night light masquerade

@littlemissgeek8/@dawn-bringer-eos‘s AU Eos is tiny and precious and I’m too far gone and it’s 2am and I do not regret my life choices

She’d been intending to wait up for him; for when the Space Elevator, on it’s terrifyingly thin cable, was to plunge all 22,400 miles from Five’s geosynchronous orbit above the pacific ocean and (hopefully) land safely back on Tracy Island. For when her… programmer has both of his feet solidly back on planet Earth, shaky as they might be under the new influx of gravity. She intended to be awake.

Eos really did.

Only, when John finds her curled in the corner of his hangar, small and whirring and softly snoring, his little robotic AI is fast asleep. It doesn’t take him long though to scoop her up, carry her to her little room and tuck her into her charging station with a soft kiss to her forehead and a glass of water, in case her vocal systems need lubricating in the night. He flicks the night light masquerading as a planetarium on, spilling starlight across the room, and the spaceman finds himself hovering for a just moment in the doorway as he turns to head to his own bed. He stands watching her; curled tight and sleeping soundly under his old star-print duvet, for a whole minute before John shakes his head with a smile. He wonders, briefly, if he has gone Space Bonkers during his exhausting re-entry, because he’s just caught himself wondering when, exactly, he became a Father, over a programmer.

More Space Bonkers still, the smile grows, because John finds he doesn’t mind that thought at all. He never asked to accidentally evolve her but now… well now he wouldn’t trade her for the whole cosmos, and everything in it. Maybe she wont mind if he sleeps here tonight.