much easier by now.” He stated causing your body to twitch at his lewd comments.

“So, you’re telling me you’re a witch as well?” You felt like fainting the moment he nodded his head.

“Is it really such a surprise? Considering the feelings, you have against me, you would assume a smart person would know what that meant.” Hoseok was eating this up, of all the things he could have done, could have taken from you, this was the best. He wasn’t so heartless to do this for a sick game of teasing, he was true in his feelings for wanted you, but you couldn’t see past that fucking human and he needed you to realize that he was better. He was the one that you needed. It was destiny after all.

“Okay witches hate a lot including humans. That’s not the point, how did you end up here in my arms?” You questioned, and he tilted his head showing off his defined jaw structure. Oh, how you wanted to mark his gorgeous skin, to claim him as yours and put your thighs around that head. Sensing a change in your demeanor Hoseok let a smile decorated his plump pink lips, his white teeth glittering in the light.

“Someone is losing focus.”

“Answer the question.”

“As I said.” Hoseok began as he twirled you around in a circle spin before pulling you back into his embrace. “You were too careless with your spell casting. I knew what you were doing the moment you came into my mother’s shop to ask for the ingredients you did. At first, I thought myself that you were just a human I liked. I couldn’t control my emotions, so I set out to make myself hate you, I didn’t want to get involved in something that would end up in such a disastrous state. I know that witches are told to lay low, but we aren’t gone, you’re not the only witch here. And apparently you are an ancient witch to think that such a spell works the best. All you had to do was to get him to recite the poem in your native tongue.” Hoseok rolled his eyes and you felt a bit flustered for not knowing such things but also a bit betrayed by your parents for not telling you. Hoseok continued with his story not giving you a chance to think about too much. “I saw you the day you suddenly left class abruptly, I knew you were up to something. I followed you to the locker room, I should have been on the field playing but I couldn’t let you get away with such actions. So, the moment you cleared the room I drank the potion and restated the poem.” Hoseok confessed as he watched you like it was no big deal. Everything came crashing down onto you, the realization of his words weighed heavy on your heart and you had no words to say back to him.

“But why..?” Was your next questioned, Hoseok turned you around, pressing his chest against your back as he swayed against your body mumbling against your ear.

“Ah my sweet doll, you know the rules about using magic. If you wanted him, you should have asked him. Of course, look at him and your friend. They were meant to be wouldn’t you say? Just like you and me were. But even if you don’t want to accept that, you were a very bad girl and there could have been dire consequences from doing such things to a human. You needed a lesson, and a punishment.” He promised pressing a kiss against your pulse point causing your breath to hitch. A soft whine left your lips, but it should have been a growl.

“You can’t punish me.” You mumbled as his hand bit into your hips holding you back against him.

“You are both right and wrong.” Hoseok admitted as he moved to face you once again cupping your cheeks. “We both know this spell doesn’t work off unless I enter you. That’s the way it goes. Now I know your next concern. What if you don’t want to sleep with me? Well that’s fine as well. You have two options, be frustrated until you’re ready to give in, or ask your parents to reverse the spell and break it. We both know that means much more punishment for you my dear. I suppose you need to ask yourself then, what more do you want? A harmless one-night stand with Hoseok or a night explaining to your parents what you hoped to accomplish by placing a twisted love spell on a human just to make sure he knew your lust for him.” Hoseok searched your eyes and he could tell that you were confused. Telling your parents were the last thing you wanted to do, but you knew he was right, you didn’t have any other options than the ones given to you and those didn’t seem too appealing.

“I don’t know…” You admitted, it wasn’t the fact that it was just sex, this was Hoseok. Jung Hoseok, your mortal enemy and now he’s telling you that it’s possible your body is already spoken for by him. In what world would that make anyone happy? Well in this world, you knew he had girls that threw themselves at him left and right but why you? And what was worse is that you felt like an idiot, your once hidden identity had been found out by another family. You weren’t really told to hide it, but being discovered for this reason didn’t make you happy at all. The shame that would hang over your family’s head. Hoseok leaned down to crash his lips against yours, causing your knees to buckle as he held onto you and as quick as it started it ended and he was pulling away.

“You have time to make up your mind, but I won’t wait for too long. You’ve tortured me enough, you sweet vixen. Tell me what you decide by the end of the night.” Hoseok smiled and slipped into the darkness, leaving you alone in the crowd.

Your friend caught up with you, dancing with you and lifting your spirits a bit. You didn’t know how to take the situation. This could be going two ways, Hoseok could be manipulating her to see someone else instead of Jaewon, or he could have tampered with her mind the day you switched out the bottles making her think that Hoseok was your targeted goal all along. Your mind raced with too many thoughts, you were confused but you tried to hide it behind a smile for her sake.

“Are you okay y/n?” She asked pressing the back of her hand against your face. “You seem really warm.” She commented with worry etching her features.

