night it up!


-“So…Nami? I thought your name was Ophelie?”
-“Yeah, well I guess it’s more of a nickname.”
-“Yeah..alrightie then…”



Gonna be drawing a bunch of characters from FFPS/FNaF6! Starting with the Mediocre Melody gang and the Posh Pizzeria gang!

Except Music Man.

Music Man scares me in ways I can’t explain he can go burn along with William.

Well, the #overnightwatch is settling down and I made this pile of garbage as tribute to the last couple hours where everyone lost their god damn minds : D

(Here are links to all of the memes I used in the video: [X], [X], [X], [X], [X], [X], [X] )

(The music at the beginning is “Sneaky Snitch” by Kevin Macleod)


Mabey Anti is TRYING to sleep deprive us. Like, most of the theorists will likely try to watch it all night. Trying to catch every glitch.

So, when something MAJOR happens we won’t know what to do. We’ll be groggy and confused and wouldn’t really know what to do or what really is going on……

But that’s just a thought…..

A #overnghtwatch THOUGHT!

  • Bakugou: Who the fuck’s making noise at 1 in the goddamn morning
  • Tokoyami: Don’t dare enter my domain!
  • Dark Shadow: I’m mastur-birding in here!
  • Dark Shadow: Red-breasted swallow…
  • Dark Shadow: chicKADEE…
  • Bakugou:
  • Bakugou: What the actual fuck
‘Agents of SHIELD’s Henry Simmons on How Life Aboard the Lighthouse May Push Mack 'Past the Edge' (Exclusive)
The agents' struggle to survive in a dystopian future only gets more dire in Friday's all-new episode.

Simmons of course had to play coy on the whereabouts of the missing agent, and couldn’t even divulge who was making an appearance first: Fitz, or Mack’s beloved Shotgun-Axe.

“That’s a good question,” he teases. “You may have your answer soon.”

He was able to say more, however, about another returning member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. family, Nick Blood, who will be reprising his role as Lance Hunter in next week’s episode.

“Nick is one of the people I hold in the highest esteem in my life… He’s one of the best people you will ever know,” Simmons raves. “He just adds an element to our show that I think is wonderful, but even besides all that, I just want him around… I miss him, and it was great to see him in that brief time. It was great to see him. He’s an exceptional person.”

I’m getting tired and wanna stream early tomorrow… I will look into the stream later! Omg keep me informed. Oh and! I might draw some anti stuff in the morning!

Also just been so happy and kinda geeking out over the stream and how they’re doing it all! 💕

i hate to say this, but if you guys could throw out some positivity this way, that would be great. i had some experiences / interacted with stimuli yesterday that really set me off with some ptsd flashbacks & talking it out ( with my housemates, even jokingly ) really made it worse. i’m having nightmares & mild disassociation & feeling physically ill ; plus, the holidays are not the best time of year for me as i don’t really have kin in the area… or at all… & while usually i travel to see friends, i can’t afford to this year. so i could use some nice thoughts.

nina xx