night night

Going to sleep with daddy
  • Me:*creeps in daddy's room after lights out with my stuffie *
  • Me:*looks at daddy to see if he's awake*
  • Daddy:*fake sleeping*
  • Me:*crawls in under daddy's blankets slowly*
  • Daddy:*holding in a laugh*
  • Me:*nuzzles against daddy's chest smiling *
  • Daddy:*stays still*
  • Me:*kisses daddy's chin* night night daddy *I softly whisper*
  • Daddy:*smiles and wraps his arms around me* goodnight princess

you’re so young, you have so much time to become who you want to be. and start becoming that person little by little everyday, but please don’t rush your youth. please don’t fake maturity. the older you get the more you realize no one really knows what the hell they’re doing. you don’t have to be anyone you’re not. life feels so much better when you’re honest with who you truly are. with where you truly are. you might not be tough, or independent, or totally stable right now, and that’s okay. you will get there. don’t hide behind an image because you want to falsely be perceived as someone you’re not. vulnerability and authenticity are the most freeing things in the world. just be you. you’re exactly who you are at this exact moment for a reason. embrace it.

  • *on the phone with daddy*
  • Daddy:baby it's time for you to go to bed
  • Princess:I took a naps today daddy I don't wanna go night night
  • Daddy:if you don't go to bed now, you won't get a nice message in the morning
  • Princess:actually, you can't tell me what to do because I'm the princess and I make the rules
  • Daddy:who put you in charge
  • Princess:*giggles* if you don't be good, you're gonna go to timeout and get spanks
  • Daddy:I still want to know who put you in charge
  • Princess:me?
  • Daddy:*laughs*
  • Princess:it's night night time isn't it?
  • Daddy:yes my baby bear. Now go to sleep

a lot of my friends seem to be having a hard time lately, so here’s a generally encouraging England

disclaimer: remember to take care of yourselves first - you’ve made it this far, and that’s amazing!