“Don’t look at me like I’m dying.” You teased kissing her nose and nodding. “I am fine, I know what will make me feel better. Have fun with Jaewon okay..?” You asked her trying to see any flicker of anything in her eyes. But she gave you nothing but happiness nodding her head and hugging you close.

As you walked back to Hoseok, you knew the answer all along. You had wanted him, since the spell was cast it was him your body craved while your mind thought of another man. It made sense why your body had reacted to him so bad, he had tricked you and despite your small anger that kindled against the male, he was damn clever, and you couldn’t help but become drawn to him. What was worse was that he was looking out for you, not once did you take time to really research this past your own selfish means and he was there to keep you from falling. Even in the end, he let you decide if you want to sleep with him or not touch him at all. Shaking your head, you crossed your arms over your chest. You were an only child so punishments were something you didn’t get a lot of and since you didn’t use magic too much you knew that your parents wouldn’t mind too much. But for this purpose, you wanted to feel Hoseok, you could admit his charms, and all night his phrases had been tormenting your body, your pussy was throbbing, and you were self-conscious that you would leave a trail of water in your wake as you walked to him.

Lifting your dress slightly to not trip, you asked around for the man in black and ended up getting led to him leaning against his car. Hoseok was waiting for you, his body leaning back against the passenger side as one leg crossed over the other. You found him too attractive in this light, his pouty lips made you want to tease him more.

“Not enjoying the festivities my love?”

“You must know that this is just as painful for me as it is you.” He reminded casting a glance down towards his pants, your eyes followed looking at the hardened print inside of his jeans. Swallowing thickly, you watched it twitch as he shifted from side to side. “Have you made up your mind?” He asked softly trying to stand up tall so that the weight wasn’t too heavy between his legs. You walked up to him, smiling crookedly, you let your hand move to grip at him rubbing him up and down through the outline of his pants earning a sharp intake of breath from him.

“I was a bad girl, I never screw up at home, so I don’t want my parents to know about this. But also, if my body does belong to you like you say, you need practice in taming me, da-“

“Don’t call me daddy, not tonight.” He grinned pressing his finger against your lips. “You are to call me sir or my name. And sir is preferred the most.” He leaned down kissing your lips once more looking into your eyes. “Just be sure, I don’t want to get you home to be told to stop, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“And I don’t want your excuses. I can handle this, now get me home before I get myself in more trouble.” You whined causing him to grit his teeth. He opened your door for you letting you in and shutting the door behind you before he went in on his side and got into the car driving home.

The whole ride there was filled with silence and thick heavy sexual tension. You felt like you were getting a fever, a side effect you didn’t think was possible from this potion. It almost felt uncomfortable causing you to whine. Hoseok on the other hand was suffering just as much, gripping the wheel to keep himself from just pulling over to the side and fucking you face first into his seats. He turned the playlist five different times to keep any innuendo songs from playing, he needed his sanity to keep from speeding. You tried to not look at him, it was too painful, and you didn’t want to be reminded that there was an ocean between your legs from nothing but your thoughts and this stupid potion. But thankfully Hoseok made quick work of getting you both to his house. Getting out, he opened your door and led you inside of his grand house stopping at the door to take off his shoes. When you leaned down to do the same he stopped you with a boyish grin.

“I want you to keep them on.” He said it as a suggestion, but you could tell that he was demanding you to do such a thing. Nodding your head, you keep on your heels following behind him, towards his room. Hoseok slipped off his black suit jacket and laid it on the back of his chair as he flipped on the light to his spacious room. You were surprised, the walls were a soft ivory color, he had a desk and TV in a built-in shelf along with books and some games. There was hanging lights above his bed that was twice the size of yours. His sheets were black and purple, he loosened his tie and pulled his chair from his desk sitting in it to face you. “Close the door.” He commanded, and you did as told shutting the door behind you, your feet carried you until you were standing a few feet from him. “I want you to undress.” The statement had you feeling shy all the sudden and you knew that the moment you stepped out of the dress you were bare for him. There was nothing that kept the barrier up for you anymore.

Your hands wound up to your mask to slowly pull it from your face, letting your eyes adjust to the light more you placed the mask on the desk that was right beside you. Next you reached up to undo the choker around your neck, letting the fabric become lose on your body you let it drop to your feet, stepping out of the dress leaving you in just your heels. Hoseok groaned in pleasure, his eyes drinking in the sight of your naked body already panting and glistening with a light layer of sweat just for him. He was going to make sure he took his time destroying you piece by piece.

