night in san francisco


Fog rolls over San Francisco as night shifts to day

perspective of the golden gate bridge most people don’t see
april 11, 2016

instagram: richhomiehua
Gear: Leica M240 35mm
Settings: ƒ/4 8 500 ISO


Night time is the best time.

Shot in San Francisco on the same roll of Portra 800 on my Mamiya C330, lovingly named Bergamot.

(1) Devin of Pentaxia in the mists of the Rainbow Manor (2) Astra of Pentaxia in the double exposed jungle of the Rainbow Manor (3) Megan, pausing in the darkness of SOMA.


As many of you know, Hurricane Irma is closing in on Florida. I was able to get a last minute flight back from San Francisco late last night so I made it home without getting stuck alone in San Fran (thank god). But Florida isn’t exactly the safest place right now. Luckily Orlando isn’t in the direct path so we’ll likely be okay, but it will still be bad here. Because we’ll probably lose internet and power (and I don’t even have access to my PC - she’s trapped in my dorm) there’s gonna be some weird scheduling going on for at least the next few days.

  • I have 3 posts in my Huntley queue that I’ve spaced out, a few posts in my Not So Berry queue, and tons in my CC finds blog.
  • I have a video pre-made for today (Saturday) but none for the rest of the week. I have a laptop and and an old mic at home that I’m gonna try to make something with while I can, but no promises.
  • I was able to drop by my dorm this morning to edit and export a podcast so we’re good there for this week.
  • I know I promised some streams this weekend, but given the circumstances that’s physically impossible. We’ll be back in action soon.

I know that you guys are worried about me and my family and I really do appreciate that. Irma isn’t supposed to hit Orlando until tomorrow. I’ll keep you all updated on how we’re doing. To the rest of you in Florida or in Irma’s path: stay safe.