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May I request a blind ignis angst but slightly fluffy hc where a mute girl likes him but she doesn't know how or couldn't confess since ignis is blind and she is mute and therefore she doesn't how to express her feelings for him... lol sorry for my rusty english XDDD

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  • Visually impaired he may be, but stupid he is not. Since losing his sight, Ignis has experienced extraordinary heightened senses that has helped him adapt to the distorted view he lives with daily.

  • A year has passed since Noctis successfully restored light to the world, freeing Eos of the night lurkers that destroyed countless lives. 

  • Ignis, now an established ‘celebrity’ ex Royal advisor to the King and top blind chef is a man whom many women desire, despite his disability.

  • Y/N is a regular customer at his local cafe in the restored Citadel, who serve the most delicious Ebony coffees in Eos.

  • Y/N has always adored the idea of Ignis as a person but wants to get to know him. The trouble here was that she is a lonely mute - abandoned by her family at the age of 14, left to fend for herself ever since. She has not spoken a single world since the day her family left. Instead, she prefers to observe the world as it goes by- she’s studied the history of Ignis and his journey with his friends, including the unforgettable sacrifice of Noctis.

  • Noctis’s memorial throne is now a tourist attraction. People come to pay their respects - it’s the norm. Thanks to the bros, every visitor has to donate to the Insomnia environmental foundation, to help sustain Eos.

  • Y/N regularly visits the memorial and it was this one occasion that Ignis was present. Y/N was amazed at how self sufficient he was - never needed a cane, knew directions and evidenced spacial awareness in the crowds of wandering tourists.

  • Curiosity got the better of Y/N - she never plucked up the courage to acknowledge his presence in the cafe, but vowed she’d do it now, once all the visitors left.

  • Closing time was 5:30pm but she sneaked off behind the staircase, watching as a lonesome Ignis kneeled down before the engraved writing detailing Noctis’s name.Y/N literally melted - Ignis’s feelings were written all over his face. He SERIOUSLY missed his friend.

  • Y/N allowed him to have his moment and once he’d risen, heading towards the exit, she ran over to him - it helped that he couldn’t see, otherwise she wouldn’t of ran at all. She tried to mouth a hello but to no avail.

  • Ignis asked who was standing before him, insisting they spoke or he would assume they were trouble or meddling in the affairs of the Royal Citadel of some sort.

  • She lightly whispered an apology but Ignis could barely hear her as she ran back up the stairs, praying to King Noctis that he give her strength.

  • She spotted Ignis heading out the door so in attempt to stop him to try and converse once again, she sprinted down the stairs, falling in the process, finally making a noise; a shrilled scream due to the pain of hitting her head on the edge of a stair. 

  • Ignis couldn’t miss the scream and walked back in to see an unconscious figure laying on the stairs in the distance.

  • Ignis sprinted to Y/N’s side, lifting her head up, feeling her features, realising she was just a young woman who fell down by accident. He then managed to find her back and realised how fragile she must of been, given her petite frame.

  • Y/N regained consciousness, her blurry vision just about outlined the image of a concerned looking Ignis, his dark lenses shining brightly, masking his clouded Iris of the right eye. She begins to feel worried, her head aches and remembers exactly why she fell in the first place - now, the contributing factor was holding her in his arms - oh the humiliation she felt in that moment.

  • Ignis tried to console Y/N, gently stroking her hair, he adored the touch but wanted to get her to a medical professional. Y/N kept shaking her head in the process, only to realise he cannot see. Still, he senses her objections, stating he can configure a human’s emotion through touch.

  • They sat in silence for about 5 minutes before Ignis decided to lift her in his arms and take her back to his apartment to tend to her injuries. He learned she was okay, just a little concussed and would require overnight care, to which he actively volunteered. 

  • It was that very night at 2am, she finally spoke, croaking a delicate thank you and explaining her admiration of him. They had a deep meaningful conversation for the next 2 hours, Ignis discussing his life before and after serving Noctis and Y/N telling the story of her abandonment and reasons for her speech impediment.

  • Ignis thought the woman was darn right adorable and vowed she wouldn’t be alone again - introducing her to the rest of the bros, inviting her to the cafe with him, eventually plucking up the courage to ask her to become his one and only lady. 


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