“Get on my bed, on all fours and touch yourself for me, I want you to show me how you get off when you’re alone.” He called out to you. Biting down on your bottom lip you walked towards his bed slowly, letting your knees sink into the soft cushion and plush sheets you crawled in to the middle of the bed before lowering your upper body onto the bed and raising your ass into the air. Spreading your legs wide you shut your eyes, sliding your middle finger up and down your pussy slowly feeling the warm wetness that was there. Your finger circled around your clit slowly rubbing it, and then you added two more fingers, touching and teasing your wet pussy, the soft squelching sounds of you being wet was being sounded off in the room. Your fingers rubbed all around your pussy getting yourself wet until you knew you were in a good enough state. Moving to slip your fingers inside of your needy cunt, you let two fingers invade you at once, gasping as you thrust your fingers in and out of your tight entrance. You set a rhythm right away, moaning out his name your toes curled as your fingers started to become soaked with your essence. It felt so good to feel some kind of friction against your pink walls, but you knew it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy you. Hoseok was torturing you even in letting you taste yourself because it just simply wasn’t enough.

You were getting so caught up in the self-pleasure that you failed to hear the rustling of his socks against the floor as Hoseok climbed on the bed. He pulled your hand from your pussy sucking on your fingers from behind you. He gripped at both of your wrist keeping them pinned under your body and close to your pussy where you couldn’t touch yourself nor jerk free. He moved his face forward, nuzzling his lips against your warmth causing a cry to leave your lips.

“You’re such a fucking bad girl.” He moaned against your pussy kissing your lips before he pulled back to playfully flatted his tongue against your lips flicking it up and down slowly.

“I-I’m not, oh god.” You cried out rolling your head back.

“Liar.” Hoseok growled slapping your right ass cheek with his hand. You jumped whining at the slap your hips wiggled pressing against his hand once again. Hoseok chuckled starting to land slap after slap onto your plump cheek until it was turning red and he could feel your pussy dripping against his tongue. He rubbed the warm tender flesh before repeating it again on the left side, his face also staying buried into your heat so that he could feel the jiggling of your plump cheeks. Watching them move he growled against you latching his lips onto your clit he sucked roughly, making sure his tongue pressed down against it eagerly he was slurping against your pussy causing you to whimper his name as your hips shook. Hoseok shook his head French kissing your pussy lips, his lips pressing all over your lower pair, sucking and nibbling on the flesh like he was a starving man. Your body was trapped in place but how you wanted to move, he found the spots that made you tick and become more sensitive to his every touch. He started to spank your ass again until you were begging him to stop. Hoseok quickly flipped you down on your back, his face glistening with your juices that he took his time to clean up.

He cupped your heat rubbing it causing your mouth to fall open as your hips ground against his fingers wetting all of them. In one go he pushed two inside of you, his long thick fingers stretching you out. He tilted his head giving you a smile, that damn smile that was growing on you. Despite his fingers grinding against your walls and pounding in and out of your pussy, he was smiling down at you his thumb vigorously rubbing at your pert bud causing your back to arch. “Does it hurt? Is Hoseok making this even harder on you?” He asked in a sweet voice, it chilled you to the core how he was fucking with you. A full bulge in his pants about to pop and he was taking his time destroying you instead. Your hips continued to grind up against his fingers taking the feel of every inch that was shoved inside of your warm velvet walls.

“You know what you’re doing.” You growled out and Hoseok gave a melodic laugh, slowly sliding his fingers from your pussy he sucked on them eagerly, leaning back down he put his tongue on your pussy, flattening it as he thrust it in and out of your dripping core. Your hands moved to tangle in his hair, pressing his face against your pussy your hips ground up against that beautiful face, smearing the juices all over his face as he tongue fucked you. His tongue worked rapidly curling and swirling around your insides so that he could pinpoint that one spot.

“OH- Sir!” You squeaked as he found your spot. Hoseok let his hands crawl up your body playing with your soft mounds. But it wasn’t enough for him, he wanted more. He gripped at your hips and rolled you over until you were sitting on his face, your hands moved to rest against the top of his head board and he bit on your thigh right beside your pussy.

“Ride my face, prove to me you can handle this dick. Only then will I give it to you.” Hoseok gripped at your hips pressing them roughly against his own face, perfectly content with being smothered if that meant for you to be satisfied. Your hips started to swirl against his face, you were riding his tongue, his name slipping of your tongue as if the name itself was a magic spell that you had to cast. Your stomach was tightening up, your orgasm was approaching you but just like that Hoseok was switching where his pink tongue pressed, and you didn’t care. The thrill of being denied made more wetness rush from your pussy onto his face, and he was eager to suck it away. Hoseok let one hand fondle your breast as the other hand fondle your ass. His middle finger circled around the ring of muscle to your tight asshole, pressing against the star he slowly slid his finger inside of you causing a whine of his name to echo off your lips. Your body was becoming hyper sensitive to his every touch. Your body twitched, your muscles tightened up. He held his finger in place not moving it as he watched you get yourself off on his face, he could see your legs shaking, he felt the vibrations amongst his skin, but this was your punishment, you couldn’t get the pleasure you wanted so easily, you had to realize there were consequences for your action. Hoseok moved to flip your body in half like a pretzel, your eyes opened wide, hands gripping at the sheets because you were shocked to be put in such a position.

