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I'm not sure if people will get what I mean

But I feel like All Time Low’s album is going to be perfect for night driving like for real, ‘Good Times’, ‘Life of the Party’, ‘Last Young Renegade’, and 'Dirty Laundry’ just have that perfect nighttime driving ring to them

Zodiac Signs as Bartenders

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Aries bartender: Enjoys the night life and partying. Might dance at the bar. First to break up fights. Likes to show off tricks/drinks. First to complain or be grumpy about poor tips or annoying customers.

Taurus bartender: Gets a high out of how much they make in tips. Down-to-earth, approachable, type to rant to (but doesn’t invite this). Likely a cutie. Stubborn with what they will and won’t make you. Might judge what you drink. 

Gemini bartender: Is a party-person by nature, always getting distracted talking to customers, charms their way to big tips, and is funny. Can persuade you to get the more expensive option, takes a shot with you, might dance on the bar, and is sometimes flirty. They love to share random facts with customers.

Cancer bartender: Is there to get the work done, attracts sob stories and ranters, makes tips with a smile, eye contact, and a listening ear. First to take care of someone who is in trouble. 

Leo bartender: Vocal, makes tips with a show, likes to dress up, can be impatient, has a good smile, and knows how to spot the big tippers.

Virgo bartender: Likes to suggest drinks and share random facts with people, practices drink making all the time, best at keeping track of the register, and is surprisingly witty. Fast and efficient, can tell when someone does or doesn’t want to talk, joke around, etc. Totally judging your drink choices. :o 

Libra bartender: Charms their way to tips, always remembers the specials, likes to dress up, and many have more fun as a cocktail waiter/waitress. Always on top of bar gossip, might join people on the dance floor, and is a master shot maker.

Scorpio bartender: Can hang, knows who will be trouble and who will be a great tipper, won’t take any BS, is a sexy bartender, and is sarcastic.

Sagittarius bartender: Is a sales person when it comes to managing the bar, is funny, likes to entertain sometimes, and will call people out on their crap. 

Capricorn bartender: Knows the history of the bar and town, won’t take ANY BS, is out to make money, is no-nonsense and might hate weird drinks. Gets disappointed and frustrated when they don’t make their expected amount of tips in a night.

Aquarius bartender: Friend to everyone, always bringing in new people to the bar, great conversationalist, and makes the most interesting shots. Might dance on the bar, picks a stranger to take shots with at the end of the night, some can be flirty, and many are goofy. 

Pisces bartender: Can’t resist gossip or someone’s sad story and might give others free drinks because they know them or feel sorry for them. Won’t judge you for what you drink, smiles a lot, could flirt for tips, and is first to call a ride when someone is in need. 

We live for crazy, careless summer nights, that always fade into memories, which bring us the feelings that we crave since then.
—  i wanna live in those moments forever..