night landscape

What Matters Most

Genre: Writer!Jungkook, fluff fluff fluffity fluff fluff fluff

Summary: After the success of her last drama, Y/N is consumed with thoughts of the public’s expectations and wonders if she has to feel the pressure of making her latest drama better. Her writer boyfriend offers her sincere advice, and a bit of cockiness and lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: I got inspired about reading some more fanfics at 3 am, and now the drabble series is back (and hopefully better than before lol)! I hope you guys enjoy it and if you’d like to see more with this AU, leave a request!

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Stars shone down onto the night landscape of the city of Seoul, their light illuminating through the glass window pane of Y/N’s apartment. The sound of keyboard keys clicking and mellow music playing in the background were the only sounds that could be heard as Y/N continued to pour out of all of the ideas that she had for the final scene that she was working on.

Stretching her hands out to the ceiling, Y/N sighed as she finished her last script for the drama that she was writing, taking a breath of relief now that her work was done. But as she looked around and only found herself in the middle of her living room, she couldn’t help but feel a bit empty.

Deciding to take a break, she saved her work and left her work space as she made her way to her window. She looked outside to see the bustling nightlife of Seoul below her. The lights were as bright as they always were, and she could hear all of the noises that came with it. The cars honking, the loud chatter, and the pop music that played throughout the streets came together to become an organized mess that Y/N somehow found comforting.

But despite all of this, there was still one question that ran through her mind.

During the press conference for her new drama, she was asked so many questions about the success of her last drama, which ended up being such a smash hit that it became a huge trend in all of Asia and in the world.

However, one reporter asked her a question that almost rendered her speechless.

“Y/N-ssi, after the success of your last drama, do you feel the pressure to make your new drama as good, or even better, than your last?”

Y/N never really thought about the public’s eye or their thoughts whenever she wrote. She first started out in the business just wanting to write whatever she wanted, whatever ideas and stories that she wanted to bring to life. But now that she now had a story of success in her hands, she was also holding the story of pressure as well. And she knew for sure that she had felt the pressure, but she didn’t know if she had to give in to it.

All of these thoughts consumed her to the point where she didn’t even notice the door unlock and someone come into her apartment.

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