night of b related things

15 prompts pt 5 (OT3 edition)
  1. A finds a stray animal and brings it home, B is allergic so C helps A hide the animal until B finally catches them after sneezing for a week
  2. A is a Marvel fan and B is a DC fan, C doesn’t care either way and always mixes them up
  3. A is asexual, B is aromantic, and C is demi, and they have a happy healthy partnership 
  4. A falls instantly for C while B is interested in C but needs to be wooed still
  5. A and B have to explain to C why they never get to drive, optional: C drives wildly, speeding/running lights/etc or drives too slow/cautious
  6. A has a history of severe nightmares, B knows how to calm A down but is out of town, C has to try for the first time alone
  7. It’s A’s birthday but B and C both forgot until the last second, B distracts A while C sneaks out to get a gift
  8. A is always up late with work related things, one night A falls asleep and B and C have to fumble through getting the work done for them
  9. A is babysitting but has to go somewhere unexpectedly, leaving the baby with B and C who have little/no experience with babies 
  10. A helped color B’s hair but it was a disaster and C has to comfort them both while fixing it
  11. A’s glasses broke while they were reading a really good part of their book, B and C offer to read it to them, switching out between characters and making silly voices
  12. A has a secret fear (like of clowns/spiders/heights/etc), B and C don’t know and accidentally freak out A with their fear
  13. A’s never seen the ocean but wants to, B hates the ocean but agrees to go anyways, A and C swim and make sand castles while B naps on a blanket 
  14. A cuts their finger while preparing dinner, B panics and wants to go to the hospital, C calms B down and deals with A’s injury 
  15. A only has money for two tickets to an event all three of them love, so A and B have to sneak C inside