He spread your ass cheeks wide so that he could let his wet tongue grind up and down your tight ring of muscle, wanting to taste both holes he wasted no time sliding his tongue inside of you, thrusting it and out he watched your reddened face, your eyes rolling back as you told him to stop with needy moans, but your body betrayed you by letting your pussy leak and become glistened. Your hand moved to reach for him, landing against his bulge you let your hand grind up and down the length of it and Hoseok rolled his hips backwards rocking his hips against your hand. Your fingers gripped at his zipper, but he slapped your hand away, pulling back from your asshole he let your body lay down on the bed. He moved to undress himself, taking off each article of clothing for you until he was standing bare, his dick was proud in the air the reddened tip just begging for a release. Hoseok moved to sit on the bed and patted his lap for you to join him.

“Ready to be a good girl and beg for forgiveness?” He asked you softly reaching his hand out for yours. This moment felt too intimate, but a part of you were yearning for it. Nodding your head, you crawled in his lap and Hoseok pressed your back against his chest, he moved your legs to straddle his before he gripped at your hair tangling his fingers into your curls he whispered faintly. “Catch yourself.”

“What?-“ Before you could get it out he was pushing you forward, your hands pressing onto the floor as you steadied yourself. He slowly slid his tip inside of you, going slow for the first few strokes he switched speed snapping his hips against yours. He watched your ass bounce on his dick as your upper body struggled to hold you up against the floor. His hands gripping at your hips to keep you stationed as he pounded away at your pussy using his hips to lift himself up into you repeatedly.

“You know, you’re so fucking gorgeous. It’s always the good girls who misbehave.” He sighed softly as he slapped at your ass cheek before moving one of his hands around to rub your clit into a circle. “Your body is a temple and you should worship it, we all should. Meaning putting the right things inside of it don’t you agree? This pretty little pussy can’t function the right way if you don’t feed it the best things, which is my tongue and my cock.” He growled rolling his hips and switching between grinding against your pussy and giving deep strokes.

“I’m sorry sir!” You chirped out and he shook his head standing up with you wrapping your legs around his waist.

“Are you?” He growled as he continued to thrust against you dropping you back against his cock, he was letting your hips collide together in a bruising force, your arms continued to shake until you simply couldn’t stay up. Your body collapsed against the floor as you cried out for him, your hair was becoming a black net over your face, your body shaking as your lower half was sent on a tidal wave full of pleasure. Your pussy tightened around his shaft squeezing him in deeply. Hoseok shook his head pausing his hips he sat back down before grabbing at your body to lift you up. Moving towards the middle of the bed, he moved to lean back against the headboard. You were in reverse cowgirl but instead of your legs straddling his hips or both legs, one of your legs was in between both of his. His right leg down on the bed as his left was bended. Your hands gripped at his knee as you started to ride yourself back and forth against his leg.

“God you’re so big. I’m so sorry sir! I’m so sorry for messing up! I’ll behave. I’ll be a good girl!” You cried out but Hoseok wasn’t done with you yet, he kept you in that position to watch you get yourself off, grinding against his leg your clit was stimulated by his thick thigh that was pressed between your legs. Hoseok slid his leg down slowly until your spent body was panting against his leg. Your sweat was dripping onto his skin, your hair was becoming damp. Hoseok slowly slid out of you. Your body rolled over as you swallowed for air. He tapped the end of the bed and you followed.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded, and you obliged him, spreading your mouth wide. Hoseok gripped at his shaft stroking it and soon he was pressing his heavy hard flesh on your tongue. You wanted to close your mouth or do more, but you couldn’t until he instructed. Spit slowly dripping down the corners of your mouth, your makeup was ruined across your face smeared and god did he find you beautiful.

“Do you feel how hard that is? It’s heavy and throbbing because of a certain doll who just had to tease too much. Suck your juices off my dick. Get it clean and ready for your cum. I won’t stop until I’m milking myself inside of you, but I’ll make sure you cum twice before I do.” Hoseok curled his fingers into your hair pulling your head down on his dick. Your mouth swallow around him, the thick girth fitting your mouth, but you couldn’t take all of it. Your hand lifting to stroke what couldn’t fit in your mouth, your tongue swirling and pressing flat against the thick flesh. You moaned tasting yourself on him, tasting his sweet but bitter precum.

“Does someone like getting her face fucked? You’re just a dirty thing, aren’t you? I’ll have to make sure that you never leave here unsatisfied.” What killed you the most was that every single time he said a phrase, he was smiling. Just eating this up while you were suffering. Your head bobbed faster on his dick, earning some moans from him, he thrusted his hips forward against your face and once he felt ready to enter you again he held his dick down your throat, soothing the hair from your face as if he wasn’t choking you on his shaft.

