night in hell's kitchen

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Drunk!texting fic request from the other day in tumblr form as requested! "Foggy playing Video games--mario kart or something-- and grunting amd sweating amd sounding like porn. Ruins Matt's concentration"

You are the best shark ever. 

It was a quiet night in Hell’s Kitchen, and Matt should have been pleased. The wind cut like a knife and stung his nostrils. It was a good thing he’d given up the fabric mask, because it would have been blown out to Staten Island by now. It was a brutally cold December in New York, and none of the criminals were out. Even Turk was at home, muttering frustratedly in a kitchen that smelled like badly burned chicken.

Under his boot, the gravel of the roof crunched icily. He tilted his head and let the wall of sound separate into individually discernable voices.

“–saying, you could take my side over your father’s just once–”

“–dare you to kiss her in homeroom tomorrow–”

“–this binder’s pinching the hell out of–”

And then Matt heard something that made his foot nearly slip off the ledge.

“That’s it baby, bend over for me,” Foggy said, his voice full of dark promise.

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Alley Talk

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Fandom: MCU, Daredevil

Characters: Matt Murdock

Pairing: Reader X Matt Murdock

Notes/Warnings: violence, injury

Word count: 1.630

Imagine: Imagine meeting Daredevil one night and helping him. You two end up talking and you tell him you have a crush on your colleague, Matt Murdock.  [x]

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The Roof ~ Part 1

Prompt: ‘You’ve been brooding on my rooftop for the last week, I get that it’s a great spot for looking across the city skyline but you’re shivering, please accept this hot chocolate as a sort of thanks for protecting the city’ 

pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader (post civil war) 

warnings: swearing 

word count: 1,778

A/N: I saw this prompt and had to write something quickly- tempted to make this a multi chapter…let me know what you think! I also didn’t have a clue what to call this so sorry for the cheesy, obvious, no fun title…

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