Hoseok pulled back to let you breathe, he crawled in between your legs, aligning his tip with your entrance he slid into you slowly, thrusting his hips in and out of you. Your pussy wrapped around his cock, being stretched and made for his size now, he ground his hips forward burying himself to the hilt. His hands pressed down on either side of your body keeping your chest pressed against each other. Your hands lifted, and you scratched down his biceps, whimpering softly. Your eyes were watering, your body had been through enough. Hoseok pressed his lips against yours, his lips searing hot with passion. The make out started out gentle but that couldn’t be said past the first few minutes. Tongues intertwining and teeth knocking against one another as the kiss became more.

“You take me so well, I could fuck you all day.” Hoseok groaned against your ear as his hips slid dee inside of you, he pressed your legs together against his chest, pounding away at your pussy, his dick pressed against your cervix and you took the pain.

“I want you to cum for me, can you do that? Wrap around my dick and give me yourself. I want to see you. I want to see that look of pure ecstasy when I make you cream my dick.” Hoseok pushed you on your back, his chest trapping your legs against your chest. His hand cupping your face and thumb rubbing your bottom lip. You opened your mouth wide to let his thumb slip inside. Sucking on it eagerly your eyes met his as you gave into him. Your toes curled and back arched, hands scratching down his biceps as you wrapped your walls tight around his cock. Your hips were twitching and Hoseok made sure you met your end and gave him all that he asked for. He kissed up and down your shins before he pulled out of you and flipped you over onto your stomach. He let your feet press against the floor but kept your upper body against the bed. He tapped his dick against your entrance as he slid into you, pressing his body against yours, he wrapped his arms around your waist, letting his hips circle he bit onto your neck sucking a hickey into your skin. He tried to refrain from moaning too much, only wanting to hear your cries, but your slick walls felt so good around him. The more you clamped around him the more he felt his own arousal become present. He was good with his hips, pressing different spots and grinding against your spot as he bottomed out. Hoseok pulled back after a while to grip at your hips, slamming into your pussy. The bed shook faintly as he fucked you, his nails digging into your hips to leave an imprint for tomorrow so that you would remember what took place.

“Do you want me to fill up this pretty pussy with my seed?” He asked, and you nodded.

“I can’t hear you princess, beg.” It didn’t take you much more convincing anymore because he already had you.

“Please Hoseok! Please fucking cum inside of my pussy. I want to milk you of everything sir- I want to feel you bury yourself deep inside of my pussy. I need it, I need all of it Hoseok.” Your cheek pressed against the sheets to watch him. His face was dripping with sweat, his hair sticking to his face, his defined body was an amazing sight to see. But once again he was pulling out teasing you as he tapped his dick against your entrance. He moved to sit down on his ass in the chair and you were eager to follow knowing his little game to play. You climbed in his lap, and he slid into you with ease. Your hands tangled into his hair, another sweet kiss shared between the two of you as your feet planted and you ground yourself down onto his shaft. Hoseok snapped his hips up, meeting your thrusts while his tongue massaged the roof of your mouth.

He broke the kiss to look into your eyes, your bodies moving against one another, the eye contact along made your toes curl and before you knew it you were throwing your head back to cry out his name. Hoseok followed suit after you as he kissed your lips one more time. Burying himself inside of you, he held onto your hips as his fingers stroked up and down your sides and you both caught your breath. He bit on your bottom lip sucking on the plump tier and pulling back he gave a charming half smile.

“Now that your punishment is over. How about I just fuck you into the mattress?” He asked scooping you up and slamming your body down into the bed.

Love Story

Summary:  Your whole life you spent doing what is right and pleasing your parents, But one day you face one of the hardest decisions of your life. (MODERN ROYAL AU)
Words: 1173
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Talks about domestic violence and fluffy.  This is a my entry to Caplan’s Song Fic Challenge ( @caplansteverogers ) Where the song of my choice was love story

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You take a deep breath putting on your mask; this is just another party with the same people as usual. You don’t understand the theme of the night, why do a masquerade ball? You are still able to recognize everyone, there is no need to a secret identity or to pretend to be someone else.

You knew these people since the day you were born, a few were friends of your mother if you can them that, most of them were business partners of your father and the others were distant relatives or worst the children of rich man that think that they are entitled to the world.

There was no charm or mystery. It was just rich people, getting together to complain about life and get drunk.

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There aren’t many words that I can use to describe how good The Night Masquerade, the third and final volume in the Binti series, is, and if there were any words I could use, they would probably spoil it. So here’s what I can say.

I can say that the conclusion to the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning series more than does the first two volumes justice. It in fact blows all of the science fiction novels I have read out of the water entirely, evoking Bradbury, Le Guin, and Butler while at once being, of course, completely new.

I can say that you might expect certain things from this conclusion, and I would warn you not to expect anything from a series that defies all expectations. 

I can say that Nnedi Okorafor’s world-building continues to blow me out of the water, and that it’s given me a new love for grasshoppers, and that it makes me want to lay out beneath a night sky, and visit a desert, and that I am still held in wonder of the things she has created.

I can say that I read it late into last night as my anxiety and insomnia kept me awake, and that this book twisted me into unending circles in the best way. I can say that I read it on the way to work today like someone entranced, and that it twice shocked me into tears, and that it once made me stop in my tracks and say, “How dare you,” loudly enough that a fellow commuter walking in the other direction stopped to give me a very strange look.

I can say that as you begin this book, Nnedi Okorafor holds all the rules of science fiction in her hands, and that as you read, she drops them at your feet to smash, and she laughs, and you laugh too. 

The Night Masquerade comes out in January 2018. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. You should preorder now. You won’t want to miss the conclusion of the to-be-science-fiction-classic that is Binti. 

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A Bakugou x Fem reader AU-ish prompt?: All bnha main characters (class 1-a,b, support group, etc) are 3rd years and the school is throwing a kickass Halloween masquerade ball. Bakugou's been trying to find his s/o all night not able to tell cuz of the masks while everyone else is talking about some beautiful girl that he ends up complaining to throughout the night about not finding her, she convinces him to dance towards the end and he doesn't find out its actually his s/o till its over!

You’re prompts are always some on my faves~ Gosh this was so fun to write! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :)

Bakugou Katsuki:

“It’s the perfect opportunity!” Kaminari chuckled, pointing to the mask covering his face. “We basically have a clean slate tonight guys! No one knows who we are, nor do we know who they are!”

“It’s pretty cool, though I worry that this might cause issues later.” Sero mumbled, adjusting his tie.

“It’ll be fine! We’re all going to have a good time!” Kirishima cheered. “It’s our last Halloween together guys and UA is throwing a huge party for us to celebrate. So let’s enjoy it and not worry about anything!”

The three cheered and got ready to leave Kirishima’s room, only to pause when they realized that their fourth and loudest member was suddenly quiet and out of character.

“Bakubro? You coming?” Kirishima called out to the ash blonde who was still leaning against the wall, his orbs hidden and his scowl even missing. He looked like he was trying to fall asleep.

Bakugou blinked one eye open and glared at Kirishima. “This is fucking stupid…”

“Then why’d you get all dressed up, buy a ticket and even get a mask?” Kirishima asked then turned to the sounds of snickering.

Kaminari was laughing loudly, Sero trying to contain his own giggles.

“It’s pretty obvious why he’s going…” Sero began.

“(Name)’s gonna be there~” Kaminari finished and made a kissy face to Sero

Awe Katsuki! Please dance the night away with me!” The electric boy bowed to Sero.

Of fucking course my princess! I’d kill anyone for you!” Sero attempted to imitate Bakugou’s voice.

“Oh that’s right! You have a big crush on her, don’t you!” Kirishima turned back to a raging Bakugou.

“I do not! She’s just some shitty girl who’s been in class with us since we were 15! Just cause she has an annoying smile and laughs like a nothing I’ve ever fucking heard before does not mean I like her! I mean have you fucking seen her? Who would want to date that?”

The three boys exchanged looks. Yeah… he was enamored by her. Kaminari nodded to his comrades, ready to make sure of this mentally agreed statement.

“Well if you don’t like her, then that means I can ask her out.” He played it off, only to have his collar grabbed a second later. How Bakugou got from one side of the room at the click of Kaminari’s tongue was a mystery.

“Touch her and I’ll fucking kill you!” He shook the blonde and Kaminari gave him a thumbs up.

“He loves her.” Kirishima chuckled.

“He totally does…” Sero nodded.



“Let’s stay fucking together… I’m going to grab some punch… I’ll be back after dancing with her…” Bakugou mumbled, shoving past people as he made his way towards the balcony where he could get some fresh air and clear his head.

As soon as he and his so called friends had entered the party, all three were gone within a second. Kaminari was of course trying to dance with some girls he found cute, Kirishima was chatting with some others by the DJ area, and Sero had gotten thirsty and wandered to the refreshments.

Leaving the most anti-social of their squad to fend for himself. Luckily since he was emitting such a pissed off aura no one dared come try to talk to him. Now he was resting and looking out over UA’s campus, ignoring the terrible pop music playing in the background and the itch this shitty mask was giving him.

The air was calming, a smell of roses coming from the bushes of them growing towards the side pushing down some of his tense and angry emotions. At least he could be alone with his thoughts out here and not be bothered

He should have just worn his hero mask… but Kirishima said it was ‘too recognizable’. Hell if his hair didn’t already give it away that it was him, then his personality would. He really hated this…

His mind wandered to her pretty smiling face and over hearing her tell Round Face & Frog Girl that she was excited to attend the party. He bought his ticket that day, this terrible emotion called love forcing him to act like such an idiot. He hadn’t even seen her of course.

He thought he would for sure know her frame and body language when he saw her, but with so many people and each moving rapidly it was hard to spot her, let alone focus on one person.

“Not a party person either?” A figure asked and leaned on the railing next to him. It was a girl, her hair tied into a bun and her dress the color of the softest red roses, the same color as his tie. Her mask was covering most of her face, it resembling some type of bird, its colors being red, yellow and orange with feathers coming off on one side.

“It’s supposed to be a phoenix.” She spoke up again, obviously noticing him taking in her attire.

He clicked his tongue. “I didn’t ask.”

She chuckled. “You didn’t have to.”

He rolled his eyes and she chuckled. “You remind me of someone… maybe you are him.”

“That would fucking take away from this whole fucking thing.” He spat back.

“I suppose you’re right. Anyway, what are you doing out here stranger?” She asked him, this time turning her whole body to look at him.

“Got fucking tired of nothing going my way, so I left.”

“What hasn’t gone your way?”

“Why do you ask so many damn questions?”

“Humor me stranger. For all we know this will be the only time we ever see each other, so what’s the harm in telling a mysterious girl what’s on your mind. I don’t know you, so I can’t judge you after all.”

Bakugou clicked his tongue, mulling over her words. She was right, but why should he rant to her anyway? Fuck it… she was better than anyone else and like she said… he’d most likely never see or know who she was.

“Fine. I’m-”

“Not so fast.” The girl cut him off and he growled at her. Of course there was a fucking catch. “I don’t mind listening but I want you to dance with me.”

“Dance? You want me to fucking dance?”

“I came to dance and you are the perfect partner mister. So would you be ever so kind as to allow a lady a dance?”

She held her hand out to him and bowed. Bakugou groaned and moved away from her.  She stood up again and looked around for him. Did he really just walk away? Her stranger really did act strange.

Just as she was about to go looking out on the grounds again she heard him come back, a two roses torn from a bush in his hand. He was fiddling with one trying to put it in his jacket pocket.

“Here.” He spoke and tossed her the other one.

“What’s this for?”

“All the other couples have matching flowers!”

“That’s because they came together. So if you wear a matching one with me, it means-”

“FUCK!” He cried at the realization and tried to smash the rose, only to have his actions stopped by her hands.

“Don’t” She scolded him and placed the rose on his chest with a bobby pin. “Let’s continue this: our story is that we’ve been dating for 3 years. You are a prince from a far off land who fell in love with a simple maiden. The only way we can see each other is in secret. Except for the night of the masquerade ball, which happens to be tonight. These roses are the only way we can tell that’s it our lover.”

Bakugou blinked as she moved away and fixed her own rose on her wrist. He felt his cheeks light up from such a ridiculous story and her childlike attitude to it.

“That’s fucking stupid…” He barked and grabbed her hand and moved towards the dance floor. “So just shut up and fucking hold my hands and move to the music or whatever…”

She didn’t say anything about how obvious it was that he was nervous. Was this the first time he had ever danced? Slow danced at such at large party at that.

“Like this.” She moved one of his hands to her waist, the other remaining in hers. She placed her free hand on his shoulder. “And you lead.”

“I fucking know that!”

He didn’t but was too prideful to thank her from saving him from looking like a fool.

The two danced in silence for a moment before she spoke up once again. “So why are you so upset about tonight?”

He scoffed and sucked his teeth, his lips lifting in disgust. “The assholes who call themselves my friends fucking ditched me the second we got here.”

“Hmmm while I also think it’s shitty… its normal. I came with 4 others, the only difference being I didn’t have a date and they all did. So the minute we got in, they started doing couple things.”

“That’s pretty shitty.” He twirled her and pulled her back in.

“Guess we both were left alone tonight stranger.”

“At least I wasn’t a fucking third wheel or in your case a fifth wheel.” He chuckled at her expense and to his surprise she laughed back with him. He smiled a bit, liking how this girl could take his harsh jokes and not get upset by them.

“I suppose I am the more pathetic of the two of us. But I have a feeling that you’re letting up on something that makes you more lonely than me…” She winked at him and Bakugou’s grip on her hand tightened.

“Calm down. I’m joking.”

“Well you’re fucking right…” He trailed off.

“I am?” She sounded surprised.

“The whole fucking reason I came was to find this girl I’ve liked since first year… she makes me feel so weird… I thought that maybe if I could dance with her… then I could figure it out.”

“And what are you trying to figure out?”

He blushed and looked away from her. “My shit friends always fucking claim I’m in love with her… but how am I supposed to know?”

“Hmm… you’ll know.” She nodded as the song came to a close. Bakugou looked at her in confusion. She bowed to him, thanking him for the dance. “Trust me Bakugou, you’ll know.”

His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to ask her a question. How did she know it was him? Did she know him? Who was she? He had to know!

She turned around from him and moved away, the crowd separating him from this girl faster than he wanted. He shoved past people to catch up to her again, but she was gone.

He stood still, his hand still out stretched from when he was attempting to grab the girl in the rose red dress and the bird mask. But instead he was staring out at a crowd of people that wasn’t her.

“Bakubro!” Kirishima called out from his left side and the boy turned his attention to the three figures approaching him. “I didn’t know you knew how to dance.”

“I don’t.” Bakugou answered and pushed past the three away heading towards the exit. Tonight had been a bust: no (Name) and now he might be in love with someone else entirely.

This night was fucking terrible.


The dorms were still quiet, as he had come back before anyone else had. As he slammed open the front door he scowled at anything and everything. His mood had majorly fouled as he walked back.

Damn her! One dance and he suddenly had his answer! He was in love with her and not even a name! Not even something that he could use to recognize her!

He was as good as screwed when it came to her!

“Oh Bakugou-kun.” (Name)’s familiar voice called to him from the kitchen. She was at the sink, filling up a small glass of water. She was dressed in a large t-shirt and some sweats. Her hair was down and appeared to have been tied up earlier. “Welcome back.”

Bakugou scowled and felt his chest bubbling up at her smiling face. Fuck! He was in love with two girls! How much worse could this night get?!

“What are you fucking doing?” He called out to her and she shrugged, reaching behind her.

“Just wanting to keep it alive for a bit longer. Do you want a glass for your rose as well?” She asked, showing off the rose in the cup, its stem torn unusually.

“Wait…” Bakugou blinked and glanced at the nearly crushed rose on his chest, still held together by the bobby pin. Don’t tell him, no way in fucking hell. “W-where did you fucking get that rose?”

“Huh this? A prince from a far off land gave it to me. It’s the only way we’ll be able to recognize each other after the night is over.” She smirked and walked past him, carrying the rose cup carefully.

“H-hold on a fucking minute! That was you the whole fucking time?!” He shouted as he watched her retreat to her side of the dorms.

“What was me?” She teased him again. “All I did was dance with an angry strange who told me he was in love… I sure do hope he tells her. As I’m sure she feels the same way.”

Bakugou blinked, his hand shaking and his mind processing what the hell just happened and what the hell just came out of her mouth.

“DON’T FUCKING WALK AWAY! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND TALK TO ME, YOU LIL’SHIT!” He hollered and dashed up the stairs after her, making sure the rose on his chest was still attached to his heart.

Sequel to this~


Of course it’s her, was all Chat could think as his months-long search for his fated partner came to an end with a dizzying crash. Of fucking course it was her.

He was starting to suspect divine intervention. Or witchcraft.

Because every single time he thought he was moving on from his hopeless crush, every time he thought he’d finally be able to stop swallowing that bitter pill when she smiled like that at anyone else, finally be able to stop stumbling over his words when she smiled like that at him, every single time…

It ended up being her.

Girl that had him blushing all night at his first masquerade ball? Marinette.

Person he ended up exchanging notes with during his computer class through all of his last year of collége? Marinette.

Super awesome superhero who was protecting Paris actual real live supervillains like it was a piece of cake while he ran himself ragged trying to catch a few common muggers? It was Marinette.

Falling in love with your best friend was hard.

It was hard and nobody understood.

Especially not said best friend, who was now dangling them both from some conveniently-placed overhang in her yo-yo line, her adorably ferocious glare melting away into shock.

“Adrien?!” Ladybug whisper-hissed, shocked and horrified.

Yep. That was him.

“What are you doing here?” she half screeched, like a pet owner who’d come home to find her house ruined.

Chat could relate.

Not getting over you, obviously, he did not say.

(Fuck his life.)

“Well,” he sighed, letting go of his momentary betrayal and helplessness on the breath, “I was trying to catch a mugger.”

“A mugger,” she repeated flatly.

“I think he got away,” Chat confessed, craning his neck to look at the street below them.

“Adrien…” Ladybug started, and then stopped. “…You know, everyone in Paris thinks you’re some kind of… destructo cat-burglar.”

Chat twitched.

“I know.”

I thought you were some destructo cat-burglar.”



He gave her an arch look. “I don’t believe you.”

Ladybug breathed deep, a millimeter away from an exasperated sigh. Then, in a comically robotic voice: “You’re Chat Noir. I can’t believe it.”

He managed to hold onto the look for only a few seconds longer, and then burst into snickers. “Sailor Moon and a meme. Nice.”

“Only because I love you,” she said, easy as breathing, and it took everything in Chat not to catch his breath, to keep laughing like nothing of note had just happened.

Of course.

Of course it was her.